Next stop…Ann Arbor, Michigan! This was my second time to Michigan in my life, the first time was all the way up in the UP (Upper Penninsula). This time I was there to visit my good friend Katie, whose attending med school there. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, Ann Arbor is about 45 minutes from Detroit. It’s a cute medium-sized college town with lots of coffee shops, craft beer, cute little cafes, a pretty epic farmer’s market, and a food co-op! I ate way too much.Seva Vegan Ann Arbor | Vegan Nom NomsFirst stop was a place called Seva. I think this was my favorite meal there. We went here for brunch and I got scrambled tofu covered in Daiya vegan cheese with potatoes, a whole half of an avocado on top and toast! We also got the yam fries, which were yummy. One thing about America I appreciate is the bottomless or at least large amounts of coffee you get for your money. Anyway, definitely check out Seva if you’re in Ann Arbor. There’s also one in Detroit. They have awesome brunch and by the looks of it great lunch and dinner too!ssdsd People's Co-op Ann Arbor Salad Bar | Vegan Nom Noms After lots and lots of food I decided to be healthy my last day and just treat myself to a huge salad from the salad bar at the People’s Food Co-op in the Kerrytown area. This was also a great place to get some work done via the wifi.Cafe Verde People's Food Co-op Ann Arbor | Vegan Nom NomsI went to the Cafe Verde section of the People’s Food Co-op three times, I think. I’m working while I’m traveling, so this was my work spot. This time I got a vegan double chocolate muffin and an iced yerbe mate tea.Miki Japanese Sushi Ann Arbor | Vegan Nom Noms My last night I was trying to avoid fried or sugary things, so we went to get sushi at Miki Japanese Restaurant. They had a few interesting vegan options. I think this was called the green roll. It had about 5 different things in it, which I can’t remember now. Anyway, it was great to see vegan options besides the basic avocado roll.The Lunch Room Ann Arbor Chilaquiles | Vegan Nom NomsMy second favorite place was called The Lunch Room. We went there for brunch and were treated to live music outside! I think they are all vegan. At least the brunch and all the baked goods were vegan. I got the Chilaquiles, which was described as a “traditional Mexican scrambled tortilla dish with potatoes, seitan “chorizo,” cashew sour cream, avocados & lime”. Yum!The Lunch Room Ann Arbor Breakfast Burrito | Vegan Nom NomsMy friend got the breakfast burrito, which was housemade seitan chorizo, potatoes, sauteed onions and greens, cumin-lime rice, cashew sour cream and avocado on a large whole-grain flour tortilla with fresh pico de gallo salsa. I didn’t try it, but it also looked hella awesome.The Lunch Room Ice CreamCookie Sandwich | Vegan Nom NomsWe also had to try the desserts, of course. This is my half of the Mexican Hot Chocolate cookie sandwich with coconut ice cream. We split that and a cinnamon bun. Only downside of the place was that I asked if they could zap the cinnamon bun in the microwave for 10 seconds and they said no because they were too busy. That seemed a bit strange as it doesn’t take so long to microwave something, but oh well. (Edit: Turns out they don’t have a microwave, that explains it!)Mighty Good Coffee Ann Arbor | Vegan Nom NomsAnother work date with the wifi. This was my coffee from Mighty Good Coffee. This was also a good place to get some work done, lots of outlets, etc. They had a couple vegan baked goods as well. I had some type of salted something latte. It was yummy!Jerusalem Garden Ann Arbor | Vegan Nom Noms I was there during the yearly Art Fair and after wandering around in the crowds a bit, we headed over to a place called Jerusalem Garden. I got the falafel with hummus and a fattoush salad. It was all pretty awesome and not so expensive.

A lot of food for a weekend, but all pretty tasty! Not pictured was a big bar called Ashley’s, which had TONS of craft beer, including lots of local Michigan brews. The waiter we had was also super knowledgeable. We basically just told him “I want something medium bitter, but not X” and he immediately was able to match us with a beer. I learned that there is a TON of good microbrews and craft beer in Michigan!

Next stop…Kalamazoo and Detroit, Michigan! Check back soon or follow my adventures on Instagram!