The Seitan is Sold Out! – Using the Vegan Nom Noms Cook App to Make Seitan for Large Groups

In Berlin there is a monthly event called the Homeless Veggie Dinner, a 3-course sit-down vegetarian dinner based on an optional donation, attended by over 100 guests every month, with the purpose of giving the homeless population of Berlin a chance to shine. Often a very isolated community, the Veggie Dinner is open to everyone and aims to help give the communities a chance to mix and mingle that they wouldn’t normally have otherwise. It’s a great event run by an international crowd, often accompanied by music, dance plus a great group of guests and volunteers.

Lots of seitan cutlets preparing to cook

A friend of mine, a volunteer at the even who plans the menus each month, let me know that they were going to serve seitan at the event last week! Not only that, but they were going to be using my new app, the Vegan Nom Noms Cook App, to instruct the volunteers! Of course this was super exciting to me, not only do I get to see the new app in action, but I get to see it being used to make a MASSIVE quantity of seitan. About 100 seitan cutlets were made, crazy!

Tasked with the seitan entree, Benjamin and Pascal (above), set to work! They were super cool and let me shove the camera in their face for a couple hours while blabbing away about who knows what, thanks guys!

Have you ever seen so much vital wheat gluten before? Whoa.

Squashing a whole lot of white beans with oil.

A lot of minced garlic, pretty sure they were doomed to smell like garlic for days.

The app in action! Ben considering the next step.

 Close up of the Vegan Nom Noms Cook App, which will give you a visual guide of how to make seitan, including 10 recipes!

Everyone cooking away in the kitchen!

Pascal adds the bread crumbs to what will be a helluva giant lump of seitan.

Commence soy sauce!

Volunteers doing the veggie prep work, lot’s of vegetables to be chopped!

Kitchen shenanigans.

Almost done, gluten has been added!

Have you ever seen this much seitan? Cross section!

Let the kneading begin, there were a lot of cutlets to be made.

Finished cutlets ready to be fried!


After playing paparazzi for awhile, I headed off to another meeting. When I came back a few hours later, all of the seitan had sold out! My friend said people were very confused about whether it was meat or not in the beginning and that it sold out quickly, hence why I have no final shot! By the time I came to order it, there was no seitan left! It’s a good sign though, and luckily I had some of my own seitan cutlets waiting for me at home.

Benjamin and Pascal used the adjustable serving size settings on the app for the largest option, 6 people, which then got multiplied quite a few times. Was super exciting to see the app being used in such a large setting and to watch two people who had never made their own seitan before bust out 100 seitan cutlets!

It was a great day and a reminder than I need to go volunteer again soon as there are lots of great people over there taking time out of their weekend to cook a whole lot of food for a good cause!

So, a big thank you to the Homeless Veggie Dinner (and you June!) for using my app, Ben and Pascal for letting me harass them with a camera for a couple hours and you all for reading!

If you’re interested in getting in on the seitan action, the Vegan Nom Noms Cook App can be purchased now for $1.99 / €1.79 in both the Apple App and Google Play stores online to a smart phone, iPod Touch, iPad or equivalent near you! The app is free to download and look at, once downloaded access to the recipes is achieved through an in-app purchase. 🙂

Have you made any seitan with the Vegan Nom Noms Cook app? Let me know what you think and if you feel so inclined, I’d be ecstatic if you left a review!

If you’re in Berlin, be sure to check out the Homeless Veggie Dinner! If you already live here and are looking to meet some new cool people, I totally recommend becoming a volunteer!

Sample screenshot of the app..there are more recipe where this came from!

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