Full-Time Working Vegan Dinners

Not all dinners are fancy. With a new full-time job, I won’t even pretend. Sometimes I just eat spaghetti and sometimes my food comes out of the freezer. My iPhone camera is also kinda broken, so excuse the blurry photos. Need to find some time to get to the Apple Store and get the camera […]

Gunas – Non-Girly Vegan Handbag & Backpack Options

I’ve never really been into super super girly things, so when I found out about Gunas at Vida Vegan Con III, I wasn’t immediately intrigued. However, flyer from my swag bag in hand, I checked out their website. While there are many traditional designer kinda handbags, I was happy to see there were some handbags […]

Blog Updates and Food from My Kitchen

Not sticking with the vegan mofo themes again, but to answer the question, I’d def serve Obama my awesome vegan mac and cheese. It’s my most requested recipe among my friends and anyone that ends up at a dinner party where I bring it! Working on that traditional local dish now. I have a lot […]

Vegan MoFo – Vegan Cookbooks & My Kitchen

With a new job starting soon, life has been to crazy for daily blogging for Vegan MoFo, but here are two prompts in one go! Better late than never, right?! Right! Vegan Cookbooks I really, really like vegan cookbooks, but I also have so much guilt surrounding them! I get really excited about them and […]

Vegan MoFo – I’m Alive!

If you’re popping over for vegan mofo, hello! I was on holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia from the end of August until now with no computer so that’s why there’ve been no posts here. However, I’ve been posting over at instagram when I can. See below for an overview of what I posted […]

Bonativo Berlin Review – My New Food Obsession

A couple months ago I was browsing the #berlinvegan Instagram hashtag from @sophisticatedisabella with a lovely picture of tons of delicious-looking veggies with mention of delivery in Berlin. Now I used to be a member of a really awesome Food Co-Op in Berlin that was not only a community and group of foodies, but focuses […]

Let’s Keep it Real – Berlin, Expat Life and Bureaucracy

Oh hey. I’ve done a LOT of reviews so I feel the need to actually put my thoughts and feelings on this blog again in between talking about some more awesome things I’m eating. In fact, it’s kind of a goal to blog a bit more about the Thoughts and The Feels in general. As […]

Vegan North American Artisan Cheese Roundup

Overwhelmed by all the vegan cheese options?! Here are all my reviews in one place and some notes I have about each!   One of the most solid cheeses for slicing. No extreme or super spicy flavors so most likely to please everyone. I’d say this one is the most “normal”, but they also really […]

Cheezehound Vegan Cheese Review

I discovered Cheezehound while stalking the Vegan Shop-Up on Instagram, this all vegan pop-up market in NYC I wrote a post about here. Right now Cheezehound seems to only be available in the New York area, based up in the Catskill Mountains, they make delicious vegan cheeses and pate. The owner, Lori Robin, was super […]

Vtopian Artisan Cheeses Review

I had tried a nacho cheese block from Vtopian during my American Vegan Roadtrip and it was okay, but way too coconut oil textured for me. Since then Vtopian have exploaded with tons more varieties and some really high quality stuff so I decided to get in touch with them. They agreed to send me […]