Vegan MoFo Post #20!!! 

My first meal upon arrival back in America. This is the Rajas plate from Cochinita in Brooklyn. Very pricy at $9.95, although it’s all natural and organic and whatnot, but yikes! It was delicious though, and I was famished after my epic trek. Woke up at 5am yesterday to get to London Heathrow when it opened, managed to get on a stand-by flight to Boston since JFK in New York is still closed, then rented a car and drove to Brooklyn. Slept 11 hours. Yes.

Seriously, I’m going to gain some 20 pounds before I leave. I haven’t even been in a real grocery store yet!

…and that makes my 20 MoFo posts for this year! Crazy! I didn’t get out as many recipe as I’d have liked, but given how crazy my life is currently with moving and traveling and Hurricane stranded-craziness, it’ll do! I do have a lot of recipe ideas written down for the future though, so I will be getting those out in the coming weeks! Check back and if you found this blog through MoFo, hi, and thanks for reading!