A future storm is brewing in my kitchen, but until then I’m going to post a list of recipes I want to try. I’ve been really busy and eating way too many packets of instant noodles for main meals, but I don’t even have the ‘I just moved’ excuse anymore, so coming this new year I am getting back into cookies and making an effort to cook through some of my cookbooks and have a go and some of the one billion recipes I’ve bookmarked. Here we go:

Savory Things:

Vegan “Chicken” and Dumplings

This recipe from Vegan Chicks Rock looks SO good for the cold January to come!

–  Sauerkraut Spaghetti

Sounds weird, but as we already determined,  I am obsessed with sauerkraut and this recipe from Twoodledrum might just be genius.

Peanut Meat/Nuttolene

In England there is this canned peanut meat called Nuttolene, which they sell at Holland & Barrett and I am somewhat obsessed with it. However, as I don’t live in England, I’ve really been meaning to create my own and this recipe from Nac Mac Vegan is one of the only I’ve found out there. There’ve got to be more Nuttolene lovers out there! Anyone?

– Mac & Shews

Okay, okay, I know I’m obsessed. This recipe from the PPK for vegan mac-n-cheese using sauerkraut as the secret ingredient has DEFINITELY caught my eye and the reviews look fabulous!

Hurry Up Alfredo

This alfredo from Vegan Yum Yum caught my eye because of the tahini in the sauce, seems like it’ll add a nice kick to the cashew base!

–  Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

Another recipe for alfredo sauce from  the blog Cupcakes and Kale. I’m intrigued by using cauliflower in different ways recently.

–  Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Not usually a fan of cauliflower, but I do tend to like it when blended/hidden/cut really small in other things (ex: cauliflower rice). I can get behind this soup from the Vegan Cookbook Aficionado.

Southwestern Corn Chowder

Soup from Vegtastic! All I can say is WANT. Can you tell it’s winter?

–  Savory Sweet Potato Bread Pudding

The picture of this from It Ain’t Meat Babe looks so, so good.

Pumpkin Spinach Quiche

The photos of this recipe from West Philly Vegan also look amazing and I have NOT eaten enough pumpkin this season!

Kale Saag Soup

Mmmmm kale and coconut milk combined in a soup. Thanks BitterSweet blog!

Sweet Things:

– Linzer Cookies

A friend of mine made some vegan linzer cookies and ever since I’ve been obsessed with making my own.

Apricot and Almond Yeast Braid

My return to the land of bread-baking will happen soon and then I will make this.

– Deep Dish Cookie Pie

Have been meaning to make this deep dish cookie pie from Chocolate Covered Katie. Still intrigued by the whole beans in baked goods thing!

Butterscotch Pudding

Used to be my favorite flavor!

There you have it! What recipes do you have bookmarked that you’ve been meaning to try?! I’m always up for some more inspiration!