Vegan MoFo Post #17

I have a lot of vegan cheese recipes on my Pinterest, so I thought I’d share. In fact, to my absolute glee, I stumbled upon a whole Pinterest BOARD devoted to vegan cheeses. I can’t even. So here are some I’ve tried out or want to try out, that look especially good and not too crazy. What are your favs?

Living My Pinterest Life’s Vegan Mozzerella – I’ve actually already made this one. I thought the flavor was awesome, and it is perfect for pizza, or maybe to turn into vegan mozzarella sticks (!!!). Do it.

Olives for Dinners’ Smoky Cashew Cheese looks super yummy, there’s also lots more vegan cheese recipes on the blog to try out, yay!

The Recipe Renovator’s How to make vegan shredded cheese post makes me drool. Just look at that grilled cheese sandwich. Another recipe using cashews and agar. WANT.

I’ve been meaning to try making a fermented vegan cheese for awhile and Nathalie Lawhead’s 3 Ingredient Cashew Cheese Recipe looks like an easy one to start with. Look at those bubbles! Can someone please donate me a lifetime supply of raw cashews?!

Seriously, I am vegan cheese obsessed. I think I just like the challenge of it. I just ordered Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner and I CANNOT. WAIT. To get my hands on it. I foresee many posts about my experiments from this book in the coming months.

Have you tried out this book? What do you think? Where should I begin? What’s your favorite recipe? Tell me!