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How to Make Seitan App Released for iOS and Android!
The Seitan is Sold Out! – Using the Vegan Nom Noms Cook App to Make Seitan for Large Groups


Chili Infused Vodka & A Firecracker Cocktail Just in Time for Summer!
Cold Brewed Coffee
– Fresh Ginger, Lemon and “Honey” Tea
A Good Cuppa Chai


Guest Post: Let’s Jam! Brian’s Lemon Vanilla Peach Jam
Melty Delicious Vegan Cheese…get in my belly!
Stale Bread? Nahhh. Croutons!


Apple Tartlets
Beghrir (Semolina Pancakes/Crepes)
Cappuccino Muffins
Famous Tofu Scramble
Ode to Vegan Cherry Pie Oatmeal
Steel Cut Oats Pancakes and Documenting A Pancake Adventure


Vegan Barszcz (Borscht)
Cheaters’ Miso Soup & Homemade Mushroom Broth
Chard & Artichoke Dip
Disappearing Wontons
Vegan Dumplings & How to Steam Things without a Steamer Basket
Fresh Smoked Tofu Urban Gardening Salad
Vegan Ramen: 3 Ways
Raw Kale Avocado and Chickpea Couscous Salad
Super Easy Kale “I Am Still Detoxing from New Years” Soup
Sweet Potato Salsa


Apples To-Go: Vegan Apple Hand Pies
Basic Sourdough Bread
Homemade Flour Tortillas and Vegan Quesadillas
Sourdough Bagels
Sourdough Baguettes
Sourdough Cinnamon-Raisin Bread

Main Meals

Vegan Dumplings & How to Steam Things without a Steamer Basket
Fetteh: Yogurt and Chickpea Dish (Veganized)
– Garlic Chili Spaghetti with Broccoli (Aglio e Olio)
Guest Post: Mashed Peas with Sauerkraut (Erbsenbrei mit Sauerkraut)
Hungarian Vegan Goulash
Vegan Turkish Kebak Yemegi
Vegan Lasagna
Vegan Mac-n-Cheese: The Ultimate Comfort Food
Maple Collards with Potatoes and Tofu
Massaman Curry
Nom Nom’s Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup
Peanut Noodles
Pear and Garam Masala Flatbread
Quicker Pierogies Using Wonton Wrappers!
Ramen: 3 Ways
Rice Gnocchi (using packaged)
Rosemary Potato Flatbread
Rustic Fresh Tomato Whole Wheat Pasta with Almond Parmesean
Saucy Garam Masala Noodles
Savory Mochi or Rice Gnocchi
Sweet Potato Coconut Garlic Mash
Thai Fried Pineapple Rice with Tofu

Faux Meats, Cheeses, Eggs, etc.

Coconut Bacon WHAT
Vegan Egg Salad: Secret Ingredient = Noodles (Yes, really)
How to Use Dried Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
Melty Delicious Vegan Cheese…get in my belly!
Mock Chickpea Tuna Salad
Mustard Marinated Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) Cutlets
– Raw Cashew Cheese
Red Quinoa Taco Meat (Gluten-free)
Vegan Chicken Seitan Salad
Vegan Sausages with Soy Flour

Raw Foods

Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Pie
Chocolate Coffee (Almost Raw) Dessert Cups
Keimling Raw Food Products Delivery
Keimling Raw Products #2
– Raw Cashew Cheese
Raw Cranberry Vanilla Vegan Brownies
Raw Chocolate Macaroons
The Raw Food Week Challenge  
Relatively Healthy Coconut Peanut Butter Fudge (can be made raw)
Strawberry (Almost Raw) Cheesecake


ANZAC Biscuits (Cookies)
Apples To-Go: Vegan Apple Hand Pies
Bratapfel (Baked Apple)
Brownie Cheesecake with Coffee Frosting
Butterscotch Rice Pudding with Toasted Hazelnuts
Cheesecake (Tofutti-Free)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Chocolate Peanut Butter Rocky Road Fudge: Dormitory Style
Cooking Baking Party! (almond sugar cookies)
Finally Fudgey Brownies
Jewish Apple Cake
Marzipan Semolina Pudding (Grießflammeri)
Mochi Truffles (Riceflour Truffles)
Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Cookies
Peanut Butter Mousse Cup Pie
Relatively Healthy Coconut PB Fudge (can be made raw)
Russian Chocolate Cheesecake (Russischer Zupfkuchen): No Tofutti Necessary!
Vegan Rhubarb Lemon Bars
Vegan S’mores Sugar Cookie Bars
Vegan Truffles
Vegan White Chocolate

Documenting Vegan Adventures

Conscious Cleanse – Two Weeks, No Allergens: A Review
Containern: A Berlin Dumpster-Diving Adventure
Dumpster Diving: A Story in Food Porn
Eating Prospect Park: Wild Foraging in Brooklyn
The Raw Food Week Challenge 

Food Porn, Recipe Suggestions, etc.

Vegan Airport Finds: JFK in New York, LHR in London
Caramel-Apple-Spice Cake with Caramel-Penuche Frosting
Chocolate Apricot Scones, Homemade Coleslaw and Chickpea Scramble
Cookbooks and Bookmarks Part I: Moussaka, PB Rice Krispies Treats, Deep Dish Cookie Pie and Lasagna
Cookbooks and Bookmarks Part II: Eggplant Foccacia, Roasted Cauliflower Soup & Raspberry Truffle Oatmeal
Cookbooks & Bookmarks, Part III: Curried Noodle Stir-fry, Vanilla Coconut PB, Red PB Curry, Coleslaw, Soccattata, Enchilada Casserole & PB Breakfast Pudding
First Experience with The Vegg, Raw Vegan Truffles, Artisan Vegan Cheese Gnocchi and Apple Pie and PB Oatmeals
Ginger Peanut Soup, Striped Beets and Burritos
My Vegan Birthday Cake
Pumpkin, Oatmeal Dandies and Gnocchi
Random Noms! (October 2012)
Sourdough Rosemary/Garlic/Olive Oil Bread and Sourdough Cinnamon Sugar Bread
Steamed Frothy (Soy)milk and Babka Food Porn
Wild Poppies (and their seeds)


Guest Post: DIY Microgreens with Hydroponics
Guest Post: Let’s Jam! Brian’s Lemon Vanilla Peach Jam (How to Make Jam)
How to Make the Most of Your Pumpkin
How to Make Seitan: An Illustrated Guide
How to Successfully Veganize Boxed Brownies
How to Turn Bread Flour Into Meat: Seitan, the Old-Fashioned Way (A Visual Adventure)
How to Use Dried Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

Vegan City and Store Guides

Austin, Texas Vegan Guide
Bay Area, California Guide
Berlin Vegan Guide
Budapest Vegan Guide
Chicago, IL Vegan Guide
Dubai Vegan Guide
Innsbruck Vegan Guide & Travel Tips
Long Island, NY Vegan Guide
New Orleans Vegan Guide
New York & Brooklyn Guide
Northampton, MA Vegan & the Five College Area
Portland Vegan Guide: I Ate Everything in Portland, OR (a.k.a. The Vegan Jackpot)
Prague Vegan GuideRiga, Latvia Vegan Guide

Mission: Vegan Coupons
Vegan Finds at Trader Joe’s

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Cookbook, Product & Restaurant Reviews

10 Great Apps for the (Vegan) Traveler
Book Review: Conscious Cleanse – Two Weeks, No Allergens
Keimling Raw Food Products Delivery
Keimling Raw Products #2 Product Review: Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders
Product Review: No-Muh Chäs
Product Review: Sainsbury’s Basic Noodles (savoury and quick, does the trick)!
Product Review: Sweet & Sara Vegan Marshmallows
Product Review: Vegan Tartar Sauce
Things I Haven’t Cooked (Berlin October 2011)
Vegan Finds in England (September 2012)

Appetite For Reduction: Hottie Black-Eyed Peas & Greens, Chickpea Piccata, Caulipots and Caesar Chavez Dressing
Vegan for the Holidays: A Cookbook Review