photo(6)I’ll take working in the Middle East when hummus is easily accessible as office food. This is what we ordered in to work today. On the left is super yummy lentil soup, hummus, salad, falafel, stuffed grape leaves and some mint, arugula, pickles and tomatoes as garnish. Everything was surprisingly excellent. I’m getting closer to my second goal for this trip of diving into a vat of hummus. Pretty soon I will be a vat of hummus.

Oh, and I experienced my first sandstorm today. All of a sudden the sky got really dark and foggy. Anywhere else, I’d think a thunderstorm was coming. But no! A sandstorm!

Later it drizzled, not even drizzled, it was like being hit with a few raindrops per minute. Everyone was staring at the sky in awe. If there was that level of awe for every time in rained in Berlin, no one would ever peel themselves away from their window.

Later on we went to the “Irish Village”. Anywhere else this place would have been boring, but they arranged some special agreement that they can have alcohol there, so I had my first beer since I’ve been in Dubai. Otherwise alcohol is only available in hotels. It was sandwiched between a fake lake and a duty-free tennis court. There were very, very friendly ducks there. They kept coming right up to us, looking at us with long glances and quacking very loudly.

photo(7)New BFF!

That was my day, who knows what food Dubai will bring me tomorrow!