Just arrived back from my almost month long business trip in Dubai, where I worked as a Project Manager. I did much more intense internet research this time to find vegan food in Dubai and was happy to discover that there is somewhat of a vegan scene besides trying to veganize items off of California Pizza Kitchen’s menu! Thus, I’ve just posted a very very updated Vegan Dubai Guide!

Not only did I discover the Ripe Friday Foodie Market, but since I was last in Dubai, a new (and the only, I believe) all vegan and raw restaurant opened at the top of the Galeries Lafayette in the Dubai Mall. Biggest mall in the world, my friends, and now it has a vegan restaurant!

I am not raw, but I think it’s always good to eat more raw foods and I love experimenting with raw recipes. I had no kitchen the entire month in Dubai, so this restaurant was my savior. It’s quite difficult to eat a normal, healthy diet when you are living out of a hotel and working full-time, but this time I always knew I could go to Bestro to get my healthy tasty veggie fix! In fact, I visited Bestro four times during my stay! That works out to more than once a week!

Dubai customer service is very in your face, but I found the service at Bestro to be the friendliest and most knowledgeable. Most places follow you around but don’t actually know the answer to your question, not the case here! They even write on their menu to feel free to be picky and adjust menu items, that as long as they have the ingredients somewhere on the menu, they’ll try their best to accommodate you. When we asked what one ingredient in the juice was, they even called us up to the bar and let us try out the berry powder ourselves and put up with my indecisiveness when I wasn’t sure what to order, telling me what their favorites were, which was the biggest (I was hungry), etc.

I think Bestro is most popular with the lunch crowd, but it was a bit far from my job so I always came for dinner. They have even more specials during the day that always ran out by 7-8pm when I arrived, so there is lots of variety and always new stuff popping up. A great addition to the Dubai food scene and so nice to have a restaurant with a healthy veggie focus and knowledgeable staff!

Now on with the food!

Raw VeganDrinks first! This was my favorite drink because it had cacao in it. It was called the Cacao Pro-Biotic Nut Mylk and was made from fresh almond milk made in house, cacao, dates, vanilla and banana (optional). I got it two out of three times and only tried something else the last time because I felt I should branch out. Yum!

Raw VeganThis is the Kulfi Nut Mylk and was made from freshly made almond and coconut milk, cultured with probiotics and spiced with cardamon, cloves and cinnamon. This was super rich, but good, sort of like a coconut chai. I think my favorite is still the cacao one, but I am biased towards all things cacao.

Raw VeganThis was a special the last time I went and was called Sweet and Sour Asian Noodles. I was a bit skeptical, but the flavor was amazing and it was actually a LOT of food. I had trouble finishing it all even! Made from spiralized zucchini, carrots, cabbage, I think there was also some nuts and apple in there. Yummy!

Raw VeganThis was my favorite so far. Pictured is the Shrooms and Slaw. Made from somewhat dehydrated and marinated mushrooms filled with some type of delicious tomato and corn salad and served with a yummy slaw to the right. I loved it. Other people must too, as it was sold out the other times I went!Raw VeganHere is the standard Zucchini Pasta in Heirloom Tomato Sauce. I didn’t get to try this one, but it looks awesome!

Raw VeganThis was a special the second time I visited, something with cacao and mint. It was yummy, but my favorite is still the chocolate fondant below.

Raw VeganThe mother-load of deliciousness, I love raw desserts! This was Chocolate Fondant with Coconut Cream. As you can see it has an amazing chocolate sauce and is filled in the middle with coconut cream. I decided not to branch out much and ordered this three out of the four times I went to Bestro. Worth it.

There you have it! I don’t go to raw restaurants much, so it was great to get to try out Bestro so many times while I was in Dubai and I was always pleasantly surprised. They also have a little mini grocery section where you can buy items like maca powder, raw cacao powder, spirulina, raw cashews, kale chips and more! Here is where you can find the restaurant:

Located at the top floor of the Galeries Lafayette inside the Dubai Mall