Vegan MoFo Post #1

Vegan MoFo begins, oh my! New to the blog? Get ready for lots of travel and vegan yums! My theme this year will be Vegan Roadtrip Across America as I am currently on a big vegan roadtrip across America! I’ve already began writing about my journeys in July, so if you want to catch up feel free to backtrack to my posts about Long Island, NY; New York City & Brooklyn; Northampton, MA/Niagara Falls, NY/Cleveland, OH; Ann Arbor, MI; Kalamazoo & Detroit, MI and Chicago, IL!

All caught up?! Cool. Now we’re off to Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

I picked my friend Matt up in Chicago and we did a fly-by of Milwaukee, just a couple hours for a lunch stop and for me to get a couple hours of work done. I actually never thought much about Milwaukee, but it was on the way to Madison so I figured why not?! It totally exceeded my expectations, I definitely have to devote more time to check it out thoroughly one day!

Once again, Foursquare did not lead me astray, so we headed to Sven’s Cafe, which had good coffee, a very yummy vegan hummus wrap and some vegan cookies, free wifi, outlets and a really nice cozy atmosphere. Funnily enough, reading their website now I realize the owner was striving for a European Cafe atmosphere as he is from Berlin, Germany, where I currently live. Apparently I am attracted back to Berlin even when in America!
Sven's Cafe Vegan Hummus Wrap | Vegan Nom Noms My hummus wrap in a spinach wrap, chips and a pickle. One thing I missed about America are the pickles!

I picked up my friend Matt right before heading to Chicago and we had one goal for Milwaukee….drink a PBR from the source. The guy at Sven’s was happy to give us some suggestions.

PBR in Milwaukee | Vegan Nom NomsPBR – MILWAUKEE’S BEST! A tribute to my college-aged self right here. We ended up at O’Lydia’s because it was around 2pm and none of the bars were really open yet. Apparently ages ago when this pub first opened it only served PBR and whiskey. My kinda bar, I think.

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