In case anyone is still looking for ideas, here’s what I’m gonna make! Like the last holiday, I’m doing almost all the cooking because my family is not a fan of the culinary arts. Unlike last time, no extended family is coming, which means no one to appease, so no meat will be served. Thus, the pressure is on here, folks. There’s only four of us, plus my Nana who doesn’t really eat much and doesn’t like to stick around long for holiday dinners, so nothing quite as extravagant as Thanksgiving dinner.

Seitan Chops Smothered in Apples and Ginger from the PPK Blog
– My Vegan Mac-n-Cheese with whole wheat pasta this time
– Mashed potatoes
– Maybe a veggie stir-fry, because I’m noticing a lack of veggies on this list
Eggnog Cheesecake from the Fat Free Vegan Blog
– Agave Nectar Cupcakes with Agave Frosting (that I added cocoa powder to for a chocolate variety) from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
Sweet Potato Salsa from my blog with chips

Nothing too crazy, but it should be good. Look out for the pictures soon.

I’m also going to have my annual New Years Eve party, which will definitely be more extravagant food-wise. There’s some new recipe’s I’ll be trying out, so keep your eyes peeled.