Vegan MoFo Post #20!

Quick post tonight, but it’s my 20th! I’ve been traveling all day so here’s a little round-up of some posts I’ve bookmarked and loved from MoFo this time around!

Fried Sweet Polenta from Laughfrodisiac – Never would have thought of this, but it looks so good. Makes me want to get more into polenta!

Cheesy Spaetzle from Elephantastic Vegan – I live in Germany and have still somehow never tried spaetzle and we even have some places with vegan spaetzle so this recipe needs to

Banoffee Pie from VegHotPot – Have been meaning to make banoffee pie since I tried it in England back during my non-vegan days. I like that this recipe has dates in it to make it slightly healthier!

Pumpkin Cornbread from House Vegan – Fall is here and I found the combination of pumpkin in cornbread interesting!

Carrot Cake from The Vegan Nigerian – I’m not sure if she’s officially doing MoFo, but this carrot cake looked different and really yummy!

Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese from My Darling Vegan – The title is enough said, jalapenos, cashews, vegan cheese!

Zambia: Ifisashi, Nshima and Tomato Gravy from Vegan Sweet and Simple – I really liked reading about soem Zambian specialties and want to try these recipes as the pictures look delicious!

Butternut Queso from Windy City Vegan – Nachos cheese made from butternut squash whaaat! Pictures look amazing.

I’ve also been seriously enjoying Hasta La Vegan’s theme in general. She’s taking old quirky outdated cookbooks and making recipes from theme. There are some seriously hilarious ones in there and I love seeing the old cookbooks and strange recipes she’s found, so go check out her posts!

New Orleans in Green has been much read by me lately to due to my trip to New Orleans and new obsession with southern foods and I was lucky enough to meet her and the NOLA vegan gang at NOLA Vegan Drinks this month!

I’ve reached my 20th post, but more coming soon once I’m not driving all day!

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