Vegan MoFo Day #7

So I (think) I finally caught up on the MoFo feed, after nearly drowning in it a few times. I mean, in a pool of my own saliva. Holy crap. I actually quite enjoy when people make these lists, as they point out some cool recipes and MoFoers I may have missed, and make it all generally more approachable to absorb…so here you go! Some of my favorite MoFo posts I’ve seen so far:


– Almond Barley Tea – I love weird teas. I want to try it r’l bad.


Creamy “Chicken” & Dumpling Chowder – one look at the creaminess of the photo and you will be hungry. It has veggie chicken and gnocchi (!!!) in it, the idea of which makes me immediately drool everywhere

– Tofu Misozuke (Vegan Cheese) – Who doesn’t want to ferment a block of tofu into vegan cheese…so cool!

Roan Mountain Corn Gravy – I am not usually a gravy person, but with all the biscuits and gravy recipes circling MoFo this year I might have to become one! Look at the creaminess! Look at the corn!

– Whole Grain Pretzel Buns or Rolls – rolls that are pretzels…these remind me of Laugenbrötchen, which I see all over Berlin, yum!


Apfelkuchen mit gratinierten Walnussen – A German classic, which I may see everywhere, but the second picture on the page makes me really, really want some of this one specifically. Auf Deutsch, but you should all just Google Translate the shit out of it if you’re not a German-speaker.

Chestnut Truffles – I (finally) got my package I thought went missing from England and now I have some chestnut puree…this seems a quite suitable use (other than eating it with a spoon…I mean, what?)

Devil’s Nector – Okay, I am not a large soda advocate, but combining Coca Cola with espresso was weird enough that I have to try it. Amiright?

Flax Merine – This was linked to from another MoFo blog and explains how to use flax seeds and water to make a substance you can turn into meringe! Looks super cool and not too hard, it’s on my list of things to try!

Vegan Cannoli – I mean, vegan cannoli? What more needs to be said?! This one also has the recipe for the outside, which I need.

Chocolate ChantillyAs they say in their post, “VEGAN MOUSSE MADE FROM CHOCOLATE AND WATER IN 5 GODDAMN MINUTES!”. Yes. And all you need is chocolate, water, a whisk, and some energy.

– Ruby Grapefruit and Chocolate Chunk Cookies – This just sounds like an awesomely delicious combination…and they make them like the refrigerate and chop kind you buy in the store! 

Newfoundland Tea Buns – Just look at the picture. Flaky and delicious, so perfect with a cup of tea and no weird ingredients. Now I need to have that tea party…