Interview with Kristin Lajeunesse – Will Travel for Vegan Food

Vegan travelers and travel enthusiasts raise your hands! Today I’m super excited to share an interview with fellow vegan nomad Kristin Lajeunesse, author of the super brand spanking new book, Will Travel for Vegan Food! I’ve been following Kristin’s journeys for awhile now on Instagram and via her blog (here), as she set out on […]

Vegan in Germany: Vegan Products Found at Real

Long time, no post, whoops! I am currently in bureaucratic hell to prepare to get my permanent residence in 2016 and it’s basically exploding my brain. Anyway! A colleague of mine gave me a tip that the Real supermarket chain has a really good vegan cheese. I had never been to Real…ever…but while running errands […]

Vegan Nom Noms in Exberliner Magazine!

Exciting news! An article of mine titled Vegan Creep has been published in the Exberliner’s Food Issue this month! I discuss vegan food “creeping” out of the central “hip” areas, out to the outskirts in Wedding, Tegel, Lichterfelde, Charlottenburg and Moabit. If you’re in Berlin, pick up a copy or you can buy it here. […]

Vegan in Germany: Vegan Products Found at Kaufland

We all know about Berlin’s (now many) vegan grocery stores. The two Veganz, Dr. Pogo, Veggie Vegan Shop and Valladares. Yes, there are that many vegan grocery stores in this one city. Pretty rad, right? If you would prefer to shop at your local grocery store, however, all hope is not lost. There are a […]

Vegan at the Berlin Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmärkte)

The holiday season has hit in Berlin, which means you can find approximately 5000 Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas Markets) with every theme and variety in Berlin! It’s cold and dark now, so we might as well get some Glühwein (Hot Mulled Wine) out of it, right?! Below is a summary of some of the Christmas markets I’ve […]

Vegan Nom Noms Gear: Tortuga Backpack Review

I realized after my three month cross-country road trip through America that I should probably talk about my Tortuga Backpack, as a lot of people asked about it and it’s with me all the time! Let’s start with this…the Tortuga backpack is freaking awesome. How can I get so excited about a backpack you may […]

10 Whole Foods Cookbooks – No Weird Ingredients

When I first went vegan, there weren’t as many vegan cheeses, veggie meats, condiments, etc. Now I find that pretty much any novelty product I used to eat before being vegan I can find a vegan version of in the store. This is great, but as vegan meats and cheeses are my weakness sometimes I […]

First Attempt at Homemade Ethiopian Food

I am addicted to Ethiopian food. There, I said it. It is just so good, but going often to the Ethiopian restaurant can be expensive and since I’ve banned myself from eating out except for birthdays networking and the occasional Vokü here in Berlin, I had to find a way to feed my addiction. I […]

Back to Germany & My American Vegan Food Haul

Greetings from Germany! I have made is back after my three month American adventure safe and sound! Already hit up one of the vegan grocery stores in Berlin, Veganz and looking forward to staying in one place for awhile! That said, I thought I’d fill you all in on the food that made the cut […]