Vegan MoFo Day #19!

One more day to go, crazy! Here is Ricotta eating her Thanksgiving dinner…a green bean from my vegan green bean casserole. She really liked it. Along with that I’ve documented the other vegan things we had! Don’t mind the blurry pictures, I was in a rush to eat it all!

Vegan green bean casserole my Mom made for me. Everyone ended up liking this one more than the non-vegan casserole with bacon in it the rest of my family made for themselves. Ha!

Oh Tofurky, I don’t care how punny and stereotypical you are, I love you so! Especially as leftovers. This was especially tasty with some fresh sage from my farm share in the marinade.

Pomodoro sauce my brother made for dinner. While pasta is not a traditional Thanksgiving dish, it was tasty! Plus I’m currently on a pasta and sauce kick and I get to take some of the extra home!

Garlic rosemary olive oil sourdough bread. As I was scurrying to pack to go home, I threw some of my sourdough starter in a container and took it with me. Such a good idea! This is the best bread I’ve ever made. Fresh rosemary from my farm share and I got the texture better than ever, soft and fluffy! I didn’t even use a recipe! I attribute it to the fact that I kept a wetter dough before baking. Normally I make it more solid and dry as it’s easier to handle, but dealing with the stickiness was worth it for this! Good to know!

Bad picture of the sourdough once cut. Slathered with some Earth Balance, it was heavenly.

Vegan mashed potatoes with chives. OM NOM NOM.

Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen using homemade butternut squash puree instead of pumpkin. I messed up the double layer part a bit due to some hasty pouring, but it was tasty nonetheless. I think one day I will play around with this recipe until I can get the same effect without the Tofutti, but I didn’t have enough time this holiday. It is soooo gooood.

Vegan ice cream pie my Mom made me. I believe it has cookie dough ice cream and chocolate almond chunk ice cream. Yummy! Not sure how I’m going to eat all of this before I drive back home to Massachusetts, but I sure will try!

I also made beautiful looking cranberry chocolate chip scones, using almond milk I made myself in the food processor! Unfortunately the vegetable shortening my Mom had in the cabinet went off, so they tasted a little funky. I am so sad as I used the local cranberries from my farm share. Wasted! 🙁 Oh well, it happens. In case you were wondering though, oils and such do go bad! When they do they smell like horrible cleaning grease or something. Ew.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Anyone cook something especially unique? Share!