Got this beauty at the Pullman Hotel in Dubai, where my colleagues are staying. The first breakfast I had there was a bit lackluster, except for this Pakistani-style Aloo Ghobi that was delicious (yes, for breakfast).

After the disappointment with the first breakfast…a vat of oatmeal made with milk (nooo!), asking two different servers if it would be possible to get an oatmeal with soymilk made and them never following up with me nor doing it, I finally got one, but it was way too watery. Little oat boats floating in a sea of bleh.

The second morning the waiters saw me and automatically brought me some oatmeal with soymilk! This time the texture was perfect. There was cherry pie filling from the crepe bar that I scooped right on top, walnuts and maple syrup. Basically it was my own personal oatmeal bar…I wish I had that every morning!

The good part about this is you can easily make it at home. Whip up your oatmeal of choice according to the instructions, add a couple spoonfuls of cherry pie filling or those cherries in a jar (just not the bright red ones…eww), pour over a splash of maple syrup, top with walnuts…voila!

I am drooling just thinking of it…and there wasn’t even chocolate involved!