Local Vegan Tomatoes Northampton Market | Vegan Nom Noms A quick post today, mostly about making the whole vegan thing work while traveling. The long driving days portion of my trip has begun. In this portion, here are some pictures of what I ate while driving from Northampton, MA to Cleveland, OH. Above you’ll find some lovely farmer’s market tomatoes from the Northampton Tuesday Market. Holycrap local fresh tomatoes are so much better than what you find in the normal store!Vegan Cheese Plate | Vegan Nom NomsThis, my friends, is a vegan cheese plate! It was delicious and I ate it with gluten-free rice crackers! On the left is the plane Dr. Cow cashew cheese that I bought from the Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn, NY. In the middle is some tofu veggie cream cheese I got from Bergen Bagels in Brooklyn and on the right some tomato pimento cheese from the Dr. Cow vegan cheese shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I don’t think I’ve had a cheese plate since well before I turned vegan! You can read more about all these vegan NYC and Brooklyn noms here.Vegan Road Food Dolmas | Vegan Nom NomsNow the roadtrip part begins! I spend a lot of time in the car lately and didn’t want to always stop and spend tons of money on food, so I packed some snacks! Here are the dolmas from Trader Joe’s! I’ve been reacquainted with my love for Trader Joe’s by the way. I was skeptical that these were canned, but they had them on sample at the store and they were actually pretty good so I got them for the road!Hit the Road | Vegan Nom Noms This is my life now. All road, all the time.Sprouted Spelt Sushi Road Food | Vegan Nom NomsAt the beginning of the trip to Niagara Falls, I also picked up a case of sprouted spelt veggie sushi with tofu in it from Cornucopia Market in Northampton, MA. I got this twice and it’s delish. It comes pre-packaged in the refrigerator section.Fresh Side Vegan Tea Rolls Amherst | Vegan Nom Noms Oh by the way, I also went to one of my favorite restaurants in Amherst, MA where I got these awesome tea rolls from the restaurant Fresh Side. They are still as delicious as I remember. Packed with veggies and yummy sauces and handheld! You can read more about the awesome vegan options in the Five College area of Massachusetts in the Pioneer Valley here. I’m skipping writing again about the amazing vegan food in this area, because all the info is in that post!Vegan Road Food | Vegan Nom Noms Some more road trip food from Trader Joe’s.  Crunchy salty baked green pea snacks! Addictive.Vegan Niagara Falls | Vegan Nom Noms I arrived in Niagara Falls and was surprised to see clearly labeled vegan signs outside some shops on the was to the falls, crazy! Look to the button right, this Indian restaurant advertises they have vegan options! There was a pizza place just a bit down the road that had a sign that they had vegan cheese too!Niagara Falls | Vegan Nom Noms I picture of Niagara Falls for you! I did a quick fly-by visit before continuing to Cleveland.Piccadilly Vegan Frozo Cleveland | Vegan Nom NomsI met a friend in Cleveland Heights and she took me to this AWESOME froyo place with four different flavors of vegan froyo and labeled vegan options! It was called Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt. So good!

That’s it for now, I’m off camping in Yellowstone. Next post will be about Ann Arbor, Michigan and all the vegan things I ate there! Feel free to follow my adventure on Instagram if you’d like, don’t be shy!