2013-09-10 19.52.14

Sometimes after a long work day, I’m not really up for taking a taxi around out in Dubai and eating out. On the bright side, work is covering food for this trip no matter where I eat.

Not being allowed to go off into my little vegan fairy land has actually made me realize that there are often a lot of vegan options in non-veggie establishments, even if they are not seitan or vegan cheese pizza. However, there is a Govinda’s here and I’m determined to take a mission out to it before I leave! You need a bit of vegan fairy land sometimes, after all.

Tonight at the hotel (Premier Inn) I got big fries because I am addicted and Heinz ketchup is prevalent. Though there is tons of good food to be found in Berlin, they in general do NOT to french fries right. Heinz all the way and none of that weird seasoning on top, please! Anyway, I also got this salad called fattoush that I’ve been seeing around. It’s just a simple salad with onions, tomatoes, maybe some peppers, tossed with a vinaigrette and some crispy pita bits mixed throughout the salad. Seems to just be naturally vegan, as I’ve never needed to do any edits. I also opted for a roasted red pepper tomato soup with basil croutons. This was super yummy. I checked with the waiter that there was no cream or meat broth. So delicious. It is a billion degrees outside, but I am always cold because there is always so much air-conditioning…another reason Dubai reminds me of America. I’m eating totally differently than I normally would this time of year just because of the AC!

I should also mention the Tiger beer, since getting alcohol in Dubai is a rare occurrence!

For lunch we ordered in from a place called Chin Chin. I was excited to finally get some tofu, but I made a bad choice. First my food got mixed up with chicken within the office, so had to be reordered, then when I got it it was just not good. The spices were chopped too big in the sauce so I was constantly biting into big hard chunks of anise, bleh. Ah well. Next time I’ll get the tofu and steamed bok choy. Or hummus.


2013-09-10 14.34.34Looks good though, right? It had potential. Tofu at work.