Vegan MoFo Post #18!

I’ve been writing almost entirely about eating out for Vegan MoFo, since I’ve been traveling since July 3rd. I have indeed done a whole LOT of eating out and while it’s been awesome to try out vegan food all across America, I have to say my wallet and feeling of healthiness sometimes start to suffer. When I arrive back in Berlin on October 3rd, I’ll be bringing you some posts that are the opposite of eating out. It’s my plan to only eat at home and cook from my cookbooks except for big birthday meals, networking or business lunches, etc. I do have a cookbook hoarding problem, so it’s time to use those things!

Plus I just ordered The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen, Vegan Italiano and the The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook: A Modernist Culinary Approach to Plant-Based, Dairy Free Foods cookbook (the last one is all about making vegan cheese!). I always mass buy a bunch of books while I’m in the States, because I get most of them for less that $1 used plus the price of shipping on Amazon. Not bad!

Without further ado, here are some home-cooked meals I managed to cook or get cooked for during my travels!

Microgreens Salad Northampton MA Farmers Market | Vegan Nom NomsDuring one of my first stops in Northampton, Massachusetts in July, I swung by the awesome Tuesday Farmer’s Market and picked up a bag of these spicy microgreens and organic heirloom cherry tomatoes. Topped with some cherry balsamic this was one simple, but awesome salad.

Homemade Avocado Salad | Vegan Nom NomsHere is another delicious salad with plenty of perfect Californian avocados my cousin made while I was in the Bay Area. There’s also yummy yellow tomato in there too! Vegan Tacos Kale | Vegan Nom Noms Thanks to my friend’s awesome garden in Anchorage, Alaska, these delicious tacos with homegrown kale and lettuce were mine for lunch! I added some fresh shopped mango, tomatoes and some sauteed tofu with chili powder and BBQ sauce too. Guess who’s going to hoard a giant pack of corn tortillas back to Germany?! Hint: It’s me.Earth Balance Mac and Cheese | Vegan Nom Noms Not gonna lie, I’ve been eating a fair amount of the Earth Balance mac and cheese in a box. I usually add whatever veggies I have around. Today I even whizzed some cashews with a few tablespoons of water to fix in in my hosts’ blender since it didn’t make sense to buy a huge thing of soymilk. For some reason I have raw cashews, but not soymilk, yes. I am STILL eating all of the raw foods I received from from Keimling in June.Vegan Tacos | Vegan Nom NomsSome minimalist tacos with the last of the odds and ends I had hanging out in my cooler. Corn tortillas with a slice of vegan cheese, sauteed Tofurky Italian sausage, carrots and half an avocado. Less veggies than I’d like, but hey, I was in Wyoming. Peanut Sweet Potato Noodles Denver | Vegan Nom NomsOnce I arrived at my friend’s in Denver, my other friend who was traveling was feeling the need for some home-cooked food as well. I happened to have some peanut butter and sweet potato noodles in my travel stash. Sweet potato noodles are my new favorite noodles, even better than rice noodles, they’re a little bit chewier and delicious. You can get some here or in your local Asian market or here. The sauce changes based on what I have access to at the moment. This one was peanut butter, couple tablespoons brown sugar, splash of rice vinegar and Sriracha mixed together with some soy sauce. You can also follow my recipe for Peanut Noodles here.Tofu Scramble Bagel | Vegan Nom Noms

After arriving in New Orleans for our hippy bus adventure we had access to a big kitchen with tons of condiments, including some bagels and Sriracha up for grabs, score! We headed to the local co-op where I bought some tofu, Kale and Daiya. I used that together with some turmeric, garlic bowder, cayenne and olive oil in the kitchen to make this scramble, top with Daiya in the pan til melted, throw over a bagel and slather with Sriracha. Now, that’s breakfast!

Since I’m still excited about cookbooks and home cooking, tomorrow I’ll highlight some cookbooks I’ve bought or am eying that focus on more whole foods and less complicated processed stuff. It actually took me awhile to research and find cookbooks that met my criteria, which was:

a) relatively healthy recipes with minimal processed ingredients and a focus on whole foods
b) relatively simple recipes, not so much complicated spherifying, fermenting, etc.

Check back tomorrow to see what I found and share your own tips! After that we’re back to our regularly scheduled travel posts for Vegan MoFo.

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