“What’s your “easy cook” meal?” asks the Vegan MoFo prompt! Well, it depends on the season, but since it’s colder now…it’s easy ramen! I did not eat ramen in college in the States, but I became obsessed with Sainsbury’s then-8p noodles while living in Brighton, England (I’m sure they’re much more expensive now) and I basically survived off ramen during my Eurotrip in 2009-10 and when I first moved to Berlin and lived off of €800 per month. I’ve learned how to fancy it up over the years. It started with adding extra veggies and exploded from there.

Then I started making it with my fav Edward & Sons Not Chick’n Bouillon cubes, which I still smuggle over here from the US. Last year I realized I could make it even without bouillon cubes. I also realized I can buy frozen fresh ramen noodles at some of the asian markets here, which takes it all too a new level.

Quick Vegan RamenSort of dark picture of some of my fast ramen with fried up TVP on top and soba noodles!

Here’s how I do it:

Fill the bowl you want to eat ramen out of 3/4 of the way. Pour into saucepan, set to boil. If using, add carrots and frozen edamame now. Add a splash of soy sauce, a big squirt of Sriracha, some toasted sesame oil and ginger and garlic (fresh or powdered, whatever). While that’s going, add about a tablespoon of light-colored miso to the bowl you’re going to eat out of, also chopped fresh cilantro if you have it and a splash of rice vinegar and set aside. If you want you can also fry up some tofu, seitan, that vegan mock duck in a can (love it! but rinse it first to get the can juice off!) or hydrated TVP in a pan.

Once the carrot, etc. has softened, add the noodles (soba, rice noodles, fresh ramen noodles, the world is your oyster) and some frozen corn and any other fresh veggies you’re using like green beans, peppers, kale, bok choy, etc. Once noodles are cooked check broth and add more salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, Sriracha to taste. Pour into your bowl and stir to combine soup with the miso, rice vinegar, etc. in the bowl until the miso makes it cloudy. Toss the fried protein of choice on top. Done!

You can pretty much alter this until your heart is content. Some dried shitaki’s with the broth, or just use some type of bouillon, use any type of noodle, gnocchi, etc. Let’s just call it a “clear out the fridge” meal.

Quick Vegan Ramen

Some more quick ramen with frozen fresh noodles, I think even some gnocchi in there, green onions, carrot, bok choy, etc. topped with lots of cilantro and Sriracha. BAM. Dinner is ready and it’s warm and delicious.

Vegan Ramen with Tofu - Vegan Nom Noms

Another use up veggies ramen using the formula I described above

Vegan Ramen with Tempeh and Tofu Coconut Milk Broth - Vegan Nom Noms

I had an odd amount of coconut milk left in a container so this one has coconut milk, a red curry bouillon and a bunch of turmeric powder.

By the way, if you can’t tell already, my best photography will not be featured as part of Vegan MoFo. This is basically an exercise in “find something about what I want to write about on my photo stream”. Generally I spent about .5 seconds taking each photo, and it was probably dark and with my phone. Just keepin’ real, you know?