Well hello. I have been terrible at posting lately, I know, so I’m hoping mofo will kick my butt back into it! I’m going to try to keep to the themes unless I have nothing to say for one, then imma post whatever the hellz I want. I can’t promise every day, as life is busy these days, but I’ll try my best! I’ll also be posting over on my Instagram, where you may also see photos of my work cat, Berlin eats, cycling adventures or whatever else I get up to, so go follow me there right now!

Since my last post I’ve officially been in Berlin for 5 years! How crazy is that?! I started this blog when I was in college and living in a dorm room. Now I live in Germany and work at a university. I’m currently applying for my permanent residence, and trying to figure out if I should give applying for German citizenship a go, though I’m pretty sure preparing for that is going to be like studying for the German SATs, so maybe I have come full circle. There’s a bit too much adulting going on in my life at the moment though, so I plan to regress a bit.

ANYWAY. Favorite food. It’s a hard question for this foodie, as I love so many foods. Like lasagna. And ramen. And brownies. And sushi. And and and. However, I think one food has had my eyes lighting up for most of my life…and that is nachos!

I’ve made nachos lots of different ways over time, and I switch it up depending on what’s in my fridge. There was one time when I lived in Northampton, MA and worked at a cafe there, and was able to order Daiya wholesale through them. It was a dangerous time, and I maaaaay have eaten nachos for 2 meals a day on several occasions until it ran out and I banned myself from buying tortilla chips for awhile.

Vegan NachosOne of my recent nacho creations, with brown lentil meat and potato carrot cheese

These days I mostly use the magical potato carrot cheese from Veggie on a Penny with some adaptations. I add a handful of cashews to the boiling water for the potatoes and carrots for the last few minutes and blend them up with everything else. I also add some pickled jalapenos from the can and some of the juice from the can for a kick, as well as a bit of light-colored miso paste for a sharper taste. It’s fantastic. My friends RAVE about it, and it’s become my most requested and commented dish besides my vegan mac-n-cheese.

Let me tell you, when this recipe blew up on the vegan internet I was VERY skeptical. Healthy food has its place, but not on my nachos. Blending potatoes and carrots to make cheese, WTF. I stand corrected, because this shit is mind-blowing. My non-vegan friends always comment that it’s just like that bright orange nacho cheese from the machine, but in this version the color comes from carrots! The jalapeno juice is definitely my secret ingredient for my version.

Sometimes I use melty cheese I made myself from the Non-Dairy Evolution cookbook, one of my favorite books right now for vegan cheese experimentation. Here’s a very blurry picture of some nachos I recently made with my own homemade cheddar cheese:

Vegan Nachos Vegan CheeseVegan nachos with the Smoky Cheddar from the Non-Dairy Evolution cookbook

So there you have it, my favorite food! Can’t wait to see your posts!