Vegan MoFo Post #19

Terrible picture, but I was super happy to be able to get a delicious bowl of porridge (made with soymilk!) this morning at Healthrow airport in London. After getting at the airport at 5:30am to try and snag a stand-by flight to Boston, I was super hungry, tire and cranky. I looked in all the other shops and there wasn’t really anything except fruit salad that was vegan until, lo and behold, the English pub in Terminal 3 of all places had clearly written on the menu that you could get oatmeal with soymilk and a choice of different toppings. I got the strawberry and banana. It was super yummy and perfectly cooked, though at 4 pounds for a small bowl of oatmeal, super pricey.

I’ve officially started to like oatmeal, by the way. Finally!

What’s your best airport food find?