Vegan in the Mountains: Sächsische Schweiz, Germany

This trip happened back in April…better late than never! Living in a city, I’m always looking for fun nature-y activities to do. One of my favorite hiking places to go so far in Germany is the Sächsische Schweiz. I originally found out about it after a friend and I decided we needed some nature time. […]

Vegan Nom Noms Travels: Riga, Latvia

Oops, it’s been ages since I posted! I blame the full-time job again. I’ve mostly been in Berlin or visiting places I’ve already gone or blogged about, but I decided to check out a new place over the spring break holiday: Riga, Latvia! I also couchsurfed for the first time in aaaaages and it was […]

Vegan Nom Noms Travels: Porto, Portugal

I feel like I’m still adjusting from switching from freelancer to full-time employee life, but one big benefit is paid vacation days! A friend and I took a long weekend in Porto, Portugal for a bit of warmer (than Berlin) weather, wine and wandering. It was much cheaper to fly to Porto from Berlin than […]