Thanksgiving in Prague!

Our spread included veggie pot pie, mashed potatoes with chives, mushroom gravy, boxed stuffing my flatmate somehow found at Tesco, cranberry sauce my friend ingeniously re-hydrated from dried cranberries, salad, dressing, sauteed kale with mushrooms and chick peas, apple crisp (not pictured) and red wine.

My pot pie, with cut up, fried chickpea cutlets inside! Recipe here, except I used from 1/3-1/2 cup flour instead of cornstarch for a thickener as I didn’t have it on hand. This is the recipe for the crust.

Mushroom gravy made with some gravy powder sent to my flatmate from America, real mushrooms and some seasoning.

Cranberry sauce, expat style.

It was a good night and I think my (vegan) flatmate and I may have just impressed some of our friends with our vegan skillz! Now if only we’d had the resources to whip together a pumpkin cheesecake…

  1. Jeez oh man, that all looks and sounds so delicious!

    Danni / Reply
  2. I love that you put chickpea cutlets inside a casserole! so hard core 🙂

    nora / Reply
  3. Haha, I felt the need for some sort of non-meat product in there! Also, I’ve been going a bit vital wheat gluten happy since my Mom mailed me some from America.

    Nicole / Reply

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