Vegan MoFo Day #3!

Here is a slightly cop-out post because Tuesday was an insane day for me! If I haven’t mentioned already, I just moved into a new flat in Berlin on September 1st and we still do not have shelves or cabinets or anywhere to put stuff in the kitchen. After my failed attempt at drilling into the wall, we realized our walls have concrete in them…so if anyone more handy than me in Berlin wants to put up my shelves, I will bake you whatever cookies you want and worship your very existence.

Needless to say, I left my still in boxes flat and took a trip to England a bit over a week ago, which is the first time I’ve been back in an English-speaking country for over a year! Crazy. I am going back to America for over a month from late October to December, which is good, because I feel like I can’t speak any language properly right now, even my own.

Anyway! Here are my finds from Sainsbury’s in England, my friend Gulliver is helping me here with some creative lighting backdrops. I am a bit sad because I mailed this stuff to myself in Germany in two packages, at the same time, and only one of them arrived. That was a week ago, so I’m losing hope for the other one. :-( There’s the Berlin post for you.

From the left we have Sainsbury’s Chicken-Flavoured (but vegan!) noodles (these were 8p when I lived in England, now they’re 13p…scandal!), vegan gluten free caramel chocolate shortbread cookies, vegan milk chocolate dots, Chestnut Hazelnut spread (didn’t try, lost in the mail, so sad), Nut meat in a can made from peanuts! (I think it’s called “Nut Lunch”, maybe not the best name but I am obsessed with it), Caramelized Onion chutney, vegan chocolate caramels, a vegan milk chocolate rice crispie bar, peanut butter with gobs of chocolate and peanuts in it, Pink Panther wafer biscuits (they were pink, vegan, and gluten free, hellz yeah), two types of Frank’s hot sauce (American, but I love it, even if those tiny bottles were over 2 pounds each and one got lost in the mail!), a big bottle of real vanilla extract, Mission tortilla wraps (in the back), Vegemite (sorry England, I decided to go with the Australian version), celery salt (hard to find in Germany), caramelized onion hummus (tasted strangely like cream cheese, but really yummy), honeycomb pieces and dark brown sugar (can only get in a few Asia Markets in Berlin).

I also got to eat my favorite vegan jelly doughnuts from the Co-Op, so life was good. If you were thinking you might go hungry as a vegan in England, well, that’s pretty funny.

Now I am fasting before my America trip, because daaayyummm, I am going to eat my weight in burritos when I go visit. Hear that, America friends? Also…England is expensive on a Berlin salary. Good thing I have all this food to tide me over…