I’ve had Teff Love by Kittee Berns for what…5 years now? I was always too intimidated to crack it. Lots of spices to by, ethiopian was a new cuisine for me (to cook at least).

I can thank corona for that. I finally took this cookbook on, and I love it!

Honestly the hardest part was collecting all the spices. I found an online vegan Ethiopian/Eritrean shop in Germany called Birlin Mühle where I could get the hardest to find stuff . Then you just gotta make the berbere paste and the seasoned oil that goes in everything.

Making the paste and oil is not bad at all. It’s really just frying lots of spices, then adding more stuff and simmering, some grinding. You might have a decent amount of dishes to do after but it’s not complicated, per se. Then you use that stuff for awhile in other receipes.

After that it’s actually pretty easy, everything is pretty much a stew in the end. I’m working on the injera now and will add it once I’ve finished.

Here’s what I’ve cooked from Teff Love so far. This will be an ongoing post as I cook through it more!

Have you cooked from Teff Love? If so, what have been your favorites so far?! Let me know in the comments!

I also am pretty proud of this creation below using all Teff Love recipes….Ethiopian enchiladas! I know it’s blasphemy, but I had leftover injera sitting in the freezer for a year and didn’t feel like making fitfit.

This is filled with the ye’atakilt alicha (potato and cabbage dish) and the sauce is the vegan Ethiopian mac n cheese sauce. You can stuff it with whatever you want, but this is what I was craving!

I made Ethiopian enchiladas
Ethiopian-inspired enchiladas