Soul Gourmet Buffalo Tofu, Sesame Noodles and Jell Rings (no gelatin) for the win. I got them at the shop called CIBO in JFK airport and was super surprised to find all this vegan stuff there (even cookies!). They even had vegan lasagna and lots more noodle options. Super expensive, it cost about $20 for these three, but exciting that it exists and good that I bought these vegan noms since American Airlines totally f*cked up my special meal order (again).

I changed flights in London (I think Terminal 5) and got this “Perfect Porridge” from Starbucks made with soymilk for breakfast. They also had some berry compote to go in it. I’d also been eating the Starbucks oatmeal in the States, but apparently the different countries have different toppings as in England there were lots more fresh berry toppings and it America it was all dried fruits, nuts and brown sugar. I also got a soy hot chocolate, which they make with WAY less sugar in England. Every time I ordered a soy hot cocoa in the States I died of sugar overload until I realized I could just request that it be less sweet. In England both times I ordered one in the airport it was the perfect amout of sweetness and the porridge was thicker. Interesting. Cultural differences? This terminal at Heathrow also had a place will all different types of veggie noodle soups, miso soups and other things. Amazing.

Needless to say, the new Berlin airport (BER) better have nicer food.