Since I haven’t really been in a living situation stable enough to cook anything exciting, I figured I’d give you some food porn of the things I haven’t cooked myself! This weekend we basically went on an eating tour of Berlin. Proof that being vegan in Germany is really not so difficult!

The first two below are from a vegan restaurant called Viasko, which is probably my favorite sit-down vegan restaurant I’ve been to in Berlin. The menu is short, but I believe it changes according to season and allows what they do offer to all be super delicious. The food is vegan German-style and is relatively fancy, but the atmosphere is really chill and nice, sort of like the inside of an English pub–veganified.

homemade gnocchi with mushrooms, tomatoes and arugula in a vegan sage/butter sauce
risotto with pumpkin chutney

This was also from Viasko and wasn’t mine, but looked delicious!


Vegan tiramisu! I had high hopes for this and it wasn’t bad, but I liked my friend’s vegan brownie with ice cream a lot better.

american-style pancakes with vegan caramel, bananas, walnuts and maple syrup

The next morning we went to get vegan brunch at a place called Sing Blackbird. (Edit: Unfortunately this place has now decreased their vegan offerings since I went last time). This is a tiny place that sells vegan brunch and vintage clothing, cute! We ordered mimosas and when they didn’t orange juice one of the owners’ friends ran to get some and saved the day! Holycrap so good. We got there an hour early because their website says they open at 10:30, but they really opened at 11:30. It was okay, because there was a place called Kuchen Mafia literally right across the street where we could sit, get soy lattes and hang out the extra hour. This place also had vegan torte and linzer tarts! (Edit: Kuchen Mafia has since closed down)

tofu mess bowl

My friend and I split the pancakes above with this tofu mess bowl. Roasted potatoes, salad with yummy raspberry-something dressing, fresh salsa with cilantro, guacamole, tofu scramble and veggies. So. Good.

On top of all this we also ate some delicious Vietnamese food and yesterday with my friend I checked out a place called Yellow Sunshine, which advertises itself as a diner and serves vegetarian and vegan burgers with various toppings, fries, vegan desserts, etc. Delicious!

My stomach is super happy, but I think my wallet is suffering now…