DIY: Wild Poppies (and their seeds)

I didn’t really have anything to do with this besides being the enthusiastic spectator and creepy photographer. In any case, the fact that my flatmate went for a hike in the country and came back with wild poppies is pretty neat, I think. The fact that she then made opium, I mean, lemon poppy seed cookies with the wild poppies is even cooler. I guess we can find/grow lots of this stuff in the States, but it seems much less common for anyone I know in the States to come home with poppies, walnuts, chestnuts and/or pears collected during a walk home from work, while this kind of foraging is pretty common in the Czech Republic. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in the suburbs, though I live in a city here (Prague) and that doesn’t seem to stop anybody.

Nature is awesome.

Poppy seeds in their home!:

My flatmate with her victims:

Things my flatmate “foraged” on her way home from work. For awhile we had a pretty large collection going…

Oh yeah, the cookies were pretty good too. If I actually made them I’d put a recipe up here, but I really just partook in the eating.

For reference, this is what a poppy flower looks like, because when she brought these dried poppies home I was really flabbergasted and confused as to the life of a poppy flower plant:

  1. i second that. nature is freakin awesome. working at a bakery slash organic market has opened my eyes to so much…i witness the cooking of actual chestnuts for the first time, and many other fantastic culinary discoveries. looks like so much fun!

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