If you’re popping over for vegan mofo, hello! I was on holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia from the end of August until now with no computer so that’s why there’ve been no posts here.

However, I’ve been posting over at instagram when I can. See below for an overview of what I posted so far related to the mofo daily ideas here.

Don’t know what vegan mofo is? You can read more here! Basically though, it’s where a whole lotta bloggers from all over the world blog about vegan stuff (mostly food) as much as they can for the whole month. It’s pretty fun!

Anyway, some instagram highlights:


On holiday so no resources to recreate a restaurant meal so how about I just post a restaurant meal? 😉 I had a veggie overdose last night in Bol on the island Brač in Croatia. It’s not especially vegan friendly here but you can always find roasted veg. I got Dalmatian style Swiss chard (regional dish, also has potatoes in it, right), roasted peppers, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes (back, roasted mushrooms are so good), and a mixed salad. With two glasses of wine it came to 103 Croatian kuna. I shoulda got something carby to balance it out but this’ll do in a pinch! #vgnmf15 #veganmofo #YCfood #balkanvegan #vegantravel #vegantravels #vegantraveller #vegansofcroatia #veganbrač #bračvegan #vegancroatia #croatianvegan #veganfoodshare #veggies #vegansofig #instavegan #islandvegan

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MoFo and What’s Up?

I can’t promise I’ll follow the mofo ideas exactly because my life is a busy chaotic mess at the moment, but bookmark this page, follow, instagram me, etc. as I DO have some posts planned!

Of course I’ll be blogging about Bosnia and Croatia and I’ve been super good at cooking at home lately so have lots to say about that and all my vegan cookbooks. I’m also about to tackle the vegan cheesemaking cookbook the Non-Dairy Evolution, so keep an eye here for the results if you’re curious. Just picked up some truffle oil to make some vegan camembert!

Some vegan fashion will grace this blog for the first time as well and I have a huuuuuuuuge page in the works listing all the vegan AirBnBs, B&Bs, hotels, etc. I could find all over the world to round out the travel end of this blog. Just a few words on this: Loving Hut Resort in Austria. What.

I am super active over on Instagram (my fav social media network) over @vegannomnoms. Pop by there for lots of things including food, travel and what I’ve gotten myself up to in Berlin, Germany where I live!

So, stay in touch and I look forward to reading all your posts as well now that I’m back!