The prompt for today is my go-to “impress me” meal. Now, clearly everything I make is impressive ;-), but my friends seem quite impressed with my Vegan Mac-n-Cheese.

Easy Vegan Mac and CheeseMy go-to vegan mac-n-cheese and one of my first ever blog posts. Throwback!

This is an oooolddd recipe on my blog, back from 2008 when I first started blogging! Do you guys remember VegWeb? It’s a user-submitted vegan recipe website/archive with user-reviews, and I used to be in love with it. I learned to cook from there, and still have many staples that have developed from VegWeb recipes over the years as I made them my own. My first vegan mac-n-cheese was from VegWeb, but it was sorta inconvenient because it involved a blender to blend silken tofu into a sauce, and again, it was back when I was in college. I altered it and altered it, taking out all the inconvenient ingredients and changing them to stuff I always had, and that’s how I came up with my mac-n-cheese!

These days there are SOOO many vegan mac-n-cheese recipes! On my Pinterest alone I have several bookmarked! I tried that one from the PPK made with sauerkraut, the one blending carrots and potatoes with no nooch on VegNews ages ago, some roasted red pepper mac-n-cheese, I love them all! Sometimes I add chickpeas or smoked tofu. Sometimes I melt vegan cheese on top. Sometimes I bake it with breadcrumbs and sometimes I just mix cheese sauce with pasta on the stove and eat it like that.

Vegan Mac n Cheese

Here’s a random photo I found in my photo stream of some vegan mac-n-cheese. It was sort of a mystery since it’s not my bowl or counter top. It says I took the photo on January 12th, a Tuesday, so I would have worked that day and my calendar says I went to a queer women’s meetup that evening in a bar. My work definitely doesn’t have vegan mac-n-cheese and neither do any restaurants in Berlin that I know of. Eventually I realized the work cafeteria was closed that day so it was the Daiya mac-n-cheese that the lovely Amey from Vegan Eats and Treats sent me for our US-German package swap! I am a mac-n-cheese detective!

My next recipe to try is the vegan mac-n-cheese powder from Homemade Vegan Pantry so I can store it and whip it up whenever!

My favorite pasta shape for mac-n-cheese is shells, but I also like farfalle. What’s yours?!