Greetings from Germany! I have made is back after my three month American adventure safe and sound! Already hit up one of the vegan grocery stores in Berlin, Veganz and looking forward to staying in one place for awhile!

That said, I thought I’d fill you all in on the food that made the cut in my suitcase and my last couple American meals.

I think what I miss most about America when I leave is Trader Joe’s, collard greens and kale that’s available year round (it’s only in the supermarkets around the holidays here in Berlin). Thus, Trader Joe’s is featured in my haul with their Cookie Butter and Chocolate Swirl on the bottom left, Ginger Pear White Tea and some cheap Luna Bars. Of course I had to smuggle back some Earth Balance Mac and Cheese on the top right, in addition to some Sweet Mulled Pumpkin Tea from Celestial Seasonings, Leahey Cheese Flavored Sauce Mix that a friend in Portland turned me on to, Secret Aardvark hot sauce, a local Portland cult favorite, Vegan Toona for the pure novelty and some New Orleans style coffee with chicory in it, plus a miso soup packet and some root beer just because I had it lying around!

Trader Joe's Pad See Ew | Vegan Nom Noms One super easy new favorite I’m super sad I couldn’t bring with me was Trader Joe’s Pad See Ew, which happened to be vegan and was super easy to whip up on the stove top with nice big, chewy noodles. I added a lot of kale to it. Delicious.New York Bagel with Tofu Cream Cheese | Vegan Nom NomsOf course I needed to get one more New York bagel with tofu cream cheese in. I dream about this stuff.

That’s the end of the America posts! If you missed ’em and want to catch up, have a look at the Posts by Location page under “United States”. We’re back to home-cooked meals after this, I’ll be scouring my cookbook collection to pull out several I’ll cook from and document over the next few months!

See you soon!