Living up to my vegan travel MoFo category, I got a freelance gig through a friend on a project here and flew off to Dubai yesterday, with about 15 hours notice, where I am currently writing you this post after my first action-packed work day. Needless to say, it makes MoFoing a bit harder! Perhaps I won’t make the twenty posts this month, but I will for sure try!

I still have some stuff in store for you Nommers though, don’t worry. I have a giveaway coming up (probably next week?), some vegan cheese goodness and a guest post or two up my sleeve (okay the guest posts are up someone else’s sleeve). Bear with me, the next few days might bring you photos of my vegan-fu at the hotel. I will scramble up some more substantial posts once I have an ounce more of space for thought!

Dubai is way more like America than Berlin though, which is crazy and unexpected. Minus being in the desert, there are highways everywhere, everything is spread out and everyone takes cars, all the buildings are new, they have all the American stores and restaurants including P.F. Chang’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Office Depot, and even Wendy’s. Also, the malls and stores are open super super late for shopping.

It’s my first time to the Middle East and I know nothing about anything, time for some serious Google research about customs and history. So far it just seems like everyone is from somewhere else. So far I’ve had a multitude of nice cab drivers from India, Sudan and Pakistan and everyone I’ve met through work so far is from everywhere but the UAE.

Anyway, tonight my colleagues and I went to dinner to some Mexican chain that they apparently have in America (something Rosa, they don’t have it in my part of the States). We got this HUGE bowl of guacamole. I wanted to swim in there.

IMG_0642That’s it for today. I realized they have soy milk and porridge at my hotel, so tomorrow morning I will make the ultimate bowl of oatmeal.

My goals if I have any time off are to eat my weight in hummus and see a camel. Are those bad goals?

Has anyone else ever been to Dubai?! Tell me things!