A few months ago a few friends and I organized a “Coffee Crawl” through Berlin to check out some of the more well known third wave cafes in Prenzlauer Berg. These included Godshot, Cafe CK, Slörm and Bonanza Coffee Heros. What I can tell you after the ordeal is that drinking four flat whites in four hours makes one quite jittery! While delicious, after our busy day it was to a quiet room with camomile tea for me! Now that it’s been a few months, we’re ready to plan the next edition, this time in Mitte, so stay tuned!
 Godshot, Immanuelkirchstraße 32, 10405 Berlin

Godshot was our first stop and my favorite. Not only did they have soymilk for coffee, but also almond milk. I got that flat white with almond milk above and it was heavenly. There wasn’t anything vegan with regards to food, but the cafe is set up really nicely with nice furniture, so it’s a good place to hangout with a coffee and chat.
Here’s our crew for our first stop! We made a Facebook event and live-blogged our coffee drinking day, so people came and went throughout the four hours for their caffeine fix.
 Cafe CK, Marienburger Straße 49, 10405 Berlin
Our second stop was Cafe CK. Though this place also had great reviews, I personally wasn’t a huge fan. I got a flat white with soymilk this time and it was good, but not amazing and the atmosphere of the cafe was also good, but not amazing, though there was a side room that I liked better than the back room. They also have lots of cakes and snacks, but nothing vegan that I saw.
 Cafe CK
Cafe CK did have cute details to their light fixtures though, coffee cup filter holders re-purposed!
Cafe CK
We decied to write a poem to lead people to our next cafe on the crawl, Slörm, here’s my work in progress above.
 Slörm, Danziger Strasse 53, 10435 Berlin
That is not a coffee above, you are correct! Cafe Slörm entertained me to no end as they had a couple African Grey parrots as pets (that meowed!) in a huge habitat. I spent most of my time staring at the birds, to be honest.
Trying to win my friendship.
Okay, finally a shot of my coffee from Cafe Slörm. Another flat white with soymilk, I decided to be consistent and get the same thing so I had a good scale to compare between cafes. Between the atmosphere and the coffee (the birds won me over), I’d say Slörm was my second favorite. If I’m in this area of town, I’d definitely stop by again. Unfortunately besides a soymilk option, they didn’t have much vegan either.
Outside Slörm
‘Please park your stollers outside!’. Prenzlauer Berg has a reputation for being where all the yuppies with babies in expensive strollers live, so I found this sign particularly hilarious for confirming the stereotype.
 Bonanza Coffee Heroes, Oderberger Straße 35, 10435 Berlin
After a lunch break, we decided to take on our last stop, Bonanza Coffee Heroes! My soy flat white is pictured above. This place was definitely the fanciest with the nicest espresso machine. They also had vegan cookies, so they get points for that! The baristas definitely know what they’re doing and don’t rush your coffee. However, for some reason, while the coffee was good and high quality, it was not one of my favorites on the crawl. Perhaps it was just a fluke, but Godshot was still my favorite that day with regards to taste. One thing to note, this place has a couple stools, but it’s more of a pop in and pop out with a coffee to-go kind of place, so not a cafe to go sit in for hours. I’ve been here again when I’m in the area, so no hard feelings.
Coffee Champions! We’re the only ones that got coffee at every stop!
That’s it for our Prenzlauer Berg coffee crawl. We’ve rested up and are preparing for our next one soon!
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