After reading about The Vegg on the blogosphere, I picked up two bags of the stuff during my last trip to the States, from the famous FoodFight! Grocery in Portland, OR (more about my trip and eats in Portland here). Lo and behold, it sat on my shelf for months. When left with some bread about to go stale, I decided, why not? and gave it a try. This French Toast was delicious, maybe not the best in my life, but the again I used Middle Eastern flat-bread instead of toast. The recipe was printed on the bag itself. I’m super excited to try this stuff out for omelets and the like and will surely document my experiments here. A bit of it goes a long way, so I have a ton left.


I’ve done two rounds of experimenting so far with the book Artisan Vegan Cheese with varying results. This resulted from the Hard Gruyere Cheese from the book. I didn’t really love it in its original form, so decided to turn it into something else. A lot of it got turned into nacho sauce, but some got turned into this cheesy gnocchi with broccoli. I think I added more nutritional yeast, soy sauce, chili flakes, cumin and probably some garlic and onion powder, paprika, etc. Tossed with cooked gnocchi, broccoli, salt and pepper.



A year ago I really didn’t like oatmeal, but the pictures online always looked so delicious I became determined to train myself to like it and trying out new recipes that weren’t just those instant oatmeal packets I grew up with worked! By the way, I’ve been eating porridge every morning in this hotel. Mmm. This is just basic oatmeal with peanut butter on top. Homemade is so much better than packets!



Some Peanut Noodles topped with chopped cucumber, tomato, peanuts, cilantro, yellow pepper, and probably some other things I’m missing. My Peanut Noodles recipe is a staple, I make varieties of it all the time, this time with some red curry paste in the sauce.




These are Raw Raspberry Rose Cream Truffles from the blog Fragrant Vanilla Cake. I did like on the blog and made a chocolate and a raspberry version. I added some lemon juice to the mixture and more cocoa powder and some shredded coconut to the chocolate version before giving the filling a whizz in the food processor. They’re topped with toffee bits I brought back from Sainsbury’s in England, dried cranberries and rose petals. The chocolate ones also have some coconut sprinkled on top.



I went on a bit of a raw chocolate un-cooking spree. The ones on the right are filled with sunflower seed butter mixed with some agave nectar, a bit of coconut oil and a tablespoon or so of nutritional yeast. Sunflower seed butter cups! Minus the cups. This was one of three waves of raw chocolates. I kept going until the coconut oil ran out, oops.



This was a delicious meal. I made my Sweet Potato Coconut Garlic Mash, then sauteed some onion and garlic and threw in some kale. I also decided to fry up some tofu in little cubes like they do at the Green Bean in Northampton, MA. Yum.


Another very successful oatmeal attempt! Here is some Apple Pie Oatmeal with fresh apples from the website keyingredient. I used soymilk instead of the water called for in the recipe and topped it with brown sugar, of course.

There you have it, some things that have passed through my kitchen! Have a good Saturday! What’ve you been cookin’ up?!