I spent three weeks in Melbourne in February 2018 and let me tell you, vegan Melbourne is on POINT. Especially the vegan junk food. I’m not a clean eating kinda person by any means, but after three weeks even I was craving salads. Not to say there isn’t good healthy food there too, as the fruits and veggies there are great, but ya know. When that triple decker vegan burger calls…

I’m not labeling this post a guide, as I honestly wasn’t in Melbourne long enough to do a thorough review. There is SO much vegan food there, vegan events, groups and so many neighborhoods with vegan restaurants that I just couldn’t get to them all in three weeks.

I stayed with a friend in Brunswick East and housesat for a friend of a friend in Coburg, so I mostly focuses on these areas. I took some short trips to Northcote, the downtown CBD and St. Kilda though, so a few places are featured there.

Local Vegans to Follow in Melbourne

Since I couldn’t write the most thorough guide ever, here are some local Melbourne vegans worth following before your trip! Gotta share the love yo.

Melbourne Vegan Eats – Posts tons of great photos from local Melbourne restaurants and info about vegan events.

Vegan Foods Melbourne – Another great account posting local Melbourne eats.

Zacchary Bird – Local Melbourne vegan. Posts mostly his own recipes, but obvi Australian-influenced so good for food inspo.

Where to Stay – Melbourne’s Neighborhoods

I was lucky enough to be able to stay with friends and housesit, so I didn’t have to pay for accommodation. However, here’s a little overview of some areas I’d recommend you consider, and some hostels, hotels, etc. that look good and have good reviews.

Brunswick East – My friend lives here so I’m biased, but I really liked this area. There are loads of vegan restaurants and places with great vegan options here, plus Aldi which has the cheapest groceries (including great cheap wine), and some great thrift stores, including the big one Savers. Vegan highlights include: The Cornish Arms, Handsome Her, A1 Lebanese Bakery, and endless great coffee.

Northcote – I decided if I were to live in Melbourne I’d live here, hah. It’s maybe only very slightly less hip than East Brunswick, but still has lots of vegan-friendly options like a Loving Hut, Lamb’s where I got my epic dolmas and hummus wrap below and lots of grocery stores, cute bars and good cafes.

Coburg – I housesat here and quite liked it. If you are just coming to Melbourne for a few days or so I probably wouldn’t recommend staying here as it’s slightly further out, but if you’re coming slightly longer or digital nomading it up it’s definitely a solid location. I went to a really great cafe called True North with awesome vegan options and cat memorabilia (and lots of queer peeps!), and there’s an Italian place with vegan cheese, plus lots of grocery stores and you’re really close to all the good Lebanese food.

CBD – Also known as the Central Business District. This is the downtown with tall buildings. There are some vegan options, but it’s more expensive and filled with people so I really wouldn’t stay here. It’s easy to get in on the tram and in the free tram zone so just go in for the day.

St. Kilda – This is the backpacker district and it’s on the water, so seems most tourists go here. While there are some legit vegan options here it just didn’t speak to me, it felt way less chill than up north. But, ya know, if the beach is calling you and you wanna be right near it then why not.

Footscray – This seems to be the Williamsburg of Melbourne, a.k.a. the up-and-coming “multicultural” district. Most importantly to me, there was hella good Ethiopian food there. Again, if you’re just in Melbourne a few days, maybe not the best choice to stay in, but if you’ll be there longer it’s a solid option and a bit cheaper rent I imagine.

Fitzroy – This is the center of all the vegan and hipster action. If you only have a few days in Melbourne, stay here. You will probably spend much more money in all regards, but it’s walking distance to so many vegan spots you’ll never even need to take the public transport. Since I was in Melbourne three weeks, I sorta liked being just sliiiightly further out, but I was here a lot.

Where to Stay in Melbourne – Apartments

Funky Fitzroy Pad (Fitzroy) – From their website, “Why stay in a faceless apartment when you can live like a local in one of Melbourne’s coolest neighbourhoods? Grab a takeaway coffee and people watch from the balcony (or the hammock) before heading out to explore the speciality shops, restaurants, cafes and bars of the city’s Inner North. At home you’ll want for nothing, with a fully functional kitchen, laundry and Smart TV with Netflix. There’s even parking, though you don’t need a car when you’re this close to the action. The space Two blocks from Brunswick St shopping strip. Walking distance to Collingwood, Carlton, Melbourne CBD. Balcony with hammock and views of tree-lined street. Kitchen with kettle, electric hob and combined microwave/convection oven. Laundry with washing machine, dryer, iron. Smart TV with Netflix. Air conditioning, heating, Wi-Fi. Car park at rear, parking permit provided.” Priced at around 70€ per night.

fitzroy apartment for rent

Beautiful living room of Funky Fitzroy Pad apartment – right in a vegan hotspot.

City Edge. Cafes and Cool. Zen Retreat. (Fitzroy) – Here’s a really nice studio apartment right in Fitzroy, which is a great location for vegan food. Plus, it’s got a little kitchenette, so you can make your own coffee at home and cook food sometimes too. Has a nice living room with TV and all that too. Prices start at around 100€ per night too, though I imagine a bit cheaper for longer stays.

Where to Stay in Melbourne – Hotels

Space Hotel (CBD) – If you want to stay right in the city center, this place looks pretty rad, and of course lots of vegan spots are walkable. Space Hotel is where luxury meets budget .With a state of the art kitchen, fitness space, movie space and a spectacular rooftop area with Jacuzzi, they have something for everyone. There are both dorms and private rooms, as well as a kitchen if you are trying to save your food budget. Prices start at around 45€ per night for a private room or about 20€ per night for a dorm room.

melbourne space hotel private room

Private Rooms at Melbourne Space Hotel start at 45€ per night, dorm rooms around 20€

Park Hyatt Melbourne – If you want to be a bit more on the luxury end during your time in Melbourne, this place has got it all. Including A welcome fruit platter and an array of vegan canapes in the club room, plus a special vegan room service menu…including food like a vegan chickpea omelet! Really good location, they are just out of the center and walking distance to Fitzroy, which is the hipster vegan food spot. Besides that, they offer a spa and wellness centre includes a fully equipped fitness centre, a 25 m heated swimming pool, spa pool, sauna, steam room and outdoor sun terrace. This place will set you back a bit less than 200€ per night.

Where to Stay in Melbourne – Hostels

Barkly Backpackers (St Kilda) – This seems like a good place for digital nomads who are trying to save a bit of money. They have computer working stations and a bit table you could hole up and get some stuff done. Also a kitchen so you don’t always need to go out to eat, and they’re walking distance to the beach! They only offer dorms.

Nomads St Kilda Beach (St Kilda) – If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay in Melbourne, try this place. They have pod style beds, so even though you’re in a dorm you still have a bit of privacy. St Kilda is the backpacker area of Melbourne, so you’ll be with others in the same situation as you.

Landing Pads Richmond (Richmond) – If you are coming to Australia for a working-holiday visa this seems like a good place to well…land. Apparently they offer free job-seeking tutorials as well as regularly updated job notifications. They also have a barbecue, and free tea and coffee is provided. The property hosts in-house events such as trivia nights, bingo, BBQs, live music, Mario Kart Tournaments and mulled wine making, plus external events like local brewery tours, club nights, sightseeing and day trips.

Vegan B&Bs Nearby Melbourne

Looking for a good weekend trip near Melbourne? Fun fact – There are two all-vegan retreat and B&B spaces in the state of Victoria, not so far away from Melbourne. One of them is near Castlemaine, which has been voted the most vegan friendly small town in Australia.

Bed & Broccoli – They are Australia’s first all vegan B&B and also a wildlife shelter. The bed & breakfast was created to fund the veterinary costs, food & shelter required to care for the animal community that live there. They have come there in search of refuge & of a loving forever home for rehabilitation and release (Bed & Broccoli is a registered Wildlife Shelter for kangaroos and brushtail possums). Your stay helps them live out their days fear free whilst enjoying the company of humans, or in the case of the wildlife, live free in the wild where they were born. This B&B is also nearby Castlemaine, which is apparently the most vegan-friendly small town in Australia.

The Beet Retreat – The Beet Retreat is a vegan b&b located in the heart of Victoria’s Yarra Valley where they offer their guests respite from the pressure of modern life. You can book The Garden Room or The Treetops Room on AirBnB. Click HERE for $25 off your booking when you sign up to AirBnB.

How to Get Around Melbourne

There are trams and buses in Melbourne that get can get you around pretty well. Also, within the CBD (downtown center) the trams are free, called the “Free Tram Zone”. You can get a card and top it up at any 7-11 and any shop with a little sign advertising the PTV. It is a bit expensive for each ride, and I found it slightly confusing compared to other transit. The price is different depending how far you go and how often you ride in  the day. It’s all calculated automatically so that you get charged the least amount, you just have to remember to tap on and off as you get on each form of transit.

It works with Google Maps, so that’s probably your best bet. If you’re staying at least a week, specify that you want to get a pass. I just paid as I went as I didn’t know that was an option, and I’m sure I paid more than I had to.

Melbourne Public Transit Website

Community in Melbourne

Melbourne was one of those places with tons of meet ups and welcoming people, so I found it way easier to break into life there. Here were my favorites.

Friendly Vegans in Melbourne – You wanna meet the people of vegan Melbourne? This group has lots of events, and good info that people post about events and other vegan happenings in the city. I went to the weekly pub quiz at the Cornish Arms and met some cool people.

The Melbourne Vegan Meetup Group – A really active vegan meet up group with multiple weekly events like Cheap Vegan Chewsday, Midweek Pizza Night and Smith and Deli Saturdays. Great if you want some buddies to check out the vegan scene with.

Backpacker’s in Melbourne, Australia! – This backpacker group is quite active and good if you’re looking to organize some activities or trips with others, like renting a car and driving the Ocean Road, for example. I even in posted in here being like, “I’m not a backpacker, but..” and some other slightly older not quite backpackers got in touch.

Melbourne Digital Nomads – This group is not active at all and doesn’t have many members, but it’s there. I’m posting it here because the more digital nomads find it, the more active it will hopefully be!

Queer Stuff in Melbourne – LGBT

Since I’m gay AF and some of you reading this might also be, you’re getting a queer section. For me it was nice to be somewhere with a large number of my queer peeps again. I’m not a partier, but I dipped my toes into the scene ever so slightly and here’s what I found.

Queer Cafe in Melbourne

Handsome Her (Brunswick) – This is a feminist cafe that puts women first. Men are charged an 18% “man tax”, which is the same amount as the gender pay gap in Australia. Despite that, there are men that go there. Queer-related events and movie screenings, good coffee, brunch and it’s all vegan. See more below in the cafes section.

Queer Groups and Meetups in Melbourne

Queer Club – This is the best place to look if you want buddies to go to the queer events with. They seem to organize meetups around most of the queer events in town.

Women Who Love Women (30 and over) – This group organizes lots of hikes and I had a great time going on a beautiful hike at the Mornington Peninsula with them, and then to a winery after. I posted in the group and one lovely woman also gave me a ride to/from Melbourne there so I could take part. If you are a queer woman 30 or over and looking for some activities to try, join this group.

Bushranger's Bay Hike Mornington Peninsula

Sign spotted during my hike at Bushranger’s Bay on the Mornington Peninsula…they weren’t kidding about the danger.

Bushranger's Bay Hike Mornington Peninsula

Beautiful views with the Women Who Love Women’s meetup hike to Bushranger’s Bay on the Mornington Peninsula

Montalto Winery Australia

After my hike with the Women Who Love Women meetup group we checked out the Montalto Winery

LesBiAn Social Fun Club – Another active group for queer women with various events, including trivia nights.

Queer Events in Melbourne

Friyay (Northcote) – Twice a month at the bar Fannys at Franny’s in Northcote this queer event is hosted. I went and it was pretty chill, though I left before the party hit. Drink specials till 9pm and table tennis for any early birds, cheap pizzas all night (not sure if vegan options because I ate before, but it’s Melbourne so probably), then DJ until 3am. They have the best posters ever:

Aforementioned awesome Friyay Poster – Queer Night in Melbourne 2x per week

Unicorns Party – This is a queer party for men, women and anyone in between that takes place in both Melbourne and Sydney. I almost went, but it’s kind of expensive and my friend and I were lazy and decided to stay home, make cinnamon buns and watch Married at First Sight instead oops. It happens every other month in Melbourne, and they have performers, a photo booth, kissing booth, body painting, glitter station, a quiet space, plus loads of other stuff.

Unicorns Fitness – Your chance to have fit, healthy cute times in a safe, queero environment! Yes, a queer fitness class! Happens weekly at the time of writing and is free.

Things to Do in Melbourne

I’m not gonna go wild here because there’s just too much and I’m a horrible tourist. Here’s some quirky stuff I found though.

No Lights No Lycra (multiple locations) – I love this concept. From the website, “On a cold wintry Tuesday night in June 2009, five people walked through the doors of St Marks Church Hall in Fitzroy, Melbourne. In the winter darkness, the light glow of the heaters and a portrait of Amma the Hugging Saint looking down upon them, No Lights No Lycra was launched to the song Rien de Rien by Edith Piath. The dance night grew through word of mouth and within a few months the hall was full of people who shared the same yearning for a dimly lit space to dance as freely as they do in their living rooms.” As far as I understand, you’re not allowed to drink there, so if you’re not into booze and miss dancing great for you too. Room is dimly lit so no need to be insecure.

Dejour Jeans (Brunswick) – This place changed my life. It’s a very unassuming jeans shop in Brunswick. They make their own jeans and then custom fit them to you. Also…it’s not expensive! I got a pair of cutoffs made and it only cost me about 35€, which is less than I’d pay in Melbourne. Plus everyone in the shop was so supportive and really took the time to help me find the right color, material and fit. One of the only times recently I didn’t walk out of a shop wanting to cry. I was even able to get men’s style jeans with big pockets and get them fitted to me. Best thing ever. I wanna go back for 1000 pairs.

Dejour Jeans Melbourne - Custom Fitted Jeans

Store front of Dejour Jeans in Melbourne

Dejour Jeans Cutoffs

My custom fitted cut-off jeans from Dejour Jeans in Melbourne. Not the best picture and I since got the shirt tailored to fit better as well, but you get the idea.

Vegan-Friendly Groceries in Melbourne

Major Grocery Stores

Aldi (multiple locations) – Maybe it’s just because I live in Germany, but I love me a good Aldi. Also, they are HELLA cheap and Australia is expensive. You can get wine for A$2.50 and it’s actually good! They don’t have loads of fancy vegan imported stuff, but there’s your basics, plus I spotted a vegan sausage brand. If you’re on a budget and have a kitchen, stay near an Aldi. Plus, you can get Bonsoy soymilk for A$3.99 there, which is THE soymilk in Australia, which is normally A$5-6 everywhere else.

Vegan white chocolate egg spotted at Aldi around Easter time

Vegan dairy free chocolate bunny spotted at Aldi during Easter time

Coles – Standard large grocery store, also has a few types of vegan cheese, mock meats, yogurts, etc. Here’s a list of all the vegan items at Coles an awesome blogger is keeping up.

Woolworths – Another large chain grocery store. Also has some vegan cheeses, meats, yogurts, etc. Here’s a list of all the vegan items at Woolworths.

Independent & Small Chain Groceries – Vegan Melbourne

Prahan Convenience (Prahan) – This is THE place to get all your imported vegan food. A vegan Melbourne must. Pretty much ALL the vegan meat, cheeses, ice creams, etc. are here. They have Miyokos, Gardein, Beyond Meat products, etc. etc. My only pet peeve is barely anything has the prices labeled, and since I don’t have endless funds and don’t wanna constantly be running up tp the front to ask the shop employee how much everything costs it was a bit frustrating for me. Anyway, basically just got a bazillion types of peanut butter cups here. I would have bought more if I knew the prices, but I couldn’t be bothered to keep asking. Otherwise it’s vegan heaven, even if it certainly doesn’t look like it from the outside.

Prahan Convenience from the outside – You’d never expect the sheer number of vegan goodies that await inside.

I got these loving eath chocolate from Prahan Convenience. They were gross, honestly. I couldn’t tell if they were just stale or poorly done raw chocolate.

Organic Wholefoods (multiple locations) – Nice organic shop, has multiple vegan cheeses, chocolates, etc. plus some bulk bins and giant bags of nutritional yeast.

Some vegan cheese and chocolate I picked up at Organic Wholefoods in Brunswick East. I quite liked this Green Vie brand of vegan cheese.

The Source Bulk Foods (multiple locations) – For you #zerowaste peeps, this is your shop! I love me a good selection of bulk bins, I wish they’d catch on more around the world! Anyway, these shops are beautiful, loads of labeled vegan stuff including grains, beans, pastas, chocolates, nutritional yeast, vinegars, oils, nut butters and soaps. They have paper bags there you can use, or bring your own jars and bags. I brought my own bag and they weighed it first so I wouldn’t be charged extra. Good place to stock up on your nooch before traveling on.

Stocking up on my nooch at The Source Bulk Foods in Brunswick East

Some vegan chocolate and sweets options at The Source Bulk Foods in Brunswick East

Smith & Deli – They are an all-vegan deli, but also have a grocery section with a focus on mock meats, vegan cheeses, candy and loads of non-dairy milks. Pop by for an epic sandwich and leave with several impulse buys.

Some of the vegan groceries available at Smith & Deli in Fitzroy

Vegan Cafes in Melbourne

Auction Rooms (North Melbourne) – Really big spacious cafe with some vegan options and non-dairy milk. Great for working, good wifi, lots of others working to, but be aware they get very crowded around lunch. The North Melbourne area is quite nice too, and not so crowded.

Auction Rooms Melbourne Vegan Options Cafe

Vegan Soy Flat White with Bonsoy from Auction Rooms in North Melbourne

Auction Rooms Melbourne Vegan Options Cafe

The Back Room I Worked from at Auction Rooms in North Melbourne

Auction Rooms Cafe Melbourne Vegan Mint Slice

Delicious Vegan Mint Slice from Auction Rooms – This Was SO Good

A Minor Place (Brunswick) – A nice cafe with some vegan options, non-dairy milk and tons if outdoor seating on milkcrates. Not a lot of outlets outside at least, but a nice place to go and this cajun tofu sandwich hot the spot.

A Minor Place Melbourne Vegan Cajun Tofu Sandwich

Vegan Cajun Tofu Sandwich from A Minor Place in Brunswick

Handome Her (Brunswick) – Handome Her is a feminist cafe, that got quite controversial for applying a “man tax” that’s the same rate as the gender pay gap in Australia. Regardless of your thoughts on that, their food is great. Coffee is good, and their vegan baked goods are amazing. They also do lots of events, film screenings and discussions.

Beetroot French toast with chocolate chip cookie dough filling – oh hell yes Vegan Melbourne

Chocolate peanut butter brownie from Handsome Her – I def came back 3 times to eat these while in Melbourne

True North Cafe (Coburg) – I discovered this on my last day in Coburg, otherwise I would have visited every day! Not only do they have delicious vegan options, they also had a ton of awesome cat memoribilla, a hot sauce collection from around the world, and a definite queer vibe, including queer movie screenings of But I’m a Cheerleader when I went in. Nice retro vibe and seating. You must go.

vegan reuben true north cafe Melbourne

Super Yummy Vegan Reuben from True North Cafe in Melbourne

Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne

A1 Lebanese Bakery (Brunswick) – I loved this place and went three times. It’s not especially vegan, but they have secret vegan cheese on the menu if you ask. It’s not printed anywhere, but they have it if you ask at the counter. It’s also very affordable here for Melbourne, and great quality of food. Plus they have a nice grocery section with hummus and other spreads.

A1 Lebanese Bakery Vegan Cheese

Spinach and cheese triangle – With vegan cheese! And dolmas from A1 Lebanese Bakery

A1 Lebanese Bakery Vegan Cheese

Inside the spinach and cheese triangle. Mmmm.

A1 Lebanese Bakery Vegan Melbourne

Zaatar Pizza from A1 Lebanese Bakery – They make their own bread here and yum!

A1 Lebanese Bakery Vegan Melbourne

Hummus and baba ganoush from the grocery section of A1 Lebanese Bakery

A1 Lebanese Bakery Vegan Melbourne

Falafel sandwich from A1 Lebanese Bakery

A1 Lebanese Bakery Vegan Cheese

Vegetarian pizza from A1 Lebanese Bakery with vegan cheese!

The Cornish Arms (Brunswick) – This is a pub that has meat, but also a TON of vegan options and is very vegan-friendly. I came here a bunch for the Friendly Vegans of Melbourne pub quiz night. Vegan Melbourne spot for vegan burgers, parma, etc.

The Cornish Arms Vegan Chicken Burger Melbourne

Vegan chicken burger from The Cornish Arms – so good

The Cornish Arms Vegan Parma Melbourne

This was a vegan parma (vegan chicken parmigiana) special from The Cornish Arms, it had fries and facon. They have different specials for sale on different days posted on the wall.

The Cornish Arms Vegan Burger Melbourne

This was another vegan burger I forget the name of with vegan jalapeño poppers and some other fried goodness on top.

Smith & Deli (Fitzroy) – A vegan deli…yes, it’s true! This is a vegan Melbourne must. I’m realizing I didn’t actually take any pictures of the sandwiches I ate from Smith & Deli, but alas. I tried a vegan egg salad sandwich, a buffalo tofu sandwich, and I bought a bunch of vegan egg salad and vegan tuna salad to-go to make sandwiches for my hikes and for the plane. They have everything a normal deli would have, vegan philly cheesesteak, vegan chicken parm, etc. Their baked goods are pretty epic too, and they have a vegan grocery section for all your imported mock meat and vegan cheese desires.

Smith & Deli Vegan Donut Melbourne

Possibly one of the best vegan donuts I ever had. The flavor and texture were on POINT.

Smith & Deli Vegan Baked Goods Melbourne

Deli case at Smith & Deli – Vegan Croissants, Donuts and Bagels, oh my!

Smith & Deli Vegan Deli Case Melbourne

Savory Deli Case at Smith & Deli – Buy vegan egg salad, potato salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, etc. to go!

Smith & Daughters (Fitzroy) – The restaurant version by the same owners. They are tex-mex focused and all-vegan. I went here for brunch one day and can recommend it. Smith & Deli is still my fav because I love sandwiches, but this place is great if you want a good sit-down spot as Smith & Deli doesn’t have tables.

Smith & Daughters Vegan Breakfast Burrito Melbourne

Vegan breakfast burrito from Smith & Daughters

Smith & Daughters Vegan Breakfast Burrito Melbourne

Inside the vegan breakfast burrito from Smith & Daughters

Matcha Mylk Bar (St Kilda) – This place wins the award for design and novelty. They have a whole section for vegan eggs, which is what I went to try. Unfortunately, I didn’t love the vegan egg, as there was some sweet potato taste in it that just didn’t jive with me, but I still loved the cafe. They have some really fancy lattes, and you can even order a latte flight to try a bunch of smaller different types like a charcoal latte, beet latte, etc.

Vegan Egg on Toast at Matcha Mylk Bar in St Kilda

Purple Peanut Butter Latte from Matcha Mylk Bar

“Eating here was a huge missed steak” sign at Matcha Mylk Bar…lol.

Lord of the Fries (various locations) – Lord of the fries is a vegan Melbourne junk food staple. It’s a chain all over Melbourne Australia with fast food…vegan style. They have various burgers, including breakfast vegan egg mcmuffin kinda things, and poutine fries stuff. Real yummy.

Vegan burger with vegan cheese from Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries Flinders Street Station Vegan Melbourne

There’s a Lord of the Fries at the Flinders Street train station in Melbourne! Yes, an all-vegan fast food place at the train station!

Moroccan Soup Bar (Fitzroy North) – We went here for my friend’s birthday and ordered “The Banquet”. They are all-vegetarian, but if you tell them you’re vegan, they will happily point out what’s vegan and bring you a couple special options. Almost everything is vegan anyway, there was just one dish with yogurt and baklava with butter that wasn’t. The creamy stuff below was made with tahini! The Banquet is basically a ton of sharing dishes that are brought over for a group. You can also order individually. Needless to say, we left stuffed! If you bring your own containers around closing time, the restaurant also gives away leftover food at a discount.

Moroccan Soup Bar Vegan Options Melbourne

Some dishes included in “The Banquet” at Moroccan Soup Bar. The creamy one is from tahini!

Moroccan Soup Bar Vegan Dessert Options Melbourne

The Vegan Dessert that Were Part of “The Banquet” at Moroccan Soup Bar – Turkish Delight, Vegan Donut Balls, Some Date Thing

The Vegie Bar (Fitzroy) – This seems to be the vegan Melborune standby that’s been around for ages. They have a HUGE space, and it was pretty hopping on the weekend. A solid options when you’re with a group that wants all different types of food, and maybe want a few drinks to wash it all down with.

Vegie Bar Vegan Big Mac Melbourne

Vegan Big Mac from The Vegie Bar in Fitzroy

Vegie Bar Vegan Nachos Melbourne

Vegan Nachos from The Vegie Bar in Fitzroy

Half Moon Cafe (Coburg) – If you’re up north, check out Half Moon Cafe for all your falafel needs. They’re down a side road off Sydney Road in Coburg and do platters and sandwiches. Two thumbs up!

Vegan Melbourne - Half Moon Cafe Falafel Sandwich

Falafel Wrap from Half Moon Cafe in Coburg

Lamb’s (Northcote) – Okay this place isn’t especially vegan-friendly by itself, but I have to give a shoutout because with a few alterations I scored an epically amazing sandwich there. I basically ordered the falafel sandwich, but subbed dolmas for the falafel and made it clear I didn’t want tzaziki sauce. There’s hummus in there and the wrap is super fluffy and delish so no tzaziki needed really. It seems only the Lamb’s in Northcote has this. At least, I popped into a new other locations and they just had kebab stuff.

Lamb's Domas Wrap Northcote

Ugly picture, but this Dolmas and Hummus wrap from Lamb’s was truly delicious

Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant (Footscray) – I came here for the vegan all-you-can eat Ethiopian food, but it turned out they weren’t doing it the day I came because of a food festival the next day. Ah well. I LOVE Ethiopian food, and there is a ton of it in Footscray if you just walk around. This wasn’t the best Ethiopian food of my life, but I’d definitely come back for the all-you-can-eat buffet. Check their website for the days, and cross-check with their Facebook to make sure it’s happening when you plan to go.

Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant Footscray

Vegan Ethiopian Platter at Konjo Ethiopian Restaurant in Footscray

Corner and Bench (CBD) – This place is right in the city center, and is a great option if you just wanna fill yourself with some veggies for really cheap. It’s mostly non-vegan, but there are always some vegan options. You can get a plate of three options for less that AUD$15. I got a chickpea veggie salad, sweet potato cauliflower salad and a fruit salad (not pictured).

Corner and Bench Melbourne CBD Vegan Options

Plate Full of Veggies from Corner and Bench in Melbourne CBD

Vegan Sweets in Melbourne

Girls & Boys (Fitzroy) – An all-vegan ice cream shop in Melbourne. They have some awesome flavors like lemon cream cheese and salted peanut. They also do the chocolate dipped topping, which I had never seen vegan before. I went at least 3-4 times during my three weeks in Melbourne. So good.

Girls & Boys Chocolate Top Ice Cream

Vegan soft-serve with chocolate top from Girls & Boys in Fitzroy

Girls & Boys Vegan Ice Cream Selection Melbourne

The vegan ice cream selection at Girls & Boys in Melbourne

Girls & Boys Vegan Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream Melborune

Vegan Lemon Cheesecake and Salted Peanut Ice Cream from Girls and Boys

…and bam! That’s all I ate in Melbourne. Again, Melbourne is large, and there is SO much vegan good there, that it is by no means entirely comprehensive. I hope this inspires your visit and gives you some ideas for your trip. If you have any recommendations you think NEED to be in here, give a shout or let me know in the comments!

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