I took a little staycation for two nights at the Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort – A Vegetarian Retreat. It was nice to explore the other side of the city and they were nice enough to give me two complementary nights to check it out. They were pretty much brand new at the time of writing, only two months old! It was my first time staying in an all-vegetarian hotel, of course with loads of vegan options. One of my goals on this trip is to check out some of the accommodation from my World Vegan Accommodation List, so I hope it won’t be the last!

Located basically across the street from the bustling old town, but tucked down a side street, I entered this little peaceful oasis to begin my super chill two nights.

Entrance to Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort

I was greeted by the staff and General Manager, and given this awesome butterfly pea drink. When you put the lime juice in it, the color changes from blue to purple!

After some chatting I was given a little tour of the premises and shown to my room. The hotel is colonial style, and the artwork in the dining area represents the various temples in the area. Each room has a number as well as a name of a local street from the nearby Old Town.

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My Room

The first thing you notice is the super comfy bed. Really, it was soooo comfortable given the usually quite hard mattresses I’ve experienced in Thailand. I basically sank into it each night and woke up refreshed and not wanting to leave my comfy cocoon.

They left me four complementary glass bottles of drinking water, which is super helpful as you shouldn’t drink the tap water in Thailand. There was also instant coffee and non-dairy creamer, black and green tea bags, and a kettle for hot water in the room. For an extra fee you can make use of the items in the mini-bar fridge, including black sesame soymilk (when have you ever gotten soymilk in your mini-bar yaaas), sodas, and dehydrated fruits.

There’s also room service to be ordered from a menu in the room until 10pm. It’s almost entirely vegan, with curries, tofu burgers, mango sticky rice, vegan breakfast options and you can even get smoothies delivered to your door.

After I went out the first day I also came back and they had left some mini mango sticky rice for me in my room.

Super comfy bed

Each room has its own balcony. I got the corner room overlooking the pool. You can also get rooms that have direct pool access, meaning you just go outside and can hop right in the pool!

Here’s the lovely bathroom. I definitely got a bath bomb at a local market and made use of that tub.

I basically spent my entire two nights like this. Of course you also get the complimentary robes and slippers. 🙂

There was also a rain shower in my room! I had never used one before so that was pretty cool. It was great for rinsing off after the pool.

The most unique thing about the room is that it came with a special smart phone you were allowed to take out and about. This phone allowed you free internet access, unlimited local and international calls, a GPS and a speed dial to the hotel in case you got lost or needed advice on something. I didn’t really use it as I already had a phone with a SIM card, but if you were brand new and maybe not as super well-traveled (or maybe your parents or something weren’t 😉 ), I could see how it would be very useful.

One small detail I really liked was the USB plugs in the outlet. It meant you didn’t have to worry about having the right type of adaptor, no matter what you can plug your phone right in. Lucky for me though, Thailand plugs all seem to be compatible with both the European and American plugs.

The Pool

The pool was pretty great and had a built in jacuzzi at the end. The jacuzzi isn’t warmer though as it uses the same water as the pool, but it has the jet action and you can sit and chill out there.

Of course there are plenty of comfortable lounge chairs to chill out in, and they leave a big, thick blue towel on each chair for you. I swam some laps and then chilled in the lounge chair for a bit reading my book. 🙂

The pool at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort

Serious pool chilling and view from the other side of the pool.

The Food

I know you just want to hear about the food though, right? At first I came in and saw sausages and was disappointed. I asked the staff and turns out they were vegan sausages, hah! I should have known, but am so used to that stuff not being for me.

When I asked, the staff at breakfast was able to go through all the items for me and tell me what was vegan and what wasn’t. Both days ALL the hot food was vegan. The only things that weren’t were some croissants and danishes, nutella, and some milk for the coffee (there was also soy milk). They never cook with egg in anything, which is also stated on their menus.

Overview of part of the breakfast buffet. You can see the fruit, salad and and dressings, and all the hot food at the end.

Toast section of the buffet. Multiple types of bread, homemade peanut butter and there were also two types of jam.

Salad dressings. That white one is with soy, yo! Yaaaaas.

Vegan waffles from the hot bar. <3

Pad See Ew from the hot bar. Was my favorite.

Fried rice with some vegan ham bits in there. Yummmm.

Potatoes and VEGAN SAUSAGE. I ate so many!

The aforementioned waffles with syrup.

My plate from day one. Pancakes, fruit, salad, pineapple fried rice, boiled rice with veg porridge and a tomato-y pasta dish. They also had a ton of juices to choose from: orange, guana, pineapple, etc. and there is always a special housse juice mixture each morning in small glasses. Plus choice of coffee or tea, of course. I had orange juice, the house juice and a coffee with soy milk as you can see.

Breakfast on day two. Pad See Ew, vegan sausages and potatoes, salad and fried rice. These were the first of several plates, haha.

Overall Thoughts, Price & Booking

I had a great, relaxing time at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort. It was exciting to stay an an all-vegetarian (mostly vegan) hotel! I actually rarely ever stay in hotels, using I’m in AirBnBs, private rooms in hostels or renting a room from someone who is traveling.

I’d definitely recommend them for a staycation, special occasion trip, or for some cushy accommodation when you first arrive in Chiang Mai. Good news…prices start at only around 60€ per night for a Deluxe Room at the time of writing!

Not bad for some pool-side luxury.

You can check out reviews of Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort – A Vegetarian Retreat and book here: Booking.com / Agoda


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