One of my New Years Resolutions was to cook from my poor lonely cookbooks sitting on the shelves unused and to finally try out some of the 8000 recipes I’ve bookmarked. Thus, you might see a bunch of other peoples’ recipes in the coming weeks!

This first one is vegan Moussaka from Veganomicon. My colleague was telling me about how she made a vegetarian lentil moussaka and mentioned she wondered if it’d be possible to veganize it. A challenge! I didn’t even really know what moussaka was, but this was delicious, and there just happened to be a recipe for it already in Veganomicon, but you also find it on the PPK website here. Sort of like a Greek lasagna. I made the cream on top with cashews instead of pinenuts because that’s what I had, used the red wine option in the sauce and added lentils. Cutting and roasting the vegetables takes some time, but besides that it wasn’t actually that difficult. This made a TON and I froze it in portion sizes for work. Success! I will be making it again.

Carola from the German vegan food blog Twoodledrum asked me if I could write a guest post about something American and write it in German and metric. I figured it was a good challenge and finally got around to it last weekend. It was actually sort of a fun figuring out how to make Rice Krispies treats in Germany! There’s only one shop that has vegan marshmallows in Berlin (Veganz) and they’re imported and cost over 6 euro a packet, so I was on a mission for something cheaper! I used Heller Sirup (sort of like Golden Syrup for you English, I’d say) simmered with brown sugar, peanut butter and a bit of margarine to replace the marshmallows and managed to find Rice Krispy cereal in the grocery store around the corner from my flat for 2 EUR. These came out delicious. I brought them to a party full of Germans and they were gone pretty quickly and then fed some more to my American co-workers. The top is just peanut butter mixed with chocolate. Peanut butter does wonders for these babies, mmm! If you want to see me get my German on, go check it out!

These are the from the Deep Dish Cookie pie recipe from the Chocolate Covered Katie blog. I halved the recipe and didn’t put anything on top so it wasn’t quite a pie. The only problem was I forgot I was halving it when I added the oatmeal, so I think that messed up the texture a bit. There are also chickpeas in here, and I’ve been meaning to experiment with all these baked goods with beans recipes out there. This did have a bit of taste from chickpeas, but it wasn’t bad. I’m going to try again with milder white beans and try not to fuck up the ratios next time and I’m sure it will be awesome.

An stand-by, but still so delicious. Vegan lasagna! I know I have a recipe up for Vegan Lasagna on this blog, but I don’t really make it that way anymore because I’m lazy. I just double the cashew ricotta recipe from Veganomicon, make some sauce with crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, olive oil and Italian spices and topped with some Wilmersburger Pizzaschmelz and voila! The only trick is I shred 3-4 carrots and sneak that in with the ricotta for extra veggies. Mmm!

There you have it! I need to figure out what my cooking mission is for this weekend! I’m thinking of trying the vegan mac-n-cheese recipe with sauerkraut in it and then using the extra sauerkraut to make tempeh reubens later.

By the way, Vegan Nom Noms has a Pinterest account now if you didn’t notice the button in the top right corner! I’ll be using that to post pics from what I’ve made, as well as tag pictures from what I plan to make and other peoples’ recipes I’ve tried! If you have an account, check it out! Also, if you have an account, please share it below in the comments! I need more people to follow! 🙂