Things that have passed through my kitchen…

Can you tell I’m trying to catch up on blogging? The month of February was crazy for me, but I’m back! Here are a few food pictures from things I’ve made in the past month. I have so many good ideas for new posts as soon as I compile the ingredients and get to the kitchen! I cannot wait for warm weather as I have a lot of warm weather foods in mind.

Awhile back I had this Ginger Peanut Soup from How It All Vegan! and loved it. I must say, this was the first vegan cookbook I purchased back when I was a babyvegan, so it holds a special place in my heart. Anyway, while shivering in my aforementioned cold apartment, I was reminded of this soup and decided to seek out the recipe. Of course, How It All Vegan! was one of the cookbooks I didn’t bring up to my apartment with me, so a little Google-fu was needed. Good thing, I found the recipe off VegWeb! Win! Anything with peanut butter wins me over, so although I was a bit skeptical the first time, I’m a big fan!

After a delicious borscht at a vegan restaurant in Montreal, I was re-inspired to make it again, but with chunks this time. I could only find these beets at the Co-Op I went to and they were so pretty when chopped up with my other ingredients! They were a bit less strong flavored than normal beets, so I think for borscht I’ll stick to normal beets next time, but I definitely would love to use these again for other things! If you’re hurtin’ for some of the pink stuff, you can check out my original post on borscht here.

This was a winning dinner. Some Virgil’s root Beer and a vegan burrito that somehow mimicked the taste of Taco Bell (except a lot healthier, duh). For me, this is a good thing. Of course, real Mexican food is awesome, but the fake stuff holds a special place in the comfort food section of my stomach. This was made with homemade refried beans mixed with those picked peppers in the little cans, some mushrooms, rice with chipotle seasoning, hot sauce, onions and nutritional yeast wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, microwaved for 40ish seconds and then baked in the oven for about 5 minutes. The guac is from Trader Joe’s, who has the best packaged guacamole I’ve come across when you don’t feel like making your own. It somehow avoids that “fake” vom flavor that most store bought ones have. Mmmmmm guacamole.


  1. Tell me about it! I love my Mexican food, tex-mex, and mexican-inspired foods separately, though not quite equally. I’m obvs a little biased.

    Danni / Reply
  2. I found this blog through the peanut butter pie. Was just curious what vegan restaurant you went to in Montreal?

    Matt / Reply
  3. @Matt – That seems to be one of my most popular recipes, who would’ve thought!? I seriously need to make it again and take some better pictures!

    As for Montreal, I went to Aux Vivres and got a fabulous coconut bacon BLT, which I plan to figure out how to re-create and hopefully post on this blog if/when I’m successful! I also went to a vegetarian Asian food restaurant called Yuan. Both were awesome and I recommend them!

    Nicole / Reply
  4. Awesome! I’ve only been to Aux Vivres once, and I had the Mekong Sandwich. My friend got the BLT, and I got to have a few tastes… it was brilliant!

    I’ve never heard of Yuan. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation.

    Matt / Reply

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