Vegan Nom Noms was created in 2008 once my kitchen experiments started getting out of hand and I needed somewhere to record them all! Since then travel and expat life has also become a big part of the blog. I started Vegan Nom Noms while I was in college in Northampton, MA (US); continued during a year abroad in Brighton, England; teaching English post-graduation in Prague, Czech Republic and now I currently reside in Berlin, Germany since 2011. We’ll call it my home base.

When not wrestling German bureaucracy, I am out exploring new countries and quirky vegan cafes, seeking out other rad vegans around the world. Get in touch and let’s eat some delicious vegan things if you’re passing through Berlin!

For vegan tips and food porn to inspire your travels, check out the the Posts by Location or my World Vegan Accommodation List pages. Planning some travel yourself? Have a look at the Veg Travel Resources and Tips guide!

Want to see what I’m up to off the blog? Feel free to follow me on Instagram for photos of my travels, life in and around Berlin, and keep up to date on what I’m eating and cooking as I go about my day-to day life. 

TL;DR: I write this blog here about vegan food and travel as an American expat in Germany.

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, stories, gross displays of flattery, offers of baked goods or love letters you fancy sending along? Just wanna say hi? You can contact me at nabramow AT gmail DOT com.

I have purposely removed the contact form as I get so much absolutely miserable spam from marketers who do not take even a second to understand my blog or my audience before contacting me. Please only reach out if you either a) Want to authentically connect (yes please!) or b) Want to discuss a collaboration that STRONGLY relates to vegan food and/or vegan travel. I will immediately delete anything else.  

I have a full-time job unrelated to blogging and this is just a passion project. Thus my motivation to deal with any spammy BS is 0. Thanks for your understanding! It’s tough out there on the interwebz these days.