Hellooooo vegan Bangkok! I’ve been in Thailand since January 4th, and my first stop was Bangkok to chill for a few days and get over my jetlag! I’ve been stalking all the vegan bloggers’ Thailand posts for aaaaages, so it was exciting to finally get over there myself and try things out. Vegan Bangkok, here I come!

This post will be updated as I go along, as I’ll be back in Bangkok a few more times to try more restaurants, cafes, hotels and hostels.

Last updated: 24 March 2018

A Note on My Method for Finding These Places

So restaurants, etc. don’t seem to have addresses like I’m used to in Europe and the United States. However, Google Maps has been great and accurate everywhere I’ve gone in Thailand so far. Get a SIM card for cheap, or if you’re not into that, download the Bangkok Map offline (for free) on Google so you can navigate without wifi. When in doubt, pretty much every restaurant and cafe has wifi so you can just pop in quickly to connect. Log into your google account, look up the places you’re interested in by name, mark “Save” and pin them. By doing this you great your own personal map.

Whenever I go to a new place now I just pin everywhere I’ve looked up and that people tell me about along the way. As I’m wandering I can then see, “Oh, I’m by this place!” and pop in. It also helps with taking foreign public transportation, as you can follow your blue dot until the end point then get off.

Anyway, I won’t have addresses listed as I usually do as I don’t really know what the addresses are. Just go pin that shit on Google, yo. You got this.

Vegan Bangkok – Where to Stay

Bangkok Hostels

Chic Hostel Bangkok, cheap hostel in Bangkok

My private room for 12€ per night at Chic Hostel Bangkok

Chic Hostel Bangkok
Independent Reviews: Booking.com / Agoda

I was SUPER satisfied with my accommodation choice here. I chose the Chic Hostel, but with my own private room. Not only did I get my own space with AC and good wifi in the room, I also had access to the pool at the hostel and the hotel next door. At the hotel I had a ticket for free breakfast each morning, a free drink ticket for the rooftop bar, and access to the gym. Thus, while my hostel itself was not as fancy as a hotel, I could walk next door and use all the hotel’s ammenities…but for 12€ per night. I’ll take it. Plus, it’s walking distance to Suki Yeh Ri Yu, which turned out to be the cheapest place I ate at and one of my favorite dinners.

vegan breakfast options at Chic Hostel Bangkok

Vegan options scavenged from the free breakfast at Chic Hostel – nothing crazy, but enough to get through to lunch

Analog Hostel
Independent Reviews: Booking.com / Agoda

I stayed here one night before catching a flight the next morning, and it’s one of the cleanest hostels I’ve ever stayed in. Plus the beds were actually comfortable, unlike the rock hard beds in most of Thailand. The owners also have their cute pet French bulldog on site! Prices start at about 10€ per night for a bed in the dorm (female dorms also available). It has a lovely vintage design and a full kitchen at your disposal. They have a huge wooden table that I enjoyed doing work at in the living room, plus free coffee and tea! I mean, look at this face of their resident fur baby:

Analog Hostel cute dog

Cute dog at Analog Hostel

Trica Hostel
Independent Reviews: Booking.com / Agoda

For the digital nomad and flashpackers among you, this place has a built in co-working space with printer access! This was also on my short list, even the dorms have massive beds with barriers for privacy and the design looks so nice. I notoriously hate dorms these days, but I think even I could handle this one since you can close yourself off with a curtain and get a double bed. They have private rooms, too. Bed in a dorm starts at less than 8€ per night. Laundry service onsite as well.

Trica Hostel Bangkok view of beds

Fancy Dormitory at Trica Hostel in Bangkok

Bangkok Guesthouses

Lamphu House Bangkok
Independent Reviews: Booking.com / Agoda

If you’re not into a dorm or even being in a private room in a hostel, check this guest house out. It was my top pick before I got lured in by Chic Hostel. Prices start around 12€ for a private room with a fan. It’s walking distance to Khao San Road (backpacker party area) and Ethos Vegan Cafe, but not right in the madness. Good location if you mostly wanna walk everywhere and be walking distance to a few vegan places and lots of bars and cafes.

Bangkok Tree House
Independent Reviews: Booking.com / Agoda

I didn’t stay at this one yet, but I’m planning to on one of my future trips. I like that it’s a bit out of the chaos, and there can be a decent amount of chaos. They’re also green and offer vegan food in their restaurant. From their website, “A vegan menu is always available. Please let us know of any dietary needs, as we are happy to accommodate advanced requests.” They are a bit out of the center, but you get free bike rental as part of the experience.

Bangkok Hotels

Ariyasom Villa
Independent Reviews: Booking.com / Agoda

You’re not a poor backpacker or work is paying for it? Looking for somewhere extra nice? Ariyasom Villa is right in Sukhumvit area (near Veganerie!) and has an attached vegetarian (really pescatarian) restaurant called Na Aroon Restaurant so you can be sure to get some quality vegan food while you’re there. Prices start at around 150€ per night for a studio including breakfast, complimentary tropical fruit basket, free wifi of course and a newspaper. Oh, and of course there’s a pool and AC!

Ariyasom Villas Vegetarian Restaurant Vegan Bangkok

Ariyasom Villas Room – Has an Onsite Vegetarian Restaurant

Silom Studios
Independent Reviews: Booking.com / Agoda

Looking for something a bit cheaper, but still nice, clean and not a hostel? This place doesn’t have a veg restaurant onsite, but it is conveniently located near Lumphini Park and some food vegan spots and the Morning Market Vegan Stall, and walking distance to the metro station so you can get around easily. Has good ratings online. Prices start at about 45€ per night for a studio with private bathroom. You can pay a bit more if you’d like your own balcony.

where to stay bangkok - silom studios

Simple hotel room at Silom Studios in Bangkok

What To Do in Bangkok

To be honest, I mostly chilled in my room planning my next travels, ate, and wandered around while recovering from jetlag. But! Here are some things I bookmarked to do:

May Kaidee Vegan Thai Cooking Classes – May Kaidee has restaurants in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok. There’s the basic one day Thai cooking classes, then more intensive 3 and 7 day ones, as well as one focused on desserts. I’ve had a lot of friends do these and report good things. I think I will try and do the desserts one before I leave Asia.

JJ Green Night Market – I read about this as one of the better night markets in Bangkok, but didn’t make it in the end. It’s supposed to be a vintage/hipster leaning one, if that’s your thing.

Vegan Cafes in Bangkok

Bonita Cafe and Social Club – This place was super charming and inside was sorta like hanging out in grandma’s living room. For what it was though, I found it pretty expensive. I’d definitely go if I was in the area or just wanted to hang out over a coffee, but not sure I’d make a special trip next time for food specifically.

Bonita Cafe and Social Club vegan club sandwich bangkok

Vegan Club Sandwich from Bonita Cafe and Social Club – had tofu scramble and everything in there.

Dexter Cafe & Bar – I went here for an entrepreneur meetup and it’s a nice space with wifi, really good coffee and non-dairy milk. It’s also around the corner from the unicorn cafe, which sadly doesn’t seem to have much vegan stuff, but looks awesome and you can rent a unicorn onesie while you’re inside.

Roots Coffee – Some friends who used to live in Bangkok highly recommended this place to me. Nice third-wave coffee shop. Not totally confirmed that they have non-dairy milk, but looks like the kind of place that would. You can also get cold brew by the bottle, beans, etc. here.

S65 Coffee – Another cafe highly recommended to me for the quality of the coffee. I didn’t make it here so not toally sure if they do non-dairy milk, but again, seems like the kinda place that would from online. They also do wifi, smoothies and have books to read.

Vegan Bangkok – Where to Eat

In Thailand they have their own symbol for vegan (pronounced “gin jay”). The symbol looks kind of like a 17, and also does not include onion and garlic. Here is the symbol:

vegan jay symbol for vegan

Symbol for vegan in Thailand

Vegan Food Stalls in Bangkok

There are a few malls with vegetarian food stalls and even one with an entirely vegetarian food court.

Lumphini Park Morning Market Stall – This one is for the early risers among you, as it’s only open until 9am or so. In my case, I got in at the butt crack of dawn from my flight and no restaurants were open yet so this was a good option. There’s not really a website or Google entry at all for this, but you can go to coordinates 13°43’41.2″N 100°32’26.8″E in Google Maps. The vegan stall is in the back right and there’s the jay flags hung up around it. It’s not fancy at all and really cheap. Everything is in Thai so I kinda just watched other people get food and pointed at that. I saw this soup on Happycow and it looked great so I just showed them a picture and it all worked out fine. Here’s the Happycow entry so you can browse pictures too. There’s lots of cats here frolicking about for your entertainment.

vegan rolled rice noodle soup Lumphini Park Morning Market Stall

Rolled rice noodle soup from the Lumphini Park Morning Market Stall – only open until 9am!

street cat Bangkok

Cat hanging out at the entrance to Lumphini Park.

MBK Center Mall Food Court – Vegetarian Stall – MBK is a big mall, but more with local stands and shops rather than lots of big name stores. I went here as soon as I arrived to get a Thai SIM card (AIS unlimited data for a month is about 12€ by the way)! I had a lot of time to kill before I could check into my hostel, so I dragged my jet-lagged self via a Grab Moto Bike (terrifying) for 40 baht (about 1€) here. The food court is at the top on the (I think?) 4th floor. You go to a stand and pay to put money on a card, and then use that card to get food from any stalls you want. Once you’re done, you can go back to the cashier stand to get the money back in cash you didn’t use.

I spotted two places with vegan options. There’s one on the perimeter labeled “Vegetarian Food” and that’s where I went. There’s also another stand in the back in the middle called Khun Churn Vegetarian with labeled vegan options.

MBK Center Mall Food Court - Vegetarian Stall

Stir-fried morning glory, some ginger tofu thing (spicy ginger!) and glass noodle and cabbage for about 1,70€ total

Vegan Restaurants in Bangkok

Veganerie Concept – Veganerie has several locations, which you can find on google maps and their website here. Veganerie Concept is the only one that’s not in a mall, and just so happened to be the easiest for me to get to. Now, I’ve been following other bloggers’ Veganerie posts for yearssss, and it totally lived up to my expectations. I managed to go twice during my three nights in Bangkok!


Veganeria Concept vegan chicken and waffles

Vegan Chicken and Waffles with a small Caesar salad

Veganerie Concept vegan brownie sundae

Brownie Sundae with vanilla ice cream from Veganerie

Veganerie Concept vegan Thai iced tea

Thai iced tea from Veganerie, one of the best I’ve ever had

vegan hot cakes with banana from Veganerie

Hot cakes with banana from Veganerie, seriously their dessert are on POINT

vegan Christmas taco Veganerie Concept Bangkok

Christmas taco from Veganerie. I’m not sure what is Christmas-y about it, but it was tasty!

Vegan Banoffee waffles from Veganerie Concept

Banoffee waffles from Veganerie, oh my goooodnesss

Vegan Black Forest Waffles Veganerie Concept

Black Forest Waffles, I think these were my favorite.

Ethos Cafe – This is a super chill restaurant/cafe near Khao San Road, which is the backpacker/party area of the city (which I mostly avoided). However, this place is worth a visit and down a peaceful side road with another vegetarian place a few shops away. You take off your shoes when you go in and you can sit at a table or on the floor with pillows.

Ethos Cafe Bangkok Vegan Pad Thai

Vegan Pad See Ew from Ethos Cafes – was super tasty!

Ethos Cafe Vegan Bangkok Mango Sticky Rice

My first mango sticky rice! This was so, so delicious. Perfectly sweet, awesome texture. I haven’t had one this good again yet.

May Veggie Home – This place has Thai and western food in Sukhumvit. I only got Thai food, but it’s still some of the best I’ve had, with nice presentation. They also had lots of mock meat stuff.

Vegan Bangkok May Veggie Home Pad Thai Vegan Fish

Vegan Shrimp Pad Thai (also had tofu) from May Veggie Home – yum yum yummmm!

Vegan Bangkok May Veggie Home Tom Yum Soup

Vegan Mushroom Tom Kha Soup from May Veggie Home. The flavor on this was epic. The bowl was also really big. I ordered these two dishes expecting the soup to be small and the serversI  came and set me up with cutlery, etc. for two people. Haha. Oops, was only me! Needless to say, I left full. They also had vegan ice cream and stuff, but I had no more room.

Barefood Bangkok – A vegan cheese shop in Bangkok! Definitely a vegan Bangkok must go. The owner here was sooo nice. She let me try all the vegan cheeses before buying, gave me a discount for bringing my own container, and threw in some free crackers when I told her In was bringing the food on my flight. Definitely check it out. They also had some food items like lasagne and stuff. Love that there’s a vegan cheese shop even in Bangkok!

Vegan cheese Bangkok Barefood Bangkok

Vegan Cheese options at Barefood Bangkok

Broccoli Revolution – This place was constantly recomended to me by everyone, but honestly I wasn’t super impressed. The space is really nice, but most of the dishes I tried were kinda bland. In fact, everyone I ate with that night (and there were about 7 of us) agreed. The only exception was the vegan quesadillas I had, which were great. The food definitely wasn’t bad, and they do lots of superfood everything, but it wasn’t good enough that I’d back a big effort to return. It was also hella expensive, European prices. Maybe we all just ordered the wrong things but *shrug*.

Vegan Bangkok Broccoli Revolution Vegan Quesadillas

Vegan Quesadillas from Broccoli Revolution

I also got a burger, but apparently I forgot to take a picture or my computer ate it, haha.

Suki Jeh Ru Yi – Saving my favorite vegan Bangkok option for last, this place was about a 5 minute walk from my hostel listed above. It’s a totally unassuming hole-in-the-wall kinda place, some pages in the menu are only in Thai. It’s vegetarian so just look out for stuff with egg, otherwise everything is vegan. You also get a free glass of iced tea with your order! Both my dishes came out to less than 3€ total.

Vegan Bangkok Suki Jeh Ru Yi Vegan Larb

Vegan Pork Salad (Larb?), was vegan pork served together with herbs and lettuce and Sukiyaki soup, which was a basic clear broth with noodles and various mock meats. I will for SURE be back here.

Ton Phon Vegetarian Restaurant – This place was is near a friend’s condo by station On Nut so I checked it out before heading to the airport for my flight. It’s in a mall called The Phyll, way in the back courtyard and kind of hard to find, but once I did find it, I can say the quality was quite good and pretty affordable. Worth it if you’re in the area. There’s a bar in this area too called Cheap Charlie’s that had the cheapest drinks I found in Bangkok, too.

Vegan Bangkok On Nut Ton Phon Vegetarian Restaurant

I don’t remember what I got, but it had mushrooms and vegetarian duck and was super nicely flavored for 70 baht.

Places I didn’t get to in Bangkok, but want to try

Chamlong‘s Asoke Vegetarian Restaurant – This is the all-vegan food court in a mall in Bangkok. I tried to go here my second trip to Bangkok, but it turned out it was closed that day for some reason. One day I will get there! Messy Vegetarian Cook has a very detailed post on it here. Here’s the coordinates I found: 13°47’57.5″N 100°32’49.3″E (just put into Google Maps and pin it). A vegan Bangkok must…if you can find it. Unfortunately I had bad luck here.

Theera Healthy Bake Room – This place was also suggested to me, check it out if you want to get your vegan and/or gluten-free baked goods on in Bangkok.

Vegan Bangkok – Vegan at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Okay, short note. If you can avoid it, don’t get food at the airport (Suvarnabhumi), it is SO overpriced. Like, even more than airports are usually overpriced. Just pack some sandwiches or something. Anyway, I didn’t take my own advice and decided I wanted one last Pad Thai before leaving, and ended up spending over 220 baht for a slightly bland small portion. There were a few places advertising vegetarian though, and I don’t think they were lying as I checked the menu and the regular dish doesn’t have jay in the name and the vegetarian one does, so they seem aware.

Vegan Bangkok Sukhumvit Airport Vegan Options

My kinda bland very overpriced Pad Thai from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

This is the only thing I found in the Bangkok Airport worth buying. Awesome vegan ice cream pop made from coconut cream, coconut water and coconut shreds, only 15 baht! Found it in one of the freezers at a shop. I think it was Terminal D.

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Have you been to Bangkok? What’s your favorite vegan place to eat there!?

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