When I was in Berlin, Germany I went to an all-vegan grocery store ( !!!! ) called Veni Vedi Veggie (store no longer exists, try Veganz, or Dr. Pogo Vegankolletiv or see my Vegan Berlin Guide) where I found the best vegan cheese I’ve ever had. While I ate it in sandwiches and stir-fries my method of choice was to just eat it raw from the package. And let me tell you, this has NEVER happened to me with any other vegan cheese. Usually I just use them as a texture and do whatever I can to hide the generally funky flavor. Apparently it melts as well, though I was never patient enough to test that claim.

Bad news, I’m pretty sure it’s only available in Europe, but if you’re from the EU…rock on! I will definitely be eating more of this when I’m back in Berlin. Though with a price tag of €5.20, it won’t be that often. If you wanna read more, check out this website under “Vegetable ‘cheese'”: http://www.vegusto.com. You can also buy it from there and it comes in several flavors!

Ingredients (from Vegusto website): water, vegetable oils and fats, potato starch, rice flour, nut butter, cereal flour, rock salt, carrageen, spices, yeast and yeast extract, flavour (vegetable), lactic acid (vegetable), colour (beta-carotene)