Oh hey. It’s been awhile. I know I’ve neglected the blog over the last months, but I have good news…I am BACK!

Some big life changes are afoot. I’ve quit my job, sublet my flat and bought a ticket to Thailand, where I am now.

I’ll be working on switching over to self-employment/freelance work, but for now I’m taking a much-needed break.

Oh yeah, and I got my German permanent residence, which is sort of what spawned this trip. Now Germany won’t ever get rid of me, which means I’m free to travel and no longer have to constantly prove myself to German immigration.

I haven’t updated so much recently as I’ve mostly been in Berlin, eating at the same places I usually do or taking short trips to places where I didn’t have much new to add. I’m not really a content for the sake of content type of person, I want to share something when I can do it well, and when I really have something to say!

However, I’ve been updating my vegan guides behind the scenes, which is why you’ll see my Vegan Berlin Guide, Vegan Budapest Guide, World Vegan Accommodation List, etc. are all constantly being updated.

So, what’s the plan?

I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on January 4th. I’m now in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, where I’ll be until the end of February. I’ll be traveling until July, so six months in total. My itinerary will be something like:

Melbourne, Australia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hoi An, Vietnam
Da Lat, Vietnam
Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam (where I will eat ALL the mock meats)
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Taipei, Taiwan
Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

Of course, a lot of this may change. If you have any must-see or must-do recommendations, definitely hit me up. I’m also looking for a couple good HelpX/Woofing situations to switch things up a bit!

I plan to put out some really thorough guides of the places I stay in, so keep an eye on this space in the next months. Until then, I’m posting almost daily via my Instagram stories here:


Ah, and here’s a good spoiler for some of my eats so far:

Hot Cakes Sundae from Veganerie Concept in Bangkok, Thailand

Fried Vegan Pork with Rice and Gravy from Home J Vegetarian / Vegan in Chiang Mai, Thailand


See you soon!