Vegan Nom Noms Does America: Long Island, NY

Let’s take a step back. I hopped a plane from Berlin, Germany, to JFK on July 3rd. In America for three months doing a cross-country roadtrip to LA and back. After my HORRIBLE experience with American Airlines my last trip, I decided to take AirBerlin this time. Ordered the vegan meal, which you can see below, not bad! I even got a little vegan spread.

Vegan Nom Noms Does America: Long Island, NY | Vegan Nom NomsVegan meal on AirBerlin flight, stuffed potato with some type of flavored quinoa if I remember correctly, steamed broccoli and mushrooms. It was delish! Quinoa on a plane?! I also got a salad, fruit salad, water and rice cakes with some vegan spread that was okay. It felt pretty healthy. I got another vegan meal later that was kind of the same, except the main part was a salad and a different vegan spread.Vegan Nom Noms Does America: Long Island, NY | Vegan Nom NomsFor those of you who don’t read WAY back on my blog, I’m originally from Long Island, NY, so my first stop was back there for several days to visit my family and this little feathered cutie pie. This is my bird Ricotta, I woke up freakishly early because of jetlag and Ricotta was very cooperative for a photo shoot because she was still half asleep, but clutching some ball of paper in her beak. Ricotta is an umbrella cockatoo and we’ve had her since I was in 5th grade. She’s a teenager now and has learned to projectile poop and throw seeds out of the cage while giving us dirty looks recently, but she’s still adorable.Vegan Nom Noms Does America: Long Island, NY | Vegan Nom NomsAnyway, I guess I should talk about food now. I’ve never done a post on Long Island before. Long Island is the type of place with pretty much no fully vegan establishments, but plenty of yummy vegan options here and there of the #makingitwork variety.

So, of course I had to re-acquaint myself with American Mexican food immediately. We went to Moe’s Southwest  Grill in Rocky Point, NY on Long Island in the space of a former Taco Bell. Upgrade! It’s kinda like Chipotle, they had a tofu option, guac and fresh chips. Really easy to make something vegan and delicous. This was the Taco Salad with beans, guac, lots of salsa and it came with chips too. They had a really fancy soda machine. I was also re-acquainted with American sizes here. A small soda cup as big as my face, mostly. Delicious though! This is a chain, so you can find it around. I even saw one at a highway rest stop between NYC and Connecticut on I-95. Vegan Nom Noms Does America: Long Island, NY | Vegan Nom NomsNext was Hana Japanese Restaurant in Port Jefferson Station, NY. After all of my sushi horror stories in Berlin, where I’ve gotten rock hard disgusting avocado multiple times in my sushi, American sushi is a big tie up in the #1 spot on my to-eat list. Here I got an avocado roll, sweet potato tempura roll and the green roll, which if I remember correctly was vegetable tempura sushi with a soy wrapper. It was all awesome.Vegan Nom Noms Does America: Long Island, NY | Vegan Nom NomsFlashback, my whole family went on Weight Watchers when I was in high school and we would often frequent TCBY in my pre-vegan days during this time, so it’s sort of a childhood memory of sorts. I’ve been reading about the new vegan flavors from afar from Germany, but had to check them out for myself. I arrived and they had none in the machines at the Mount Sinai location, but the owner was super nice and told me he had some in the freezer he had made specifically for another customer who had requested dairy-free options. He let me put toppings on it so it was the same experience. I got carob chips, which I confimed contained no dairy and crushed oreos. Even though this is not frozen yogurt, it was a good option. Not the best ice cream of my life,  but not bad. This was coconut flavor made with Silk soymilk. Lesson-learned, it pays to ask!

So right about now I’m realizing I sucked at taking pictures, but I want to tell you a couple of my favorite Long Island places for vegan food/hippy havens I used to survive on preppy Long Island growing up.

First up:

Tiger Lily Cafe – Alternative Vegetarian Eatery- Port Jefferson

Tiger Lily is a little super vegan-friendly, nice atmosphere oasis in Port Jefferson. They also have meat, bu the vegan options are clearly labeled, they have vegan baked goods and an AMAZING chai frappe you can get with soymilk (most of the mix flavors are vegan). This place is the only way I survived life on Long Island in high school. I used to go here ALL the time and always swing by when I’m back.

Witches Brew - West Hempstead

On the other side of Long Island, this place is a trip and one of my other favorite places in high school. We used to drive and hour and a half to go there (I grew up in the suburbs, okay?!). I don’t make it there much anymore as I live on the other side of the island, but it still has a special place in my heart. They have tons, TONS of different coffee and tea options, make-your-own Italian sodas, lots of interesting things. It’s filled with couches and the decor is crazy, just my style. They used to have a vegan brownie sunday that I loved.

Of course, there is also Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc. In East Setauket there is also an only-Long-Island-chain big natural foods supermarket called Wild By Nature that’s been there for ages (other locations on website).

Apparently there is also a vegan bakery on Long Island now, how things change! Sweet Lick Vegan Bakery in Williston Park, NY.

Meet other vegans: seems to be the most active social networking community to meet new people on Long Island, try the Vegan Long Island group. There’s also a Long Island Couchsurfing page that hosts some events.

I’m not so good with places to stay on the island since I grew up there, but if you have good recommendations post in the comments and I’ll add them! Of course, there is always AirBnB.


As always, if you want to follow me on my adventures, don’t be shy! You can find me on Instagram and Foursquare.

Rustic Fresh Tomato Whole Wheat Pasta with Almond Parmesean

Rustic Fresh Tomato Whole Wheat Pasta with Almond Parmesean | Vegan Nom NomsThe American road trip has begun! For the next three months until October 3rd, I’ll be driving across America and back, first through the north and back through the south. Thus, you’ll be seeing a lot of my travels and the vegan foods I’ve found during my trip here. If you want to follow all the quirks and eats of my travels in more detail, be sure to follow me on Instagram too!

Right now I’m staying in Brooklyn, NY, which is pretty much just as much as a vegan heaven as Berlin! So far I’ve had delicious vegan bagels with vegan cream cheese, went to the Dr. Cow vegan cheese shop in Williamsburg, oogled over everything at the Park Slope Food Co-Op and gorged myself on vegan mac-n-cheese, a Buffalo ranch vegan chicken salad and a delish brownie sundae at Champs. More info on all that in an upcoming post.

Right now though I have a recipe for you courtesy of Brian from Mission: Tomato, who writes very wittily about his attempt to farm in Brooklyn. Head over there now if you want a laugh and to lust over all his gorgeous vegetables.

He threw this recipe together with some fresh tomatoes from his garden plot and is letting me share it with you here. It was DELICIOUS. I am still dreaming about it. Super easy too!

One more picture to make you hungry, now go read Mission: Tomato!

Rustic Fresh Tomato Whole Wheat Pasta with Almond Parmesean


  • enough whole wheat pasta for two people
  • 1-2 big fresh tomatoes, diced
  • 1 can black olives, drained and diced
  • big handful of almonds, chopped in the food processor
  • 1 Tbsp flaxseeds
  • 1 Tbsp dried basil
  • splash of balsamic vinegar reduction (optional, but delicious)


  1. Add water to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil, adding the pasta and cook following the directions on the box
  2. While this is heating up, grind the almonds and flax seed until crumbly parmesan consistency (coarse meal)
  3. Once the pasta is done just to al dente, strain and set aside
  4. In the same saucepan, heat up some olive oil and start toasting the almond/flaxseed mixture
  5. While the almonds are toasting, chop the tomatoes and black olives
  6. Once the almonds are browned and fragrant, toss in the pasta, add the chopped tomatoes and olives and stir
  7. Add the basil, splash of balsamic vinegar reduction, salt and pepper to taste
  8. Let cook a few minutes, stirring until thoroughly heated throughout and serve into bowls
  9. Enjoy!
Rustic Fresh Tomato Whole Wheat Pasta with Almond Parmesean | Vegan Nom Noms

Rustic Fresh Tomato Whole Wheat Pasta with Almond Parmesean | Vegan Nom Noms

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)!

*** Deutsche Version folgt unten ***

I’ve had some time to play around with the massive amount of goods sent to me by Keimling, results below. I still have a LOT left, so the experimentation will continue, but here’s what I’ve made from everything so far.

If you’re inspired by what you see, do enter the giveaway below. I’ll be putting together a surprise package of Keimling products (some examples here) to send to one lucky winner. European residents only for this one, sorry.

Ich hätte endlich ein bisschen Zeit, mit den Produkten von Keimling zu “experimentieren”. Die Ergebnisse kannst du unten finden. Ich habe noch VIELE Sache auszuprobieren, aber unten kannst du sehen was ich bisher gemacht habe.

Wenn du davon inspiriert bist, kannst du gerne in dem Giveaway teilnehmen. Ich mache ein Überraschungspaket von Keimlingprodukte (guck mal hier für ein Beispiel), die ich zu einen glücklichen Gewinner schicken werde. Diesmal nur europäische Anwohner, leider.

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom Noms

I received TONS of raw almond butter and raw cashew butter. I’m not a huge ran of raw nut butters in general, but I decided to combine them together in the food processor to make something new entirely. To the left is raw cashew butter, raw almond butter, coconut butter, vanilla, salt, and a bit of brown sugar. To the right is the same thing with some raw cacao powder thrown in. I’ve been drizzling it on top of fresh cut fruit.

Ich habe VIEL rohes Mandelmus und Cashewmus bekommen. Normalerweise mag ich die rohe Nussbutter nicht so sehr, also hab ich mich entschieden, alles zusammen in der Küchenmaschine einzuwerfen, um was total neues zu machen. Auf der linken Seite gibt es Cashewmus, Mandelmus, Kokosbutter, Vanillin, Salz und ein bisschen brauner Zucker zusammen. Rechts gibt es das Gleiche mit Kakaopulver zugefügt. Zur Zeit geniesse ich sie mit frischem Obst.

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsI have a LOT of almonds, so I was looking for interesting ways to use them. I stumbled upon this recipe for vegan flaked almond tuna salad from Oh She Glows and decided to give it a try. I think I prefer the chickpea version, but this was good too and certainly unique!

Ich habe VIEL Mandeln, also habe ich nach interessante Rezept gesucht, um alles zu nutzen. Ich habe dieses Rezept von Oh She Glows für vegane Thunfischsalat aus Mandeln gefunden und wollte es versuchen. Ehrlich esse ich lieber Thunsalat aus Kichererbsen, aber dieser Salat hat auch geschmeckt und war definitiv etwas besonderes!

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsSomething simple here. I had a tiny box of Rice Krispies to use up, so I melted some coconut butter in a saucepan and stirred in the Rice Krispies, some almonds and some flax seeds. It definitely needed more sweetener, so next time I will add maple syrup, but it was good!

Jetzt etwas ganz einfach. Ich hatte ein kleines Paket von Rice Krispies, also ich habe ein bisschen Kokosbutter in einem Topf mit einige Mandeln und Leinsamen geschmolzen. Es brauchte mehr Süßungsmittel, also nächstes Mal füge ich ein bisschen Ahornsirup hinzu, aber trotzdem hat es geschmeckt!

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsWith all those almonds I had to FINALLY try making some almond milk. I used the recipe from the new, amazing Oh She Glows Cookbook. It was super easy! I’ve already made my own 3-4 times in the last couple weeks.

Mit so eine ganze Menge von Mandlen, musste ich ENDLICH versuchen, meine eigene Mandelmilch zu machen. Ich habe das Rezept von dem Oh She Glows Kochbuch gefolgen. Ich habe Mandelmilch schon 3-4 mal in den letzen Wochen gemacht. Super einfach!

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsMy nut milk bag came in super handy here making the almond milk. It makes the nut milk very smooth.

Meiner Nussmilchbeutel war super nützlich hier, als ich die Mandelmilch gamacht habe. Der Nussmilchbeutel macht die Milch super gleichmäßig.

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsAwhile back I bought a big container of Thai Iced Tea leaves online. I must say cold-brewed Thai Iced Tea with homemade almond milk is AMAZING.

Vor einer Weile habe ich ein riesiger Behälter von Thai Iced Tea im Internet gekauft. Ich muss sagen, kaltgebraute Thai Iced Thai mit selbstgemachte Mandelmilch ist erstaunlich lecker!

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom Noms These No Bake Energy Bites were based on this recipe from Gimme Oven. We changed a lot of the ingredients to what we had around, adding kakao butter, goji berries, cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips and switching up the nut butters. This was a great basic recipe to adapt as you need to.

Diese Energy Stücke ohne Backen kommen von diesem Rezept von Gimme Oven. Wir haben viel geändert, zum Beispiel haben wir Kakaobutter und Goji-Beeren gefügt und Kakaonibs statt Schokostückchen und unterschiedliche Nußbutter genutzt. Dieses Rezept war einfach und gut zu ändern wie du willst!Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsThis one is Raw Broccoli Salad from Rawmazing with chopped dates from Keimling instead of raisins and cashews from Keimling as the base for the dressing. Simple and yummy!

Hier ist ein roher Broccolisalat von Rawmazing, mit gehackte Datteln von Keimling statt Rosinen und Cashewnüsse auch von Keimling als die Basis der Soße. Einfach und lecker!

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsNow some products I used as they were. Nice cold-pressed olive oil. I like the wax seal detail!

Jetzt einige Produkte die ich einfach so genutzt habe. Hier kaltgepresstes Olivenöl. Ich mag das Wachssiegel.

Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsA box filled with dates, dried mango, dried figs and dried pineapple. The dried pineapple was my favorite. My colleagues helped me devour this.

Eine Kiste mit getrocknete Datteln, Mango, Feigen und Ananas gefüllt. Die getrocknete Ananas waren mein Lieblings. Meine Kollegen haben mich auch dabei geholfen, alles zu essen.Keimling Raw Products #2 and a Giveaway (Open to European Residents)! | Vegan Nom NomsChocolate date sweets. There were cherry flavored, coconut, plain and I think one other. This was also yummy, though I wish they were a bit softer.

Schoko-datteln Süßigkeiten. Es gab Kirsch, Kokos, einfach und auch ein anderes Geschmack, das ich vergessen habe. Die waren lecker, aber ich wünschte, dass sie ein bisschen weicher waren.


I will send one lucky person who lives in Europe a surprise package of Keimling products. Below you will see different ways to gain entries. Some types of entry you can come back and complete daily for extra chances. The giveaway will run one week from now. I will contact the winner at the end by email to get their address. Good luck!

Ich werde eine glücklichee Person ein Überraschungspaket von Keimling Produkten schicken. Unten siehst du die verschiedliche Optionen, um Einträge zu sammeln. Es gibt ein paar, die man täglich machen kann. Das Giveaway läuft eine Woche ab jetzt. Am Ende werde ich den Gewinner per E-Mail kontaktieren, um ihre Adresse zu bekommen. Viel Glück!

Keimling Raw Products Giveaway