I haven’t made a new post in ages, but the last year I’ve been quietly trying (almost) all the vegan nachos in NYC and Brooklyn after making a temporary move here. It’s been aaaaages since my last NYC post so let’s do this.

I have never so thoroughly tried the nachos in any one city before, so it seemed worth a post!

In case you’re looking to sink your teeth into the best vegan nachos NYC and Brooklyn have to offer, here’s your guide! Can you tell nachos are one of my favorite foods?!

But first – in case you need suggestions on where to stay on your trip to try all the vegan nachos NYC has to offer, here my suggestions.

Where to Stay in Brooklyn


In terms of areas, if your main goal is vegan food, try Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have the most vegan restaurants in one area, lots to do, and you can walk to Bushwick which also has a lot of vegan nachos. The downside is you can get into Manhattan but the subway elsewhere is a bit annoying.

Here’s three options by price

Park Slope

If your main purpose isn’t only eating and you wanna be better connected on the city but in a cute area, Park Slope is great. And it’s near my favorite nachos place, and you can get to Prospect Park easily!

There are not a ton of hotels here so AirBnB probably your best bet! Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott is there though in case you got some hotel points to burn!

Okay now that you’ve got a place to sleep, to the food!

Best Vegan Nachos NYC – Brooklyn

#1 – México Auténtico cocina mexicana (396 6th Ave, Park Slope)

This is not an all-vegan place so it flies under the radar on all the NYC vegan pages, but my goodness are their nachos amazing. They have toooons of vegan options too with vegan cheese, sour cream, seitan chorizo, etc. Absolutely worth a visit!

On the left: The glorious vegan nachos with seitan chorizos with vegan enchiladas behind it. To the right: more vegan nachos, fries and vegan caesar salad from México Auténtico cocina mexicana in Park Slope, Brooklyn

#2 – Paradise Taco (820 Hart Street, Bushwick)

This is a very close runner up. Paradise Taco is an all-vegan Mexican food restaurant in Bushwick and it’s great. Everything we had here was delicious, and they have a vegan crunch wrap! Not as much seating but they have some, and it’s right around the corner from Hartbreakers (another vegan restaurant).

On the left: vegan nachos, taco and vegan crunchwrap. On the right: inside view of the vegan crunchwrap. Paradise Taco is def a must visit in Brooklyn!

#3 ZED Eats & Drinks (675 Flatbush Ave, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn)

Another all vegan place that flies under the radar on the vegan NYC internet! This place does lots of types of foods, including Caribbean options like vegan curry goat, brunch and Mexican food. They do really nice simple nachos with tasty beans, for those who are not huge fake meat fans. I definitely went back to this place more than once. Their vegan steak tacos are really excellent too!

On the left: vegan nachos for takeout. On the right: vegan nachos and vegan steak tacos eating in at ZED Eats & Drinks in Prospect Lefferts Gardens (PLG).

#4 Next Stop Vegan (88 Livingston Street, Downtown Brooklyn)

An all-vegan general Latin American restaurant with foods across cuisines. Their nachos were good, but honestly I’d recommend ordering other items off the menu more from Next Stop Vegan.

Vegan nachos, mofongos (Puerto Rican dish with plantain as the base), empanada and vegan mac n cheese from Next Stop Vegan in Downtown Brooklyn.

#5 Guevaras (Two locations – Williamsburg and Clinton Hill)

We tried the nachos from both locations of Guevaras in Brooklyn. They were just okay. But go for their breakfast sandwiches and pastries. Those are amazing.

On the left: vegan soup, rice and beans and vegan nachos from Williamsburg location of Guevaras. On the right: vegan nachos from Clinton Hill location of Guevaras. The portion was huge, but kinda inconsistent. I think maybe because we went right before they closed and they just dumped everything they had left on top. Given that, was better at Williamsburg location, but again, go for the breakfast sandwiches tbh.

#6 Earthen Vegan (226 7th Ave, Park Slope)

I randomly swung in here and chose the nachos because the google review said good things, but I was not impressed. They looked great but the flavor was very bland. Maybe just a bad day? It seems people go here more for the vegan fried mushroom chicken sandwich and the desserts. They also have a nice patio.

Vegan nachos from Earthen in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Pretty but bland. Go for the vegan chicken mushroom sandwich and the desserts!

There’s another place similar to my #1 nachos choice in Brooklyn that’s still on my list in Williamsburg called Haab. Need to get over there too!

Where to stay in Manhattan

Let’s start with where you’re gonna stay in Manhattan for all this eating! I’d honestly recommend staying by Union Square because it’s so well connected and you can still walk to Chinatown and alllllll the vegan places in Lower Manhattan where all the good vegan food is. Also right in that area is Peacefood Downtown (on this list), PLNT Burger and more. Or stay near Chinatown where you will find the best and cheapest vegan food IMO!

Not gonna lie to you, staying in a hotel in Manhattan is expensive but a nice one with a sweet rooftop is the Moxy NYC East Village location, which is close to Union Square.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option you can try Nap York Central Park Sleep Station in Midtown which is a kinda luxurious hostel with pod sleep stations with semi-walls for some privacy.

Best Vegan Nachos NYC – Manhattan

For those of you that refuse to cross the bridge, here’s my findings for vegan nachos offerings in Manhattan. I do recommend crossing into Brooklyn though, as IMO the best vegan nachos are to be found there since my favorite vegan Mexican place in Manhattan closed (RIP Raiz).

#1 Raiz Modern Mexican (Maybe closed?)

I am including Raiz even though they shut abruptly as they say “temporarily closed” on google. Hopefully by the time you read this they will be back somewhere as they were so good. No on seems to know what happened to them!

I know everyone talks about the Jajaja Mexicana nachos but these vegan nachos from Raiz Modern Mexican were the real OG.

#2 Peacefood Downtown (41 E 11th St)

Okay this is a controversial opinion but these are my current fav nachos in Manhattan. They are vegan as in vegan in the 90s kinda vibe though so depends on your tastebuds. They do lots of nice beans and no fake meats with vegan cheese. I love them. Also this is such a great place to eat in general as they have tons of seating and never too much of a wait. Variety of dishes that changes seasonly and OMG their dessert case! I always go here with a friend when we have a lot of catching up to do as they won’t rush you or push you out. And again, the desserts!

Vegan nachos from Peacefood Downtown in Manhattan. There is also a Peacefood Uptown location. I also highly recommend their vegan chicken parm pasta and their desserts. There are so, so many desserts. Gluten-free too.

#3 Jajaja Mexicana (multiple locations in Manhattan and Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Okay this is everyone’s favorite vegan Mexican restaurant in NYC but I find it just okay. I would not turn it down if a friend wanted to go their but I find their dishes a bit hit or miss. Sometimes they are kinda bland. Def better nachos elsewhere but they are still a good option.

Vegan nachos from Jajaja Mexicana. Apologies this dark picture is from 2018. I’ve been there since but never took another picture! It is an actual mountain of nachos.

#4 Bar Verde (65 2nd Ave)

I found this place just okay. Everything looks beautiful but tasted kinda bland to me and I did not love the nacho sauce. Not bad but I wouldn’t especially seek it out.

Vegan nachos from Bar Verde in Manhattan. They were beautiful but IMO taste just okay.

And there you have it! All the nachos I have tried in NYC and Brooklyn! Do you have a hot tip on where else I should try some vegan nachos? Let me know in the comments!