Long time, no post, whoops! I am currently in bureaucratic hell to prepare to get my permanent residence in 2016 and it’s basically exploding my brain. Anyway! A colleague of mine gave me a tip that the Real supermarket chain has a really good vegan cheese. I had never been to Real…ever…but while running errands today I walked right past one in a shopping center near the Neukölln station in Berlin and decided to check it out. Turns out they have quite a few vegan things! Here are some I spotted in the store below.

Vegetaria and Soja Fit Real Supermarket - Vegan Nom Noms

Kaisers also has these Vegetaria brand vegan schnitzels and nuggets, but Real had MASSIVE containers of them. Four in a container instead of two. Useful if you eat them frequently.

Real Supermarket Vegan Cheese - Vegan Nom Noms

Here is the aforementioned vegan cheese for €1,99 per packet, not bad! I couldn’t really figure out what the brand name is as it just says vegan on it. They have a plain flavor, dill and a pepper (paprika) flavor and a shredded cheese from the same type. I just bought the plain as that’s what I usually like the most. I taste-tested it when I got home and I approve! It pasts the tastes-good-when-not-melted test, which is way better than most vegan cheeses! I will add it to my brötchen topping repertoire.

Wilmersburger Pizza Schmelz Real Supermarket - Vegan Nom Noms

They also had the Wilmersburger vegan cheeses for €2,99 in plain, cheddar (well, “orange” flavor) and kräuter (herbs) flavor. You can see there was even a vegan sign.

American Sized Baking Soda Real Supermarket - Vegan Nom Noms

For the Americans reading who are living in Germany (hollah!), they also had American-sized Arm & Hammer baking soda boxes for €1,19. People ask me where you can find this a lot, so here you go! As you can see they also had Crisco and Pam in the American section, of all things.

Biscoff Speculoos Spread Real Supermarket - Vegan Nom Noms

Lotus brand speculoos spread, the best one! Crunchy and smooth flavors and cheaper than Veganz at €3,19. Yuuummm. They also had a few types of peanut butter here.

Alpro Coconut Chocolate Milk Real Supermarket - Vegan Nom Noms

First time I saw this Alpro Coconut Chocolate milk. Looks intriguing, has anyone tried it?!

Vegan Products at Real Supermarket - Vegan Nom Noms

Currently we’re having a puff pastry (Blätterteig) obsession in my household. I found these little accidentally vegan puff pastries with potato filling in the freezer section and I’m pretty excited to try them. Anything you put into puff pastry turns into gold, pretty much. You can also see a close up of the vegan cheese and some vegan paprika cold cuts and a giant bag of cashews for €6,99 that will be used for vegan cheese-making.

I don’t ever walk by Real so often, but might have to make the run to stock up on this affordable vegan cheese and giant vegan schnitzel portions.

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Found anything else vegan at the regular German grocery stores? Let me know in the comments!