This is super belated, but my birthday was on February 8th and I needed to post a picture of the cake Liz made me. It’s a princess cake made out of chocolate cake, with peanut butter frosting. The ice cream cones have white cupcakes with pink frosting inside them and the pink frosting was store-bought in a spray can that was surprisingly vegan. It was possibly the tastiest and most impressive cake I’ve ever had.

So amazing, that while I was holding it while sitting in the parking lot at Taco Bell while Liz was inside getting some food some bros came out to get into their massive SUV parked next to me and freaked out about it. It went as such:

Bro 1: Yo, man, lookit that ice cream cake! That’s awesome!
Bro 2: What?
Bro 1: Dude, bro, lookit that ice cream cake!
Me: *Makes eye contact and smiles awkwardly while holding up the cake*
Bro 1: That’s awesome! Yo, bro, did you see that cake?!?! *Bros get in the car and drive off*

It was pretty funny. It goes to show that even bros love vegan princess cake…