Vegan Berlin is an exciting place. This list is ever-changing and growing, so check back often! These are places I go to relatively frequently and are my favorites…or I’ve heard a ton of good things about them. There is so, so much more…to list all the vegan places in Berlin would take DAYS. I hope this is a good start, I like these places! If you’re visiting Berlin, try some out…and invite me too! ­čÖé

Note: Last updated 27 August 2023

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Vegan Berlin Resources

Berlin Vegan Website

Berlin Vegan Facebook – Follow them on Facebook for news of vegan events. They also organize the 1-2x monthly Berlin Vegan Stammtisch, where a group of people try a different vegan restaurant each time. Good to practice your German, but I’m sure people would speak English to you as well.

English-speaking Berlin Vegetarian and Vegan Facebook Group – Like the title says but all in English

“Ich hab was VEGANES im Supermarkt gefunden” Facebook Group – All in German, but here people post pictures of vegan products they found at German supermarkets and people comment what they thought about it. It’s in German, but it’s all pictures so also useful if you don’t speak German and are wondering what in the shop is vegan.

Stressfaktor– Lists all the K├╝fas (Kitchens for all) in Berlin by day, you pay usually 3-5 EUR and get a meal, generally at a squat or housing collective. Also lists lots of other alternative events in the left scene.

Vegan Activities & Events in Berlin

Vegan-Vegetarian Summer Fest – this is basically Berlin’s vegfest, outside in the center of the city at Alexanderplatz usually in August

Green Market Berlin – an all-vegan lifestyle market that happens about once per season. They have tons of food (don’t miss the Brammibal’s donuts), as well as clothes, cosmetics and gifts. I’ve had everything from Russian pierogies to waffles with ice cream to giant dosas. Absolutely worth a stop if you’re in Berlin when it’s happening! Entrance costs about ÔéČ2.

Crazy Bastard Kitchen – does different food popups every week and always has great vegan options. Everything from fish and chips to korean to tacos. Check Facebook or their website to see the current events.

Korean week at Crazy Bastard Kitchen – kimchi mac and vegan fried chicken

Vegan Meetups in Berlin

Berlin Vegan Meetup – a basic vegan meetup group, hosts events on and off.

Berlin-Vegan also does a monthly “Stammtisch” (meetup), you can see all their events here.

There are TONS of vegan meetup groups on in Berlin, from a vegan runners groups, to vegan potluck meetups, to vegan entrepreneurs, cooking classes, vegans in tech and more. Just join and search vegan for the Berlin area.

Important German Vocabulary for Vegans ­čśë

Hefeflocken – nutritional yeast (can buy at any Bioladen/organic food store)
Leinsamen – flaxseed
Kichererbsenmehl – chickpea flour
Sojamilch – soymilk
Hafermilch – oat milk
Glutenmehl – vital wheat gluten
ohne – without
mit – with

Those are all the super vegan things…right? ­čśë The best website for translating and looking up words, even slang, is, there’s even a smart phone app…for all your “OMG it’s all in German can I eat it?!?” needs.

Where to Stay in Berlin


The Circus Hostel – trendy hostel with bike rental, free wifi and rental iPads and laptops (??!!). Catering at the hotel/hostel is from Commonground Cafe . There’s a breakfast continental style at the hostel or a la carte. There are cakes and sandwiches at the hostel and the hotel runs into a cocktail bar. The Hostel has a microbrewery downstairs and all the toiletries in the room are vegan. I go past this place all the time and have known friends who worked here, looks pretty cool. Located in Mitte, so you’re near everything.

A&O Hostel Berlin Friedrichshain – They have several other locations in Berlin, but I’d say this one is closest to the most awesome vegan spots. On their website they say they offer vegan and vegetarian options for the vast majority of their dishes.

Sunflower Hostel Berlin – Looking for a smaller more cozy and funky hostel? This one in Friedrichshain might be for you! It seems to get quite booked out so try to book in advance if you can. They also have single rooms and apartments.


Michelberger Hotel – ranging from around ÔéČ80-200 per night depending on room type (cozy single room – luxury room), it’s somewhat pricier, but a really cool atmosphere and design, including a library! Plus they make the super amazing Fountain of Youth coconut water, which is actually the best coconut water I’ve ever had that finally got me to like the stuff! They’re right across from the station Warschauer Stra├če in Friedrichshain, walking distance to Veganz and countless other vegan cafes and restaurants, great location! They also have a hip bar with great cocktails on site!

ARCOTEL – Not specifically vegan but this hotel in Mitte specifically points out all their vegan dishes at the breakfast buffet on their website including stuff like falafel balls, marinated tofu, and vegan bircher muesli.

Where to stay in Berlin from a vegan perspective image
For more recommendations for apartments, hostels and hotel, check out my Where to Stay in Berlin Guide. It includes which local vegan spots are nearby each place!

Vegan and Green Fashion in Berlin

First, check out Green Fashion Tours Berlin, which offers tours of where you can find green fashion by area. If you don’t want to physically go on a tour, you can download a PDF of the locations on their tours by neighborhood here.

Avesu Vegan Shoes – located in Friedrichshain above Veganz. You can also buy from them online at

Deargoods Berlin

Loveco – Sonntagstra├če 29 in Friedrichshain (between Ostkreuz and Warschauerstr. stations)

S├╝├čstoff – Kienitzerstr. 91 in Neuk├Âlln (station Leinestra├če)

Healthy Food in Berlin

I have not been to any of these yet (what can I say, I’m a sucker for junk food, but mostly I eat healthy at home). Here’s some places that should fit this requirement though:

Mahalo Poke – Poke bowl place. Lots of vegan options.

Stadtsalat – Really creative salad place. On my to-do list as I’ve heard good things from friends.

Mexican Food in Berlin

Taco Love – Best tacos I’ve had in Berlin so far. This is a little stand outside in the U-bahn station Eberswalder Str. At the time of writing they do a taco Tuesday with tacos for 2ÔéČ each and 4 of the 6 options were vegan. Honestly though I’d say go NOT on Tuesday and spend the extra euro as the wait is quite long on Tuesdays. They make a vegan seitan filling that is really excellent. There’s a few tables outside and a sp├Ąti if you want to grab a beer. Across the street is Zeit f├╝r Brot so you can try their vegan tahini apricot bun.

taco love berlin vegan tacos
bad picture great tacos from Taco Love

Chaparro (Wienerstra├če 14a, Kreuzberg) – Another little Mexican place in Kreuzberg. They have labeled vegan options with vegan meat, etc. and beverages. Yummy, not mind-blowing, but good if you’re in the area!

Dolores (Rosa-Luxembourg-Stra├če 7, Mitte AND Bayreuther Stra├če 36, Sch├Âneberg) – Best place to go for burritos or chips and guac, lots of marked vegan options. It’s basically like Chipotle, but in Europe that is damn good. There’s one by Alexanderplatz (Mitte) and one by Wittenbergplatz (Sch├Âneberg). Recently got new menu, even more vegan options with seitan and tofu as well, prices slightly more, but still affordable. I go here often, my favorite for a burrito craving in Berlin.

Santa Maria (Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg, some other locations too) – Mexican Diner – The location in Kreuzberg has Taco Tuesdays where Tacos are 1 EUR each and margaritas are 4. It gets super crowded, but is good to check out. They also have vegan burritos with pumpkin and stuff in them, looks good.

This place really upped their game over the years. I got the fried aubergine tacos and they were fantastic. We also got some fried oyster mushrooms with vegan dipping sauce and chips and dips. Only downside is they don’t have guac.

vegan tacos santa maria cantina berlin
vegan corn-crusted fried aubergine tacos from Santa Maria Cantina

Ta’Cabron (Skalitzer Stra├če 60, Kreuzberg) – There are two, one in Kreuzberg and one in Friedrichshain. I’ve only been to the one in Kreuzberg, but it was pretty good. They have marked vegan option for tacos and burritos, chips and guac (really good guacamole here, but pricey) and cheaper than normal for Europe Coronas (2,80 EUR). The mole sauce is yummy.

Vegan Asian Food in Berlin

Vegan Japanese Food in Berlin

Vegan Sushi

Berlin has some all-vegan sushi places now, how cool is that?!

Secret Garden Berlin (Warschauerstr. 33, Friedrichshain) – Right above Veganz so you can check off both. I’ve been here several times and it’s super yummy. Not cheap but I guess sushi usually isn’t. They do aim for very nice presentation with liquid nitrogen smoke and the like.

vegan sushi platter from Secret Garden Berlin

Tiger Club Vegan Sushi (Knesebeckstr. 99A, Charlottenburg) – Good option on the west side of the city with a big outdoor seating area out front! I prefer Secret Garden a bit more but this is a solid choice.

vegan sushi from Tiger Club Vegan Sushi in Charlottenburg

Emira Vegan Sushi Restaurant (Sch├Ânhauser Allee 72A, Prenzlauer Berg) – All-vegan place with lots of interesting sushi options. Also has ramen and other dishes.

Zensation in Berlin (Boxhagenerstr. 27, Friedrichshain) – Not all vegan but they do amazing vegan sushi with vegan fish! Ignore the semi-bad pics, I got takeout because COVID.

Vegan Ramen

Beyond Ramen (in Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg) – all vegan ramen place. SO good albeit a bit pricey. Below is the ramen and seitan karaage appetizer from Beyond Ramen.

Takumi NINE (Pappelallee 19, Prenzlauer Berg) – I wrote this place off for years as their “vegetarian” options had meat broth, but not they have a whole vegan-labeled menu and everything. I revisited it recently and got the vegan tan tan ramen. It was excellent. They have two locations now, one in Mitte and one in Prenzlauer Berg. There is often a wait to get a seat so be prepared for that if you go at popular times.

vegan tan tan ramen from Takumi NINE

Japanese Sweets

Tenzan Lab – This place is doing some cool stuff. I recently went to try their Kakig┼Źri, which is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener. Usually condensed milk but they have a vegan condensed milk option! During the winter I believe they do a lot of savory vegan food as well.

vegan kakigori tenzan lab
vegan kakigori with mango syrup and vegan condensed milk

Vegan Korean Food in Berlin

Feel Seoul Good (Husemannstr. 2, Prenzlauer Berg) – All-vegan Korean place in Berlin. Their kimchi is great and my favorite thing was their vegan Korean style tuna sushi. I got their vegan egg bowl and it was delish, but the egg is a block of tofu with some vegan sweet potato yolk thing so might try another next time. Worth a trip!

Vegan Vietnamese Food in Berlin

Vegan Vietnamese food has EXPLOADED in Berlin! Like it’s literally impossible to try all the vegan and vegetarian Vietnamese places. Here are some I’ve tried and liked.

Anh Dao Berlin (Danzigerstr. 42, Prenzlauer Berg) – This place advertises as vegan Indo-Chinese specialties and is probably my favorite of the veg asian restaurants in Berlin I’ve tried so far. Everything is just very well flavored, and they have great sushi too!

1990 Vegan Living (Krossener Str. 19, Friedrichshain) – Vegan Vietnamese fusion tapas. You pick multiple small dishes and can try out loads of different things. They also have big dishes like phos and curries, and some great drinks. Super stylish interior. This place is really popular with tourists. It’s good, and def check it out if you’re visiting the city, but after a few times there I found it a bit overpriced for what it is.

My Vegan Vietnamese Tapas Spread from 1990 Vegan Living

Rolls Asian Street Food (Prenzlauer Allee 176, Prenzlauer Berg) – This is your place if you want a vegan bahn mi! It’s more a takeout place, not all-vegan but they do good vegan options. See below I got a vegan sushi roll, dumplings and a vegan bahn mi for takeout!

Bahn mi, dumplings and sushi roll from Rolls Asian Street Food

Con Tho (Hasenheide 16, Kreuzberg) – Another Vietnamese place but this was is pretty unique with its dishes. Also has a big garden area.

Dishes from Con Tho Berlin

Cat Tuong (Kastanianallee 89, Prenzlauer Berg) – 100% vegan Vietnamese food in Berlin. Moderate prices and a very nice interior. It’s small so if you’re going during normal dinner time you might want to make a reservation, which you can do online from their website.

Cat Tuong Vegan Berlin - Vegan Nom Noms
Delicious vegan tofu and mushroom coconut milk soup from Cat Tuong

Chay Village (Eisenacher Stra├če 40, Sch├Âneberg & Niederbarnimstr. 10, Friedrichshain) – This place is amazing. It gets really full, so you may want to make a reservation. The Friedrichshain location is bigger. They have super awesome vegan pho and a huuuuuuuge menu of everything from noodle dishes, soups, rice, everything. I want all of it!

Chay Village Vegan Pho Berlin - Vegan Nom Noms
Vegan Pho from Chay Village

Chay Long (Raumerstr. 17, Prenzlauer Berg) – Another high quality vegan Vietnamese eatery. They have a lot of unique appetizers a lot of the others don’t have.

Savory Chay (Kronenstra├če 70, Mitte) – Good option if you’re in the tourist center. Good quality and pretty good prices. I’ve been here a couple times when we needed a central place to meet with friends.

Rice noodle coconut curry soup with tofu from Savory Chay

Ryong (Torstra├če 59, Mitte) – This one is popular for its vegan Asian burgers. I also had possibly the best vegan Vietnamese coffee of my life here. They make their own noodles, nice interior, everything is presented super gorgeously.

SOY (Rosa-Luxembourg-Stra├če 30, Mitte) – I’m not in Mitte much, but I took a special trip to check out SOY as I’d been hearing so many good things about it! There is so much good Vietnamese food in Berlin, but this is definitely one that stands out! It’s similar to Cat Tuong above, but they have some unique dishes as well. Another good place to fulfill your vegan pho/ramen addiction. Their Ban Xeo is the best I’ve had in Berlin so far, lots of fresh herbs in everything.

Asia-Markets that are big and awesome, but also have stuff like peanut butter, Arm & Hammer baking soda (big boxes), PG-Tips tea, brown sugar, etc.

Vegan Chinese Food in Berlin

Wen Cheng Hand-Pulled Noodles (Pberg and Friedrichshain) – This place isn’t all vegan but they have good vegan options! As in the name, they make the noodles themselves. There is often a long line at the Pberg location near Sch├Ânhauser Allee, so if you don’t want to wait I recommend going to the other locations or getting takeout.

Vegan noodles, smashed cucumber salad and tofu bao from Wen Cheng Hand-pulled Noodles for takeout

Ming Dynastie (Br├╝ckenstra├če 6, Mitte) – This place was a total plot twist for me as it looks very eh from outside. Turns out the place is right near the Chinese embassy so the food is legit and they have a whole vegetarian section! Also nice location right on the river, huge portions and decent prices!

Vegan dumplings, tofu dish and potato aubergine dish from Ming Dynastie

Tianfuzis (Regensburger Str. 1, Sch├Âneberg) – All-vegetarian Chinese food place. This place has gotten even better over the years. First times I went was just ‘eh’, but I went back recently and it was really fantastic. They have dim-sum too, and vegan hot-pot!

The Butterfly Lovers (Veteranenstra├če 10, Prenzlauer Berg) – Another all vegetarian Chinese place, I think same owners as Tianfuzis? It’s good! Def worth a visit if you’re in the area.

C├ÇI Kitchen Berlin ÔÇô Szechuan Vegan Bistro (Sch├Ânhauser Allee 177A, Prenzlauer Berg) – An all-vegan Szechuan place in Berlin! Amazing! It’s good but not my absolute fav Chinese place in the city.

Asian Markets

GoAsia and Vihn Loi are the major chains and are massive and awesome.

…and here is a huge list of Asia Markets in Berlin. So far my favorites are Go Asia (Sch├Âneberg, Charlottenberg, Moabit and Tempelhof), Vinh Loi (Wedding and Steglitz), and Asia-Markt-Lee (Mitte) and Asia Mekong (Mitte). There’s also one called Tian Fu in Wilmersdorf (by the same name as the restaurant, don’t get confused), that apparently specializes in vegetarian dumplings.

Vegan Italian Food & Vegan Pizza in Berlin

La Stella Nera (Leykestra├če 18, Neuk├Âlln) – Owned by a collective. Everything they have is great and cooked in a wood-fired oven. They have pizza and pasta and pizzas with and without vegan cheese, craft beer and a decent number of seats. Desserts like vegan tiramisu, vegan afrogato and vegan panna cotta.

Blurry photo of the potato red onion vegan cheese pizza with extra rucola added on top at La Stella Nera!

Gemello Vegan Pizza (Sch├Ânflie├čer Str. 16, Prenzlauer Berg) – Probably my favorite vegan pizza in Berlin right now. This place does a regular popup certain days at Vamos Veganos. Each week there are 2-3 different pizzas on offer. SO GOOD.

Gemello Vegan Pizza

Al Catzone (Eingang auf dem Mehringplatz, Brandesstra├če 7 Kreuzberg/Mitte border) – all vegan pizzeria. Also does calzones and other things!

Al Catzone dessert calzone

Zeus Pizza & Pide (Boxhagener Stra├če 29-30, Friedrichshain) – Went here the other day with the lovely India from A Vegan Obsession. They have vegan and gluten-free pizza!

Vegan Hawaiian Pizza from Zeus Pizza and Pide

General Awesome Places (Vegan or Vegan options)

Bite Club – A street food party that happens about once per month during the warm months. They usually do a vegetarian version of the event once per year (during Vegfest), but the normal version of the event always has lots of vegan options, too. The venues are usually pretty awesome, they switch around every year or so. Get there early if possible as it gets crowded.

The Turkish Market (Maybachufer, Neuk├Âlln) – This is a must visit for anyone, near the station Sch├Ânleinstra├če. It’s a huge open air food market that happens all year on Tuesdays and Fridays all day until 6pm. There’s tons of veggies, spices, spice mixes, teas, olives, nuts, hummus, grape leaves, breads and even a stand at the end with vegan cake and pie, clothes, kitchen supplies, jewlery and occasionally live music. Everything is really cheap and towards the end you can get deals like 10 avocados for 1 EUR. Yes, really.

  Turkish Market in Berlin

Street Food Thursday (Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstra├če 42) – This event happens every Thursday from 5 – 10 pm in a big market hall in Kreuzberg near G├Ârlitzer Bahnhof. It gets quite crowded, so I would recommend to get there early if you want to claim a seat. It’s not vegan, but there are a ton of vegan options, usually labeled. I’ve had everything here, from Israeli food to Ghanian to Mexican to raw to awesome dishes from all parts of Asia. Come hungry.

Street Food Thursday Ghana
Awesome Ghanian food from the Fufu & Co stand with homemade hot sauce if you’d like and delicious peanut sauce.

Markthalle IV (Eisenbahnstra├če 42/43, Kreuzberg) – In general this place is pretty rad. There are less stalls up when it’s not Street Food Thursday or the monthly Sunday Breakfast Market, but also it’s less crowded and you can even get a seat! I think they’re closed Monday, but other days they should be open. It’s also one of the places you can sometimes find kale in Berlin!

Kale Gr├╝nkohl Markthalle IV | Vegan Nom Noms
Kale from Markthalle IV
Street Food Thursday Vegan Tofu Burger Markthalle IX

Yummy Tofu Burger from Sunday Burgers, which has a permanent stall in Markthalle Neun. They have three different sauces to choose from, this one had coconut peanut sauce. They also have smoothies and raw food desserts and more.

Dong Xuan Center (Herzbergstr. 128-139, Lichtenberg) – This place took me two years to discover and it’s amazing. A bit off the beaten path, it’s worth the trip. You walk through an arch and there are three huge warehouses filled with everything Vietnamese. Groceries, restaurants, clothing, phone cards, everything, of course all the bulletin boards are also filled with notices all in Vietnamese, it’s like walking into another world. Apparently there are over 250 wholesalers supplying here. If you like Asian food or Asian cooking, this is your place. I heard you can get Jackfruit here in a can as well. Give yourself a couple hours to explore. Heaven.

Arches at the entrance into the Dong Xuan Center
Dong Xuan Center Berlin Vietnamese | Vegan Nom Noms
Noodle dish at one of the Vietnamese restaurants, only a couple things could be made vegan when I asked, but it was possible and delicious!
Dong Xuan Center Vegan Finds - Vegan Nom Noms
Some of my more interesting vegan finds at the Dong Xuan Center – Vegan sardines and “vegan meat fluff” at the supermarket nearest the entrance (there are several markets within the center)

Thai Park (Preu├čenpark, Wilmersdorf) – You have to rummage and use your most patient language skills to find the vegan things here besides the obvious stuff, but it’s so worth it, and there are some surprising ones. This place is uniquely Berlin. Every day, weather permitting (though Sunday is the biggest day), Thai families comes here to hang and bring their delicious homemade food with them to spread out on blankets, in coolers and various simmering pots pans to cook in front of your eyes. It’s all quite affordable too! Just smile and ask patiently what’s in the dishes and check for fish sauce!

Thai Park Berlin Kanom Krok - Vegan Nom Noms
Kanom Krok – surprise vegan find at Thai Park! They are a rich, custardy street snack made from coconut milk and rice flour fried in a special pan.

Vegan German Food in Berlin

Vaust Braugastst├Ątte (Pestalozzistrasse 8, Charlottenburg) – This was an awesome find I made on Foursquare. It’s a fancy brewery with vegan German food and home-brewed beer. I went here for my birthday and me and my friends loved it. A bit pricey for every day, but this is my new go-to for special occasions. The chocolate cake is amazing.

Vegan German Brewery
Dark photo, but some traditional German food veganized, delicious!
Vegan German Brewery Chocolate Cake
Vegan Chocolate cake with whipped cream, yum!

F├Ârsters (Dunckerstra├če 2a, Prenzlazer Berg) – Great option for vegan German food in Berlin.

Falafel, Hummus & Co – Middle Eastern, Arabic & Uzbeki Food in Berlin

Vegano Flavors (Raumerstr. 6, Prenzlazer Berg) – I was pretty excited about this place as there’s no all-vegan arabic places. While a lot of food is accidentally vegan like falafel and hummus, all the barbequed meat and stuff never is. Was cool to get the full experience here. My only issue with this place is the combinations of foods on the menu are not the combinations I want. I’d like to try some of the vegan meaty things andf hummus, but for a single person most of the food has you only choosing one. Luckily I went with a couple friends and they have a big platter for multiple people (pictured below). If I went by myself though it’d be frustrating. Prices are also quite expensive for the portion size, I’m not sure if their rent is just super expensive or what.

Platter for 2 from Vegano Flavors

Dervish (Krossener Str. 16, Friedrichshain) – A vegan Uzbeki place, definitely something novel to try! They also do brunch, and everything feels pretty well-rounded in terms of a meal. Inside is cute! The star was the vegan cold yogurt soup with smoked tofu, dill, and cucumber for me! I also got the squash dumplings but didn’t love the filling.

Sahara Imbiss (multiple locations) – Not all vegan, but one of my favorite foods in Berlin…Sudanese! They have locations all over Neuk├Âlln, Kreuzberg, and Sch├Âneberg. Labeled vegan options. I always get the Sahara Vegan Plate for 5ÔéČ, which comes with fried potatoes and sweet potatoes, falafel, marinated fried tofu, lettuce, tomato, aubergine paste and hummus, all smothered with their epic peanut sauce and served with a pita. You can get a sandwich version for 3ÔéČ. I could eat this for every meal, I always take all my guests here. I’ve thoroughly checked out all the locations and determined that their spin-off, Basmah (Reichenberger Str. 26, Kreuzberg), gives the biggest portions and even gives you a fried dough ball while you wait. The spin-off has exactly the same menu and font, etc. as the original. The baklava at all Sahara and Basmah’s is also vegan and super tasty.

Possibly my favorite vegan meal in Berlin, the Sahara Vegan Plate. Vegan Berlin must – category street food.

Vegan Burgers in Berlin

The Beyond Burger has made it to Berlin and vegan burgers are everywhere! Whether you are for or against the Beyond Burger, Berlin’s probably got somewhere for you.

Lia’s Kitchen (Kollwitzstr. 47, Prenzlauer Berg) – This place is great. A friend and I recently got invited there for food and we ate our little hearts out. The owners are super friendly and they make all the burgers from scratch and told us they specifically aim to serve nice big portions (yaaaas). They also have some great salads, including vegan Greek salad with homemade vegan feta cheese (awesome) and a vegan seitan chicken strips salad. I tried all three burgers: the smoky mushroom BBQ made of mushrooms and soy, the hemp oat and then chili burger. Add some melty vegan cheese on there and some regular or sweet potato fries and you’re set. All were delicious.

All 3 burgers from Lia’s Kitchen (photo credit to Mostly Am├ęlie because my phone died)

Swing Kitchen (multiple locations in Mitte) – This place is a bit unique for the Berlin vegan burger spots as they also do vegan chicken nuggets and lots more sides. The burgers are also HUGE. My only pet peeve is they go very experimental with the sauces on the burgers and sometimes I just want ketchup and mayo. I got the cheese burger and it had some kind of tomato spread and it distracted from the taste of the actual burger.

Neue Republik Reger (Bouchestra├če 79A, Treptow) – Pretty solid choice, it’s huge, decent outdoor seating, have vegan soft-serve. They do vegan poutine too. I like them, but they’re not my favorite burgers in the city.

Vincent Vegan (East Side Mall Food Court, Friedrichshain and now in Pberg too) – An all-vegan burger place in a mall food court – what! Here is the place to get your Beyond Burger fix. I haven’t managed to make it there but heard really good things from friends.

LoveBurger (Treptowerstr. 90, Neuk├Âlln) – This replaced the old Let It Be Creperie (RIP). They do fusion burgers. You can choose from a German, Italian, Thai, etc. style burgers, different fries or a Lebanese bowl. Great fries. I’m more of a regular burger kinda gal, but if fusion burgers speaks to you or you’re in the area, check them out.

Deutsche Burger with potato wedges and vegan cheese from LoveBurger

Schillerburger (multiple locations) – Mostly meat, but they have an awesome vegan burger, labeled special vegan sauce, vegan cheese and amazing sweet potato fries. Limited seating, but it looked like you can sit at Schillerbar next door (same owners?). There are now MANY locations of Schillerburger in Neuk├Âlln, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, even Pankow.

Vegan Cheeseburger
Vegan burger with vegan cheese and sweet potato fries from Schillerburger

Yo Yo Foodworld (G├Ąrtnerstra├če 27, Friedrichshain) – Their cheapest burger starts at 2,99ÔéČ, not bad right?! A solid choice for all your vegan fast food needs. They also have the Beyond Burger now. Only place you’ll find it for less than 10ÔéČ in Berlin!

Vegan Indian Food in Berlin

Berlin is not really known for great Indian food, but a few places are popping up recently that are actually decent! I will document as I visit them!

Mantra Restaurant (D├╝rerplatz 2, Friedenau) – All vegetarian Indian food place. A bit far out, but I’d say worth the trip and it’s right across from the S-bahn station. You can tell the food is fresh and homemade here.

Vegan Brunch in Berlin

Unfortunately the vegan brunch scene took a huge hit during the pandemic. Berlin used to have amazing options of vegan brunch buffets. They all shut during the pandemic and never re-opened. There’s no obvious go-to option for vegan brunch anymore, but here’s some places that do brunch.

Sfera (Schudomastra├če 44, Neuk├Âlln) – Probably my favorite brunch in Berlin right now, and all vegan. Depends what you get as some of my friends were not as convinced. I got this french toast and it was amazing!

Vegan french toast and zucchini toast from Sfera – menu changes all the time

Cafe Neue Liebe (Rykestr. 42, Prenzlauer Berg) – Not all-vegan, but some pretty serious vegan options i.e. vegan waffles with strawberries and cream. Their vegan croissants are possible the best I’ve ever had (pretty sure they come from

Vegan waffles with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate from Cafe Neue Liebe

Frea Bakery (Gartenstra├če 9, Mitte) – A spin off bakery from restaurant FREA, which is a zero waste concept. They have great vegan pastries, and do some sandwiches and toast options for brunch.

Frea Bakery pastries and brunch

EIGENGRAU (Skalitzer Str. 45, Kreuzberg) – Not all-vegan but good option for brunch! They do a vegan chicken and waffles which was tasty!

Vegan chicken (saitan) and waffles from Eigengrau

Cafe Morgenrot (Kastanienallee 85, Prenzlauerberg) – Every weekend they do a vegetarian and vegan brunch here, the rest of the time it’s a regular cafe. You get a plate, and its mostly German-style with breads and spreads.

Vegan Groceries in Berlin

Veganz (Friedrichshain) – It’s huge…and everything is vegan. When it opened I spent an hour staring at the vegan cheese fridge case, with lots of other vegans also staring into it, totally intimidated by having so many options. It is expensive for sure, but really good every once and awhile. They also have a cafe with vegan frozen yogurt during the summer and there’s always cakes and smoothies, coffee, etc. I like to go and hoard whatever is on sale.

Dr. Pogo Vegan Kollectiv (Karl-Marx-Platz 24, Neuk├Âlln) –  A smaller, but slightly cheaper collective grocery store in Neuk├Âlln! They have bulk containers where you can choose the amount you want of beans, pasta, nuts, grains, etc. They have a whole case of vegan cheese, lots of vegan meats, a vegan pet food section, vegan cleaning supplies and a little cafe area with a couple tables. They even have vegan croissants, pizza sandwiches and coffee! They also host events from time to time including a vegan bake sale.

M├Ąrkische Kiste – If you live in Berlin, I HIGHLY recommend this farmshare. It’s not only vegan, but vegetables and fruits are of course. I have the medium regional box for ÔéČ16 per week. It gets dropped off right outside my door. It’s not done via the post, and they somehow always get in my building and up to the 4th floor even if I’m sleeping/at work, which is a lifesaver in Berlin, where getting your packages can be a HUGE pain. They have their own delivery service you pay an extra 2,50ÔéČ/week for. Worth it. You select size and type of box, they tell you what will be in there the week before and you can add/delete things online. You can also set it on vacation to skip weeks when you’re not home, or add in extra basic staples like soymilk, flour, wine, etc. if you’re feeling extra lazy. So in love with this!

Mimi Ferments – Organic artisanal Miso, Soy Sauce, Koji, Tempeh and Natto made in Berlin. Contact to order directly via email. Also teaching fermentation workshops. Facebook is here.

Vegan Bars in Berlin

Alaska (Reuterstra├če 85, Neuk├Âlln) – All-vegan bar in Neuk├Âlln! They do free after-work tapas on weekdays from 6-9pm when you order a cocktail. They also have tasty vegan sandwiches and baked goods and super friendly staff. They’ve been perfecting their vegan cheeses too!

Barkett (Czeminskistra├če 10, Sch├Âneberg) – 100% vegan bar, cafe and a concert venue serving food during the afternoon (soup, salads, tapas in the evenings, nachos with homemade sauces, raw cakes sometimes). All food is homemade, gluten free, and completely sugar free. Beers on tap from a small local  brewery, cocktails, etc. They have a nice space with bean bag chairs in the back, so it’s great for catered events too as they have space. You can try an espresso tonic here, lots of vegan cocktails and local beers.

Vegan Cafes, Bakeries & Coffee Shops in Berlin

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Vegan and Vegan-Friendly Bakeries

Brammibal’s Vegan Donuts (Neuk├Âlln, Mitte. Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg) – This is your spot for all things vegan donuts in Berlin, a vegan Berlin must. They are so, so good. However, they also have things besides donuts, and even savory foods and yummy coffee! The Neuk├Âlln location is right next to the Turkish market, so stroll through that on Tuesday or Thursday and then get yourself some donuts.

The Sanctuary (Torstra├če 175, Mitte) – An all vegan artisan Italian bakery. This place is great! Don’t go too late though, as the pastries will sell out!

Sironi (Kreuzberg and Sch├Âneberg) – Sironi does vegan croissants and other pastries now in addition to foccacia and sourdough bread!

La Petit Veganerie (Sch├Âneberg and Kreuzberg soon) – Vegan French bakery. Has pastries and dishes like french toast, croque monsieur, coq au vin, etc. The quiche I found too mushy. Croque Monsieur was great.

K├Ądtler, a kosher bakery with loads of vegan options), almost all their cakes and sweets are vegan (and there are many). They also do a more traditional German breakfast platter with different breads, spreads, fruits and veggies. Nothing is labeled vegan but if you ask there’s a ton of vegan options. I love the vegan marzipan croissant.

CHIMNEYS (Brunnenstra├če 173, Mitte) – Have you ever had vegan chimney cakes? They often pop up at Christmas markets and I think they’re originally Hungarian. It’s a dough wrapped around a stick and turned over an open fire. Then it’s dipped usually in sugar and sometimes other toppings. It’s usually accidentally vegan. In any case, this all-vegan establishment took it a step further and uses the chimney cakes as ice cream cones! You can get them filled with vegan ice cream, cream, sauces and all sorts of other toppings. A bit pricey at 7ÔéČ but very tasty.

vegan chimney cake filled with ice cream and strawberry sauce
bad picture because wasps were swarming me but tasty!

Vegan Options in Mainstream Bakeries

Zeit f├╝r Brot (a few locations throughout Berlin) – recently got a vegan apricot, tahini and cashew bun. I brought it home and heated it up and it was good! I still think a regular cinnamon bun would be great but this is a good option.

vegan apricot tahini cashew bun from Zeit f├╝r Brot

Kamps (all over Germany) – Their vegan Franzbr├Âtchen is where it’s at! They also have a vegan apple pocket and 1-2 other things depending on the store. Pretzels are also vegan.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

Cafe B├Ąrbucha (Eisenacher Str. 72, Sch├Âneberg) – Here’s a good one for all of you who ask me for stuff outside of Neuk├Âlln, Pberg and Kreuzberg. I recently went here with some friends and it was amazing. Kombucha is a new thing in Berlin, and this is a cafe devoted to it! Not only do they have tons of different types of kombucha, water kefir and kvass, they also have load of fermented foods you can take home, including vegan kimchi (super hard to find in Berlin). The owners are so passionate about their business, I learned a ton here. They don’t do much food, but what they do make is amazing. All their foods have various fermented veggies incorporated. I had one of the best salads of my life here, including winterkraut, pistachios, picked beets, etc. Definitely check it out, even if you’ve never heard of kombucha before, it’s fun to look at all the pickling things they have around the cafe and browse their cookbooks.

Kombucha and Water Kefir at Cafe B├Ąrbucha

Cafe Vux (Wipperstra├če 14, Neuk├Âlln) – So many cakes, AWESOME. It’s an all-vegan cafe and they had at least 10 different cakes and bars when I went. They also have lots of bagel sandwiches, some with vegan cheese, and I love me a good bagel sandwich. Not only that, but they do a vegan brunch on Sunday and there are always soups, vegan quiche and other things around…and vegan candy…and the normal coffee offerings. YES.

  Bagel “Cheese” Sandwich from Cafe Vux

Chapter One (Mittenwalderstra├če 30, Kreuzberg) – This place is cool to visit and specializes in “Slow Coffee”. They recommend drinking the coffee without milk, but have soymilk should you decide to do so. The owner is a wealth of information about coffee. They also have quite good tea. Fun to watch the coffee brew on the quirky little machines. For the coffee conneisseuer, they offer hario V60, Siphon, Aeropress, Kalita, Chemex & Colddrip.

Cupcake (Krossener Stra├če 12, Friedrichshain) – It’s not only vegan, but they always have some vegan cupcakes and brownies. I am partial to the delicious vegan peanut butter brownie, gooey and delicious. They have good coffee and some simple sandwiches and stock some American staple products like root beer, etc. if you’re missing them.

Vegan Cupcakes
Pretty vegan cupcake from Cupcake

Five Elephant Coffee & Cake (Reichenbergerstra├če 101, Kreuzberg) – They didn’t have any vegan cake when I went, but they have soymilk, roast on the premises and the coffee is one of the best I’ve had in Berlin so far along with Passenger (below). Looks like they also have free WiFi. If they ever get a vegan cake option it will be perfect.

Goodies (Warschauerstra├če 69, Friedrichshain + other locations too) – Bagel sandwiches and good coffee, what more can I say. It feels like a very American stye cafe, but I love it. Lots of vegan cakes and puddings, soups, etc.

Vegan Latte
Latte from Goodies, they have tons of specialty lattes

Katie Blue Cat’s Cafe (Friedelstra├če 31, Neuk├Âlln) – Much better coffee than most places I’ve been, cozy, has soymilk and some vegan cake and cookie options, though it’s mostly not vegan. Good for a coffee and a chat, or to curl up with a good book if you can get a seat.

K-fetisch (Wildenbruchstra├če 86, Neuk├Âlln)- This is a queer and feminist leaning establishment that also hosts lots of lectures, etc. Cafe by day and bar by night. A big separate room for both smokers and non-smokers. Good coffee with soymilk, vegan cake and light tapas with vegan options. They have free wifi (only certain tables are allowed for computers). Also a really nice, open space with a fire-burning stove in the winter. They also have an in-house library and board games you can use while you’re there.

Leuchtstoff (Siegfriedstra├če 18, Neuk├Âlln) – They have couches up on platforms on all different levels up in the ceiling. So awesome. They often have vegan cakes, always have soymilk and there is free WiFi. Fantastic.

Passenger (Oppelner Stra├če 45, Kreuzberg and in Treptow now) – Along with Five Elephant, Passenger pulls some of the best espresso I’ve had in Berlin so far. Bonus is they also always have a vegan cake or cookie!

no milk today (Fichtstr. 3, Kreuzberg) – Cute little vegan cafe with simple breakfasts, coffee, tea, cake, soups, wine and beer. They try to use organic when possible and also try not too use too much sugar. It also states on their website that they’re wheelchair accessible.

Cafes with Wifi in Berlin

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Vegan Ice Cream in Berlin

Chunks by Koro (K├Ârtestra├če 5, Kreuzberg) – Delicious, unique flavors. Not all-vegan but great options. They live up to the name – there are a lot of chunks in there! They’re run by the organic, healthy grocery store, and use their products in the ice cream.

Mozart ice cream with pistachio marzipan chunks and a vegan sugar-free peanut butter pretzel that surprisingly didn’t taste sugar-free (I was just in it for the peanut butter)

Balarem Eis (Gabriel-Max-Stra├če 17, Friedrichshain) – Another all vegan ice-cream place, this time in Friedrichshain off of Boxhagener Platz. This one is unique as they have a toppings bar, where you can top your ice cream with as much sprinkles, caramel, chocolate, etc. sauce as you want! They’ve had pretty great flavors lately when I’ve walked by, including pistachio!

Delabuu Ice Cream (Krossenerstr. 15, Friedrichshain) – The base is vegan, you choose the toppings and they mix it all together and make rolled up ice cream scrolls for you. Some toppings are not vegan but it’s clearly labeled. They even have vegan nutella! A bit more pricey than the other places but really good (if you choose good flavors that is!)

Delicious ice cream scrolls from Delabuu in Friedrichshain

Eissalon Tanne B (Eisenbahnstra├če 48, Kreuzberg) – Best vegan ice cream I’ve had in Berlin, they always have a couple vegan flavors. Usually open all year round and the cafe is cute. In Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg. They also do vegan spaghettieis!

Vegan Ice Cream Eissalon Tanne B | Vegan Nom Noms
Vegan ice cream from Eissalon Tanne B, yesssss!

Gelateria Mos Eisley (Herrfurthplatz 6, Neuk├Âlln) – This one only has a few vegan flavors, but they are good ones. They also always have vegan sorbets, but eh, life is too short for sorbet. As most of the vegan ice cream places are up north in Prenzlauer Berg, it’s also good to have an option in Neuk├Âlln. I always get the salted caramel peanut. OMG so good. Plus it’s right down the road from Tempelhofer Feld (former airport park), so it’s great to grab some ice cream and then go hang out in the park.

Lecko Mio (Graefestra├če 80, Kreuzberg) – Have you heard of Spaghettieis? It’s ice cream made to look like spaghetti. Basically a glob of whipped cream covered in ice cream put through a Sp├Ątzlepresse, covered in strawberry sauce and topped with white chocolate or coconut (to be like the parmesean). It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a new convert. Not many places have it vegan but Lecko Mio does and it’s the BEST. They also do a pistachio version.

Tribeca Ice Cream (Rykestr. 40, Prenzlauer Berg) – All-vegan ice cream place. Their focus is on raw, vegan superfood ice cream. Here you can get flavors like salty maca caramel, raw chocolate or pistachio lucuma. Their ice creams are also gluten-free, soy free and have no refined sugars. Whether you’re into that or not, I can confirm their ice cream is tasty and they have fun flavors.

TriBeca Ice Cream

What other places should I check out? This list is going to grow as I continue exploring new places in Berlin. If you’ve been somewhere in Berlin you loved, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail right now or comment below! Traveling some more, have a look at the Posts by Location page!

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