Vegan MoFo Day #13!

While I’d been in a Trader Joe’s before, I guess I hadn’t ever really paid attention until I worked there. The store has been quite the buzz, what with the article about it in Fortune Magazine and all. After working there for a couple months, I decided to take a break from recipe-makin’ and highlight some of my favorite items for you all with the prices from my store (YMMV). Plus, I still have tons of leftovers from my past posts in the fridge and need time to eat them!

Peanut Satay Noodle Box with sauce (11 oz.) – $1.99

Salsa Verde (12 oz.) – $1.99

Vegetable Burritos, mildly spiced (2) – $2.69

Frozen Vegetable Fried Rice (16 oz.) – $2.29

Soft-Baked Snickerdoodles (6 oz.) – $2.99

Frozen Vegetable Birds’ Nests (10.5 oz.) – $3.29

Frozen True Thai Tom Yam Coconut Soup (one serving)- $2.29

Frozen Pad Thai with tofu bowl – $2.69

Frozen Thai Vegetable Gyoza – $3.49

Frozen Apple Strudel (2) – $2.99

Chickenless Strips (8 oz.) – $2.99

Fresh Dolmas (8 oz.) – $2.99

No picture, sorry!

TJ’s Goddess Dressing (8 fl. oz.) – $1.99

Dried Just Mango slices (6 oz.) – $2.99

TJ’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Creamy (1 quart) – $3.69

Maple Agave Syrup blend (8 fl. oz.) – $3.29

Strawberry Soy Yogurt (6 oz.) – $0.99

And last but not least…OMG vegan ice cream mochi! I do not have a picture because I ate an entire box at work as soon as I found them, oops. There are six in the package in coconut, chocolate and mango flavor (2 of each) made with coconut milk…$3.69.