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Thanksgiving in Prague!

Our spread included veggie pot pie, mashed potatoes with chives, mushroom gravy, boxed stuffing my flatmate somehow found at Tesco, cranberry sauce my friend ingeniously re-hydrated from dried cranberries, salad, dressing,...

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Who Am I?

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Hi, my name is Nicole. I'm a vegan expat based in Berlin with a never-ending case of wanderlust. Here you'll find vegan travel guides, recipes, and reviews from a plant-based perspective. Find out more here.

You, too can live in Berlin! :)

Where Am I

May 1 - 25: Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 25 - June 4: Cambodia
June 4 - July 1: Koh Phangan, Thailand
July 1 - 3: Phuket, Thailand
July 4 - Sep 5: Berlin, Germany
Sep 5 - Oct 2: East Coast, US
Oct 2 - 26: Medellin, Colombia
Oct 26 - Nov 12: East Coast, US
Nov 12 - ??: Berlin, Germany be continued