We all know about Berlin’s (now many) vegan grocery stores. The two Veganz, Dr. Pogo, Veggie Vegan Shop and Valladares. Yes, there are that many vegan grocery stores in this one city. Pretty rad, right?

If you would prefer to shop at your local grocery store, however, all hope is not lost. There are a lot of vegan products hiding out in the normal vegan supermarkets.

I’ve just moved out of the center to Baumschulenweg and was totally surprised that the Kaufland one station away in Schöneweide seems to be a vegan paradise–they even have vegan cheese! I always thought of Kaufland as one of the cheap crappy grocery stores, but I was wrong! At least in the case of the one in Schöneweide Zentrum. All hope is not lost if you don’t live in Neukölln!


Manner Wafers Vegan - Vegan Nom Noms

I may be late to this game…am I the only one who didn’t realize some Manner wafers were vegan until recently? The Neopolitan ones are and they are filled with chocolate-hazelnutty goodness.

Like Meat Vegan Frozen Fake Meat Kaufland Berlin Germany

My biggest surprise however was this line of products by Like Meat. All vegan I found these Natur-Filet Steaks, Schnitzel, Chicken nuggets and some gyro-like sliced veggie meat in the frozen section. I know it’s all processed, but sometimes when I’m super busy this stuff hits the spot and is easy to make right out of the freezer. Plus it’s way cheaper than buying the imported Gardein for €6 from Veganz.

Like Meat Vegan Products Kaufland

Look…it’s even labeled vegan!

Heichelheimer Kartoffelpuffer Vegan Berlin Kaufland Schöneweide

A quick ingredient-scan proved these Kartoffelpuffer to also be vegan. For the non-German speaking these are just potato pancakes. Grab some Spreewald Apfelrotkohl and you, too, can eat like a German. I’m always excited to find “German” things that are accidentally vegan, even after living here over three years.

Vegan Speculoos Spread Berlin Kaufland

99 cent spekulatius creme. Enough said. Not as good as the Biscoff, but it’ll for sure do in a pinch.

Kaufland Schöneweide Tea Section Tee

Kaufland in Schöneweide has a GIANT scoop-your-own-tea section. This is just the rooibos section! It’s not helping my addition at all. My favorite so far was the Amaretto Rooibos, the smell alone will get you. Perfect to try tons of different teas as you can just scoop a little bit into a bag.

Kaufland Schöneweide Dark Chocolate Spread

Dark chocolate vegan spread. Yessssssss.


Also spotted (see top picture): Wilmersburger plain vegan cheese slices and Soja Fit paprika vegan cold cuts. Alpro yogurt, tof, labeled vegan wine, red beet juice and grapefruit juice.

What are your most surprising or favorite vegan finds in the normal German grocery stores? Let me know in the comments!